Red Pill Junkie Pt. 2

For our second conversation, RPJ and I continued with our faint condemnation of large UFO groups, and the pros and cons of abduction research. I bought up the seeming rise of fundamentalist skeptics in sheep’s clothing as popular UFO study slumbers through a fallow period, and we discussed the possible reasons that a strain of self-righteous skepticism has attracted hipster culture. RPJ asked me about meeting Jacques Vallee and John Keel and we discussed our favorite whiskies and bourbon. We got back on track with cultural differences in humanoid sightings and the strange Voronezh UFO occupant case. Much more to like in this segment. RPJ will be on again without a doubt.

The translation of the lyrics to the Cafe Tacuba song “Zopilotes,” played at the end of the show is in RPJ’s article here.

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  1. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Stupid WordPress won’t let me write the Youtube URL for Vallee’s talk at TEDx Brussels, but if you want to watch it, just type “Jacques Vallee at TEDx” on the search bar at The Daily Grail.

  2. Red Pill Junkie says:

    PS: Sheesh I said a lot of messed up things during the interview. Of course Moore published the MJ-12 papers before Tim Good. I’ll have to go light on the Jameson next time >__<

  3. gheron says:

    I have had a wide range of very strange night time experiences, including: lucid dreaming, old hag, anal probing sensation (yep really), presence of beings (only “seen” once and in response to me thinking what do these things look like – they looked liked hooded mantises), feelings of overwhelming terror in response to being in the presence of something of extreme malevolence, lifted up off the bed, incredibly loud ringing in the ears and extreme pressure build up in the head, encounters with beings represented by geometric patterns of light and colour, OBEs and spectacularly vivid “dreams” sometimes with an alien theme. Parallels with the abduction experience seem clear to me and make me wonder . However, my own sleep and other odd experiences make it clear to me that others could also be having equally strange but different experiences, so I remain open minded.

    Jasun Horsley has a great series of articles on the abduction phenomena starting here –
    He seems to me like an interesting interview subject.

    If it’s bunk then debunk it, but I have been a bit shocked by the real mean spiritedness in some scepticism. Some are possibly motivated out of a fear that we could return to a pre-scientific dark age, but overall I just don’t get it. The phrase ” I don’t know.” would be very useful for both sides (believers and debunkers). As would be a good inoculation of R.A.W.

    Would be good to hear another Micah Hanks interview. I am about to get the UFO Singularity on Kindle. Just need to finally get through Crowley’s Confessions!

    Consider this an online ass kick to write that book.

    I am fairly sure Timothy Goode claims to be the first researcher to publicise the MJ12 papers.

    Thanks to you both – I really enjoyed this.

    • alanborky says:

      “Some are possibly motivated out of a fear that we could return to a pre-scientific dark age, but overall I just don’t get it. ”

      Ye’ I don’t get it either gheron but here’s the problem if this sort o’ thing’s really goin’ on [an’ long pers’nal experience says it is (a recent one bein t’wake up for the first time t’find the ‘experience’ o’ havin’ a hell hag sittin’ on y’chest try’n’o strangle y’isn’t whatever else it is a mere millennia old figment of drowsy imaginations)] then it’s distinctly unscientific t’say ooh that’s so Middle Ages ’cause Carl Sagan said so in a book instead o’ try’n’o find out what’s really goin’ on ‘ere?

      [I was a huge Sagan fan until he got a load o’ school kids t’prove the canals o’ Mars’d all been a pareidolic misperceptions ’cause I instantly saw the dots were deliberately laid out t’produce precisely the image he wanted them t’draw nor did the back stabbery he seems t’ve pulled on people like Robert Temple encourage me t’keep takin’ anythin’ he said or did at face value any more].

      I’d be surprised tho’ if Bishop Greg or RPJ were bein’ so openly mean minded in that regard [even tanked up] ’cause normally they effect t’be closer in spirit t’the Prof over at The Big Study who tends t’take the position if he can take the data forward he will otherwise he’s no choice but t’leave it for someone else.

      I can’t confirm that tho ’cause I keep missin’ the live show an’ the last time I put the Apple thing on me system it seized hold o’ all me own music etc an’ told me I couldn’t have ’em ’cause I didn’t have the appropriate permissions.

      I’m even less keen t’take the risk when all me music software’s suddenly started turnin’ themselves on all at the same time [an’ I have a LOT] behavin’ tho as if it’s for the first time so start checkin’ out the system themselves an’ all the other software only t’then fill the screen with thousands o’ tiny grey tickets tellin’ me not only’ve all the synths etc failed but so’ve all the tiny coded components they’re made of somethin’ that’s NEVER happened before.

    • Red Pill Junkie says:

      Hey gheron,

      Your night-time experiences sound fascinating! Have you had them all your life? Have you experimented with psychedelics? Because what you describe reminds me a lot of what Dr. Rick Strassman was investigating when conducting DMT tests.

      You known, I actually MET Jasun last year here in Mexico city! I agree with you, he’s a fascinating thinker and would make a great guest for Radio Misterioso 🙂

      As for the ‘white knight’ attitude of skeptics, it’s something of a persistent trend I keep perceiving among the most vocal skeptics, this “what about the children???” posture they adopt, but by ‘children’ they actually mean ANYONE ELSE who is not as smart & critical-thinking as they are.

      Having said that, there ARE a few skeptics who don’t fall into closed mindset. Martin Clemens & Hayley Stevens come to mind. I follow both on Twitter & pay attention to what they have to say.



    • Red Pill Junkie says:

      Thanks for the comment, gheron. I wrote you a long reply but for some reason WordPress doesn’t post it. Perhaps it’ll appear once Greg approves it.

      • gheron says:

        Thanks for taking the time to reply. Whenever I try to post a lengthy comment, and have the comments page open for a long time, I seem to get problems. I usually copy what I have written, open up the comments page again and paste it in. Hope it shows up.

  4. mrs. eccentric says:

    eeeeek! love love love it!!!!

    i have a bunch i would love to rant about along with youse guys, especially regarding disingenuous ‘skeptics’ (and i have no problem naming names, i’m looking at you Sharon Hill and Tyler Kokjohn), sleep paralysis (yep i’ve experienced it manymany times and no in my case it’s nothing like any of the many high strange experiences i’ve also had), the (in my view) limited explanatory usefulness of ‘cultural contagion’ and similar concepts, etc…

    But right now i’ll just leave you a link to my blog Wanderin’ Britches:

    re: Vallee’s work on the founding of the Mormon church. He addresses this fairly extensively in his book “Dimensions”, at the link there’s a chart from the book which provides a great intro/summary on this. Happy Day All! steph

    • Red Pill Junkie says:

      Glad you liked it, Steph. Left you a comment on your blog 🙂

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the Vallee chart-posting! Reading John Keel’s The Eight Tower right now: he posits a common source to a range of phenomena, religious stuff included. With the Mormon experience specifically it seems that people (Mormons) either believe it to a fault or (skeptics) completely dismiss it. Gosh darn it I think Smith experienced something but the intent of whatever caused that experience is murky. And, as Vallee demonstrates, there is an overlap between ufo, fairy, religious, etc. phenomenon. Live in Idaho which could be considered “North Utah” thus my interest.

  5. John Randall says:

    Once again , another great conversation gents ! The Colby Landrum (from the Cash /Landrum incident) interview was on Podcast UFO. Here’s the link, scroll down #77:

    • Red Pill Junkie says:

      I listened to it and it was great. I feel a certain kinship with Mr. Landrum, perhaps borne out of the fact that –I learned it after listening to the podcast– we’re basically the same age.

      I’m sure coping with such an unusual experience wasn’t easy for him. I bet it wouldn’t for anyone.

  6. James says:

    Great episode, glad to hear some new ones from RM still coming! The recent shows have all been good stuff. I agree we definitely need another book from Greg and would love to see the one originally started with Mac Tonnies

    Also interesting to hear the DTFH podcast mentioned on RM. There’s a big audience waiting for this kind of material over in that world.

    • Red Pill Junkie says:

      I became a HUGE fan of Duncan, Chris Ryan & Daniele Bolleli last year. I find them a great addition to my usual tinfoiled podcast playlist 😉

  7. Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

    Still listening, and RPJ is not worse than most of the guests on paranormal internet radio, and a lot more interesting in many ways.

    I was hoping someone could help me out with my failing memory. I’m pretty sure the Voronezh incident is NOT what I’m thinking of. I’m looking for the incident in the Soviet Union somewhere, probably late 80s, when a pop-band was playing on stage and a UFO appeared. Where was it, and more importantly, what was the name of the band? I saw a video clip of it on yt once but don’t remember any of the terms. The singer was female. Thanks!

    • Red Pill Junkie says:

      The only thing that pops up on my Google search is the Moscow Music Peace Festival which was celebrated on August of 1989.

      • Jim says:

        This was one of my favorite episodes. Hope there will be more episodes with you. One thing you said that really resonated with me was how the phenomena (ufo’s, apparent afterlife encounters, poltergeists, bigfoot, etc.) so often seems to be “self negating”. I get the feeling it will occasionally reveal itself but just enough to keep us searching and questioning- it never gives us the ironclad evidence we can use to prove to others. There’s a tricksterish quality to it. Also, that Voronezh happened during a time of great upheaval fits in nicely with the George Hansen idea that these phenomena tend to occur around liminal periods, when significant change is occuring. On an individual level think of deaths in the family or birthdays or the onset of puberty or a divorce, etc. Glasnost was certainly a period of transition for those in Russia. Anyway, great, thought provoking episode. Also Greg, I hope you’re able to get Alberto Rosales back on.

  8. Phil Fraering says:

    To the person who was having trouble listening to the live show: there’s a program called vlc that works well for me when it works. (I can’t seem to reach atm).

  9. gheron says:

    Your night-time experiences sound fascinating! Have you had them all your life?

    They started in my late twenties. I can’t really go into what triggered it online (would be happy to discuss via email). I did have a couple of strange happenings in my early life. I was also fascinated by the show Arthur C Clarke’s mysterious world for a few years when I was a kid. Not so much UFOs though.

    Have you experimented with psychedelics?
    Not yet. However it is an ongoing interest of mine.

    Because what you describe reminds me a lot of what Dr. Rick Strassman was investigating when conducting DMT tests.

    That idea has crossed my mind many times. I definitely experienced a radical change in brain chemistry of some kind. Did my mind create this change in matter, or did a change in matter alter my mind, or can both be true at the same time?

    this “what about the children???” posture they adopt, but by ‘children’ they actually mean ANYONE ELSE who is not as smart & critical-thinking as they are.

    Every time I hear a skeptic interviewed there comes a point when I can tell they are having to fight with every ounce of their will not to shout out “you’re all complete **cking idiots” :).

  10. Joe says:

    Just great. Loved these interviews. Thank you very much, both of you.

    – Joe

  11. Anna Maria says:

    Does anyone know of a website that is actively archiving these shows? I can’t listen on Sundays due to work..and Greg only puts these up So if anyone is recording these shows and putting them up somewhere please let me know so I can get my fix more often of our favorite radio papito. =)

    Thanks & besitos!

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