Walter Bosley – Origins of Airships and Breakaway Civilizations

aeronMy favorite co-host Walter returned to tell us about his new book Origins: The 19th Century Emergence of the 20th Century Breakaway Civilizations. The book presents a radical view of when, how and who was behind early controlled manned flight, and how early that this may have been achieved. We started off defining what exactly a “breakaway civilization” is, and moved quickly to a discussion of the famous airship artist Charles Dellschau, and how his beautiful drawings of aircraft from the 19th century may not have been merely fantasies. Walter says he has found many indications that those Dellschau mentions in his “fanciful” recollections were actual people.

Walter further contends that there was a group in Germany who funded the efforts of airship researchers in the U.S. and that these inventors turned on their benefactors when they discovered that the research was for the purposes of war. We also talked about Dr. Solomon Andrews and his demonstration of a controllable airship to Abraham Lincoln’s War department. He says that this was the basis for the first “black project” sponsored by the U.S. Government.


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2 Responses to Walter Bosley – Origins of Airships and Breakaway Civilizations

  1. viriathus says:

    An interesting discussion (as always) that prompted me to get the Delleschau Gallery book to look over the drawings for myself.
    I don’t recall it being mentioned here but has any connection been made with Delleschau/NYMZA and the purported Aurora crash of 1897?

    I’ve heard a few tidbits from Walter about his background and the experiences of his father over the course of a few separate interviews – do any of his books cover that in greater depth?

    Interestingly this article about some curious goings-on in Sonora appeared a few days ago:

    Curiouser and curioser…

  2. Aurora is indeed associated with the Dellschau material in a couple of books, including mine. Personally, I’m convinced Aurora was likely one of the airships and not an extraterrestrial issue. Michael Busby looks at Aurora in his book which I cite in ‘Origin’.

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