Author Interview for “It Defies Language!”

tshirt design2Red Pill Junkie (RPJ) and Robert “Burnt State” suggested that they should interview me about my latest book, and I agreed immediately. They are both very “inside baseball” on the subjects I discuss and I thought they would have a great perspective to really delve into the subject matter. For the most part, we concentrated on theories and opinions about how we (as humans) look at the UFO phenomenon and how researchers and other interested parties can frame their questions in different ways.

We started with the idea that perhaps we need to examine the value of subjectivity and how closer encounters seem to affect many witnesses on a deep, individual level. RPJ said the attitude among most UFO fans seems to be “We have iphones, so our model is more valid than yours,” forgetting that some societies have solid traditions of communion with “the other.” We are also limited by our language. We also discussed that some researchers (such as Dr. Leo Sprinkle and Raymond Fowler) even seem to have gone “native” after years of interaction with witnesses.

In contrast to other interviews I have done for the book, this one concentrated more on my favorite parts of the book, such as the alien writing chapter that suggests we can interact with a possible non-human consciousness in ways that are not necessarily direct or that even make sense. As Robert said “We need to have an adequate response in the song, when the ‘other’ calls out to us.”

The illustration above by RPJ was a preliminary sketch for the cover of the book.

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10 Responses to Author Interview for “It Defies Language!”

  1. Phil From Lunopolis says:

    Huh, there’s already a “your argument is invalid” with Giorgio .gif file.

  2. Phil From Lunopolis says:

    Hey, nice upgrade. Also, congratulations on finding work. Also, advice on getting work via “upwork” would be appreciated (unless you don’t know anything about it, in which case, never mind).

  3. Phil From Lunopolis says:

    Ooops, I forgot… the whole “Red Pill Junkie _is_ my name” raises the question… you mean he isn’t really Strongbad?

  4. Eric Hoffman says:

    What’s that Hoffman book again?

  5. C says:

    I just started reading your new book tonight and had skipped right to chapter on aliens/UFO phenomena. When you mentioned a theory about how perhaps these life forms or entities need us to interact with the world reminded me of at least one story from a collection of oral Irish folk tales in which fairies seem to need humans around at times to interact with the world.
    I’m enjoying your book and thought you might be interested in the parallel, too.

    • Greg says:

      I may have gotten the idea in part form the fairy lore, as well as ideas about a creative force needing physical entities in order to experience what it created.

  6. C. says:

    Ever read “Mystery of the Buried Crosses” by Hamlin Garland? It’s been a few years since I read it, but there seems to be some of what you talk about in play within that book, in addition to the fairy stories I mentioned earlier. Garland uses a spiritualist/medium to locate these metal crosses buried in the ground and he finds quite a few. I typically dismiss most of this stuff out of hand, but for some reason this book continues to stick with me.

    • Greg says:

      I have not read that one. Sounds almost like map dowsing. My model is that some people can transcend time and hook into the “future” when they find hidden objects. This somehow allows them to access the fact of where they are located. You’re future is somehow interwoven with a lost object and that makes you a part of this object’s history. Does that make sense?

  7. C. says:

    You make perfect sense. Garland was definitely hooking into something.
    He went to great lengths to personally satisfy himself that the medium he was working with wasn’t faking. He even set her up with an intercom system from another room to limit the cues she could pick up. There were times he got messages alluding to things only he could have known or things known only to the “entities” he was conversing with, and there were times he got misleading or inaccurate information. He even takes some pains to validate the information he has with third-party sources.
    To Garland’s credit, he writes about it all.

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