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“Smiles” has been a close friend for many years. We met during the ‘zine “revolution” of the 1990s and have been encouraging each other in our pursuits for about 20 years now. Miles helped Radio Misterioso in the early days by maintaining and providing a home for the show at his Anomaly Radio network.

His Anomaly Archives has recently been the recipient of a large collection of books and other ephemera from the collection of the late Bob Girard, who owned the mail order book giant Arcturus Books. We talked about the legacy and relatively little-known interests of Girard, which varied from UFOs to the paranormal and esoteric religions.

Miles was also a member of the Roswell Slides Research Group which discovered the real source of the image that was claimed to be an alien. We talked about what we have we learned from this episode. That led to a discussion of UFO percipients and what the phenomenon may be doing to us. Does this mean we should “reboot” UFO research? Miles suggests that we should make information more open source so that all may participate Miles also discussed the effects of non-human and non-local consciousness on paranormal witnesses.

We reminisced a bit about our history together and our early forays into study of the strange with a group we formed in the 1990s, called the “Texufonia Illuminaughty” comprised of zinesters, writers and artists from Texas and California, hence the name.

Later, we talked about a study of African-American abductees and Adam Gorightly messaged in to tell us that Jim Moseley had a black girlfriend in the 1960s.

We ended with a short discussion of our hopes for future of UFO study.

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5 Responses to S. Miles Lewis – Just Everything

  1. Kandinsky says:

    What a very nice surprise. SMiles is one of the people whose ideas intersect with mine and has made me think. This’ll be the soundtrack for the journey to work.

    Halfway through the year and Misterioso has featured some provocative thinkers; it bodes well for the remainder. Is there another show that ploughs the left-field so easily? No.

  2. PurrlGurrl says:

    My very first job in my late teens, back in the Pleistocene, was working for a publisher. So my love for real books and magazines (I despise the electronic kind) is very deeply ingrained. It’s always a joy to hear someone like S’Miles who still retains a deep respect for words printed on paper. This was a terrific show, not least of all because the man is a “bookie”. Any stories about books, libraries, archives, the grand old days of publishing never fail to warm my cockles.

    • Greg says:

      I started out in publishing a magazine and still remember the thrill of picking up the stacks of new issues from the printer, as well as the hard copies of my books when they were sent to me for the first time.

      • Red Pill Junkie says:

        I remember when I gave a college teacher of mine an ink drawing I’d made for the class as a present, because he liked it so much and wanted to print it in the back of the Asimov magazine in Mexico, of which he was the editor.

        It was a very pleasant sensation, seeing it included in this printed publication. The thought it would be seen by who knows how many people I would never even get to meet (not that many I guess, but who cares).

        Great show with S-Miles, by the way 😉

        PS: In case you were curious, the drawing was inspired by the short story Flowers for Algernon, and showed a chess match between a lab mouse and Einstein.

        Einstein gets check-mated 😉

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