Tim Cridland: True Disbelievers and Rogue Archaelogy

Tim Cridland is known to most of the world as “Zamora The Torture King.” There is plenty available online about his carnival acts of flesh piercing, sword swallowing, fire eating and laying on beds of nails.

What many people are not aware of is that Tim is a scholar of the strange and has been ever since he published the landmark independent magazine Off The Deep End in the late 1980s and early ’90s. I was a big fan of the publication, which featured such adventures as an interview titled “Walking The Dog With Phil Klass.” Tim and I discussed this during the over 2 hours that he stopped by my house yesterday. The new digital recorder was there to pick it all up.

We also talked about Tim’s theory that Klass may have been the hoaxer of the MJ-12 documents, manifested thoughtforms, magicians who experience actual magic effects, the fundamentalist skeptic mindset, and Tim’s research into Alan Le Baron, a self-taught archaeologist who in the early 1920s claimed that the deserts of Nevada were the cradle of humankind.

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6 Responses to Tim Cridland: True Disbelievers and Rogue Archaelogy

  1. Ward says:

    Really enjoyed the interview Greg. The sound quality was fantastic, just missed the intro music and sirens 😉

    Refreshing interview, would love to hear more from Tim, he’s a veteran in the field and certainly has done real honest to goodness research.
    Tim’s insight into Randi was very illuminating, what a forked tongue that guy has. The Phil Klass theory is very interesting, that the two signatures on the supposed MJ-12 papers has ALWAYS bothered me, it seemed like an obvious blatant attempt to show the hoaxing, but perhaps it was a latent trap that was put there to say “gotcha” as Tim suggests, who knows.

    Any time an interview makes me think its valuable, when it happens in this field its invigorating and encouraging, thanks again for the great show,


  2. Coppertop says:

    Man, I’ve never even heard of this guy before. Good show!

  3. Phil Fraering says:

    I just wanted to point out that “The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries” is available in a Kindle edition. (Along with lots of other interesting old books… one relevant to that subject, for instance, “The Secret Commonwealth,” and lots of relevant stuff by Yeats).

  4. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Very interesting show. Tim sounds like a very knowledgeable scholar on the subject of Randi’s career as a ‘professional skeptic’. Although I doubt he squandered the McArthur grant only on legal feuds with Geller –there’s also the matter of child molestation allegations, not to mention the murky matter of his lover, a Venezuelan who illegally stayed in the United States by stealing the identity of another man.

    This is the same guy involved in the infamous ‘Carlos’ affair, when Randi promoted him as a real psychic, supposedly to demonstrate the gullibility of TV newsmen. Unfortunately for ‘Carlos’ & Randi, the Aussies refused to play ball 😉

    Finally, if anyone is interested to learn more about the Million Dollar Challenge, I would encourage you to read the essay penned by my friend Greg Taylor.

    Before I became involved with The Daily Grail I didn’t care much about Randi & the modern skeptic movement. But over the years I’ve witnessed how biased & deceptive these individuals can be, and how they tend to keep Randi in such a high esteem, even though he occasionally makes embarrassing statements, like his winks to Social Darwinism.

    Lately I tried to maintain cordial relationships with ‘the other side’, but I soon discovered that if you keep pressing their buttons, the so-called ‘critical thinkers’ will eventually show their fundamentalist refusal to entertain the possibility that you might be right & they’re not.

    As for Klass being behind the MJ-12 forgery: it’s in an interesting idea, and it certainly resonates with Stan Friedman’s suspicions that Klass was involved with the CIA as a disinformant, but my caveat is that, as you Greg expressed during the interview, skeptics eventually reveal the hoax, otherwise there’s no point for the deception*. So Klass would have eventually revealed the authorship in order to embarrass Moore & the UFOlogical community; even if he feared some legal consequences, he would have at least left some death bed confession or something.

    (*) I know that was not the case with Jim Moseley & Gray Barker when they duped Adamsky though 😉

  5. Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

    Adamski* (Polish, not Russian or Czech).

    This was one of my most favourite RM episodes ever. I thought the guest was fascinating and well-spoken. Regarding the Garden of Eden in Nevada, what about the Red Bigfeet Jim Keith was ranting about before he died at Burning Man? What about the giants in the mounds of the Mound-Builders back east? Are they just Neanderthal/Homo hybrids, the kind mentioned in Genesis, or something new?

    The thing about hoaxing–I’m speaking from personal experience–once you ‘fess up, no one believes you. (I don’t think Klaas faked the MJ-12 dox, I think someone else did.) You sucker the suckers, and then they will never admit they got taken in, because they would feel like fools. Instead they say, oh, you’re not him, you’re trying to trick me. Once you gain that initial credibility, there is no way to go back, they will deny their own senses before they revert to disbelief.

    The really intriguing part of this interview for me was the part about stage magic TURNING real, at certain points. The mentalists who suddenly find real insight into the minds of their subjects. This needs more elucidation. Great stuff!

    On Randi, it was refreshing to hear the truth for a change. I also learned a new word: woo-woo.

    On Geller, after he and Andrija Puharich hung out, Uri started AVOIDING Andrija like the plague. Why was that? Did something happen? Was it the large red UFOs they both witnessed in Israel, but which could only be seen by them?

    This sort of goes into a comment under the Walter Bosley interview: Puharich’s The Nine, as documented by Peter Levenda (Lavenda?), goes far back in time much prior to Puharich and Levenda, to ancient India, where the Nine represented a corpus of secret sciences including mind control/hypnosis. The King of the World secretly directed certain agents and paid them in gold, a la the priory in S. France, I want to call it Carcason, where the priest suddenly came into some wealth and where the Cathars once dwelt and died en masse, and which figures in Holy Blood, Holy Grail. The Nine Sciences represent an occult continuation of the “lost center” of Agartha, where the King of the World or Lord of the World secretly directs the destiny of our world at all levels, according to Rene Guenon in Le Roi du Monde. Food for thought, anyway.

    It was my understanding from one of Puharich’s books that he was involved in some project for “gifted children,” a center which came under some allegations of having abused its charges, and which, if memory serves, was burned to the ground (in NY state?). This reminds me, superficially, of the audio file where Randi contracts for sex with an underage male.

    • Red Pill Junkie says:

      Bigfeet??? For shame, good sir! One shows its knowledge of cryptozoology by employing the ‘proper’ term: Bigfoots 😛

      That thing about The Nine being each the guardian of an ancient secret knowledge: I first learned about that on the book Morning of the Magicians (Pauwels/Bergier). A must read IMO.

      So Puharich had a school for ‘gifted children’ in New York? The man should have shaved his head & used a wheel chair! 😉

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