The Roswell Slides Explained

(Note: This interview, recorded on May 10, 2015, was the first and exclusive talk with some of the group who deciphered the placard writing in the so-called “Roswell slides.”)

The week of May 4, 2015 was perhaps a watershed time for the UFO research world. Images found on old slide film were claimed to be connected to the Roswell Incident and showed what the promoters and researchers they represented said were the dried body of an alien being. Experts were consulted and concluded that the body shown on the slides was not human.

After two years of changing stories and claims by the “Roswell Dream Team” researchers, Mexican TV journalist Jaime Maussan announced that the slides would be revealed to the world in a highly-anticipated presentation in Mexico City on May 5th. Tickets were sold for the show and live streaming was offered for a fee of about $20. Our guest “Red Pill Junkie” actually attended and on this show he describes what transpired.

Three days after the public reveal of the images, a group of researchers announced that they had solved the mystery and that the slides were pictures of the mummy of a two-year-old child found in the Southwestern US in the early 20th century. The vast majority of those who were interested in the mystery of the “Roswell Slides” now agree that their conclusions are correct.

In an exclusive interview, my guests Curt Collins, Paul Kimball, and Lance Moody described the events and cooperation that led to this revelation. The “Roswell Slides Research Group” (RSRG) used freely available image-enhancing software to decode a blurred placard that was visible in one of the images. They also produced a video showing how anyone with a computer can reproduce identical results. TV producer and slide promoter Adam Dew currently maintains that the image was either tampered with by RSRG, or was not processed properly.

While I do not agree with all of my guests’ opinions, it is important to note that a wide variety of viewpoints exist in the RSRG as well, ranging from the strict skepticism of Lance Moody to respected UFO researchers such as Chris Rutkowski, and my friend S Miles Lewis, whom almost no one would categorize as a “UFO skeptics.” The important thing is that they all agreed on this issue.

I will mention that the opinions expressed on the show are not necessarily those of myself or the killradio collective.

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6 Responses to The Roswell Slides Explained

  1. Paul Kimball says:

    Always a pleasure, amigo!

  2. Chriss Pagani says:

    You’re too nice, Greg. 🙂 The bottom line is that Adam Dew, Jaime Maussan and their gang made a ton of money perpetrating a hoax on the public, but they got caught. And they will keep making money off of their hoax while continuing to deny the truth, because that’s what hoaxers do. It isn’t really any more complicated than that.

    For what it’s worth, I blogged the first debunk on the night of the event, including an image showing writing on the museum card. It was pretty obvious what they had, so I had no interest in pursuing this project any further. I’m glad others did, though. I’m VERY grateful, in fact. It’s only sad that the scammers will continue to scam and people will continue to be taken in by their lies. But that’s human nature.

  3. burnt state says:

    3 Radio Misterioso episodes up at once. It’s like Xmas in Spring. Can’t wait to spin these and kill the commuter pain and boredom.

  4. Ithilien says:

    When I first saw it, I was reminded of carnival sideshow props. There is an active group of collectors for these items, and at least one museum was featured on American Pickers

  5. eBikesRC says:

    Sentry is correct that this is likely fraud and on a grand scale too! It went on for years!

    I posted this at Kevin Randle’s blog:

    Lance wrote: “And I do agree with you that we do not see clear evidence of fraud.”

    I think Adam Dew is a fraud, and there is no excuse for the slide team to have allowed him to withhold ANY ORIGINAL LOSSLESS High Resolution Scans of the Slides from other members OR CONTINUING TO WITHHOLD these from the pubic after May 5th. Why? Read on…

    1) I have an HP scanner that I bought between 1999 and 2003 that can scan 35mm slides [these Roswell Slides] in 2400dpi OPTICAL QUALITY SCANS for less than $500 dollars. My point is we have NOT seen THE REAL high quality LOSSLESS SCANS yet!!! We are 12 years beyond what I could do in 2003.

    We MUST KNOW what resolution these scans were made to begin with NOW!!! In 2015 and 2012. Otherwise, I think it is a HUGE mistake to suggest this is not fraud. Why? Read on…

    2) Once ANYONE can see the REAL TRUE High Resolution Scans, THEN it will be immediately apparent these 2 pictures were from a museum setting. Also, that this IS a typical Human looking mummy with missing parts and/or deformities. Then add to this…

    3) It is obvious there is another better preserved animal head with hair immediately next to the Human mummy, so this confirms it IS a museum setting with typical displays. It is definitely NOT the theme that it is a Roswell Alien ANYMORE. Lance, read this again. That is proof enough that this is NOT a Roswell Alien. Right???

    4) They had three years to find the answers. Instead, they ONLY FOCUSED AND isolated their research to find people they could call “experts” to limit their proof to what was missing on the mummy to suggest it’s not human. Buahahaha!… Come on Lance!!! Seriously? This IS a CLEAR EFFORT to play the trickster, especially, as of today, May 14th, and we still do NOT, I REPEAT, do not have the original lossless scans that are unaltered.

    What are those optical scan specifications Adam Dew??? PLEASE get off your stinking butt and publish the specifications of what was the optical resolution anyone did of the scans of the slides… What is the highest optical resolution of the scans YOU STILL WITHHOLD from EVERYONE?


    This FRAUD continues!!! Period. IMO.

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