Mr. Fab – More Music For More Maniacs

Last Sunday, Mr. Fab from the excellent Music For Maniacs blog brought along some more gems from the strange and wonderful world of outsider sounds. The wonderfulness began with a piece which incorporated audio from early UFO “abductee” Herbert Schirmer. We followed with such nuggets as a five-year old singing about why “You Make Me So Crazy,” a refreshing ripoff of “In A Gadda Da Vida/ Wild Thing” by a Bollywood singer, and a song about sex with hamsters. Of course William Shatner makes an appearance covering “Silver Machine,”a 1967 composition by the Brit hippie band Hawkwind.

A complete list of tracks can be seen at Mr Fab’s site.

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5 Responses to Mr. Fab – More Music For More Maniacs

  1. mrs. eccentric says:

    “No More Banter!!

    Radio Misterioso Is Here!!”

    dadadadummdumm – and Greg shows up in his little tights and cape to save the day!

    • Greg says:

      Thanks! Good to be back again. Actual live interview with actual author on a UFO topic tonight (see sidebar.)

  2. david says:

    are there any audio clips?

  3. david says:

    *Are there individual song audio clips I mean?

    • Greg says:


      Sorry, no. You can get an online recorder like Audio Hijack and record the ones you like. Music For Maniacs my also post some of them in the future.

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