Joe Berardi – Percussionist

Joe Berardi and I have been trying to set up this interview for a few years. The reason I wanted to have him on the show is that he has been the drummer on some of my favorite music ever since he was a member The Fibonaccis, who were active in the 1980s in Los Angeles and remain my favorite band. Soon after that, he was working with former Wall Of Voodoo frontman Stan Ridgway. Along with vocalist/ musician Kira Vollman, he has also been half of the avant-garde duo Non Credo for over 20 years, and finally, he holds down the percussive duties for the uncategorizable sonic party that is Double Naught Spy Car.

We talked music, influences, highs and lows throughout his career, and the time the Fibonaccis had a rain of gym socks thrown at them onstage. We forgot to play “Second Coming,” the Radio Misterioso favorite by the Fibs with lyrics about “swamp gas saucers,” so I added it at the end.

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  1. Paul Carr says:

    Hey, thanks for that. Good memories from the 80s and my favorite local band, the Fibonaccis. However, I had not heard Non Credo before, so that was something new. Do you remember the radio show FRGK by Brent Willcox? Unfortunately, Brent died a couple of years ago. I might have a tape or two of FRGK, which frequently plead the Fibs, and I’m not inspired to look that up.

  2. MrFab says:

    Thanks muchly for this, thoroughly enjoyed it. I wonder if I still have my Fibs vinyl from way back? They were a polarizing presence on the LA scene, to put it politely.

    Somehow missed Non Credo. I will quickly work to rectify that situation. Berardi was great backing Stan Ridgway at Pershing Square a year or so ago, skillfully recreating Wall of Voodoo’s old pots’n’pans/woodblocks drum kit. And don’t forget his collection of mutated toys and sound making thingies:
    Would love to get my hands on those…

  3. burnt state says:

    I grew up listening to Dead Kennedys and Iron Maiden until the garage band started and it was all punk/rock and roll. I’ve never heard of this band but was familiar with the math angle. My ins on this episode were The Kinks, Oingo Boingo and King Crimson, but I honestly enjoyed all the tunes you played across this show. I was even more taken by the Musica Historica as we delved into both your brains to retrieve memories of scenes from long ago. It’s important to be polarizing and our tastes for polarizing material aids greatly in recognizing kith & kin.

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