Seriah Azkath – Broadcaster of the New Aeon

For months now, people have been asking me to interview Seriah Azkath, host of the very popular “Where Did The Road Go?” podcast. Seriah and I found that we had a lot in common in our views on the paranormal. Unlike myself though, he has had a wide variety of strange and sometimes disturbing experiences which he revealed throughout the program. For example, he said he once saw the moon come through the clouds at night and apparently vibrate in the sky.  He also talked about how an undiagnosed medical condition was brought under control when he used a kundalini model to deal with it. We also discussed the state of UFO study, possible new models of the phenomenon, and different ways to gather data from sightings, as well as its interconnectedness with other paranormal events. Seriah also mentioned this weird fact: some ghost hunters have seen “midgets” or small humanoid shapes showing up on specialized cameras that seem to be climbing on people. For much of the last part of the show, we engaged in “shop talk” about how and why we do interviews. A fun show with a kindred spirit.

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4 Responses to Seriah Azkath – Broadcaster of the New Aeon

  1. Ally says:


    I enjoyed listening to you and Seriah comparing notes about your podcasts/radio shows. It’s always a good day when you post a new interview.

    Hope the book sales are going well,


  2. Chris Anderson says:

    You guys do sound like kindred spirits. There were a lot of ‘yeas’ and ‘rights’ back and forth with that tone of perfect accord. A great listen. I also loved hearing you guys talk shop about interviewing. Both of you have great authenticity and humility.

    Regarding ETH transitions: I had always been a Keel and Vallee follower, but my own ‘crack in the cosmic egg’ to a wider persepective was also from the NDE and OBE angle. (Particularly because I’ve had both of these experiences — it was a shock connecting the dots and triggered a total reassessment of my life and understanding of reality.)

    I agree with you Seriah that this has to do with our limited understanding of reality. With the whole bundle of NDE, OBE, paranormal and high strangeness/UFO experiences, these experiences simply point out that we have what I think of as an ecology of Being – not just a meat robot with an animal ego, but rich levels of subconsciousness, soul, and spirit. Occasionally we perceive these others levels that we’re basically swimming through all the time anyway. ‘Outer space’ just strikes me as an incredibly naive ‘space age’ conception of where the Other might originate. It was a good guess at a certain point in time, when the universe was seen as a giant mechanism ‘out there’ beyond our skulls.

    And Greg – I would love to hear your friend talk about his tulpa experiment in the forest. You’re on point comparing that to Strieber. I am intensely fascinated with this line of thinking and experience.

  3. Joe says:

    Great interview. And you’re not too “wordy”, notwithstanding the recent comments from a fellow podcaster who shall not be name, lest he get his panties in a bunch as he is apt to do.

    Keep up the great work, Greg. Love your work.

  4. PJ says:

    Thank you so much Greg for bringing Seriah..whom I had never heard your show. He is indeed a great I went to his site after hearing you interview him and have been listening to his podcasts ever since. And since you both seem to have a very similar mentality when it comes to these subjects of high strangeness..his show is a great companion to yours while I wait the usual month or two for you to upload them.

    Great job as usual bud!

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