Tim Brigham: Jim Moseley, Parapsychology Research and God Helmets

Tim is a Doctor of Cognitive Experimental Psychology and is a laboratory parapsychology researcher. He is also the past associate editor of Saucer Smear. These were the main topics on this program, which aired live on January 20th. Tim met Smear publisher Jim Moseley when he was an impressionable teenager. It was essentially out of this friendship that he became involved with the intrigue of the longest-running UFO periodical in the world.

Jim Moseley was a friend and an inspiration to me as well and Tim recalled him fondly with such stories as Moseley pissing off abductee Linda Napolitano/ Cortile, and the time that researcher Budd Hopkins gave him and Brigham the finger at a UFO convention. We talked a bit about Jim’s personality and his attitudes towards some of the famous people in the UFO field.

We then segued into a segment about Tim’s parapsychological interests and experiments that he is planning with Michael Persinger’s so-called “God Helmet” which as been shown to produce quasi-religious experiences on demand. We also went into a discussion of how UFO sightings might be affected by our preconceptions from pop culture and even earlier reports, which led to an extended segment on the Hill abduction case and details that have been forgotten, such as Barney Hill’s first description of his abductor as a “red haired Irishman” wearing a Nazi uniform.

Image – Jim Moseley from Tim Brigham’s site mojomachine

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  1. hey Greg looking forward to listening to this show later today or this weekend (got to go grocery shopping right now……)

    anyways re: getting Mr. Vallee on the show. If you do not give your loyal listeners a big head’s up (ie. a post on this here site) well in advance of the show’s date so we can submit questions, lines of inquiry, notes of undying love, and so on i will personally drag my sorry behind down to so cal (at great medical risk – asthma) and wring your neck!!!!! (bangs shoe on lectern for emphasis 😉

    also, my ears pricked up when you were mentioning a ‘white paper on ufos’ (or ufology….) and how you’d like to see ufology stripped of the creaky hierarchies with a more lateral structure of communication. I’d recently heard Mike Clelland interviewing Chase Kloetzke:


    Chase recounts a very intense encounter with a big UFO and a tiny humanoid involving several witnesses, repeat sightings in one location, etc. which happened while she was working as a senior investigator (don’t remember exact title) for MUFON. She also talks about all the trouble with MUFON, Bigelow (or someone) siphoning off info for his own self, and her decision to leave MUFON after many years. She also conveys how mind-shattering confronting the other really is, it blew my mind that MUFON has no training, procedures, nothing about how to prepare or deal with this despite sending their people directly into the line of fire. The investigator who witnessed this event with Ms. Kloetzke has completely dropped out of ufo study as a result of this event.

    Now Chase Kloetzke is hosting her own radio show, entitled “Project White Paper”:


    hope it’s not too off topic for this post, but i’m not certain if you catch the ones to old posts or not……FWIW, and have a great weekend! steph

  2. Tim is actually wrong re. Barney’s hypnotic regression: he didn’t say the leader was a red-headed Irishman wearing a swastika. In page 102 of The Interrupted Journey we read that Barney was referring to a different member of the ‘crew’ who was looking at him from over his shoulder and seemed friendly to him.

    [page 102]

    Barney: I think of- I think of- a red-headed Irishman. I don’t know why

    (another pause, then)

    Barney: I think I know why- Because Irish are usually hostile to Negroes. And when I see a friendly Irish person, I react to him by thinking — I will be friendly. And I think this one that is looking over his shoulder is friendly.


    So it would seem that Barney was instinctively expecting a threat, and being in similar situations when confronting people of Irish descent, that’s what came to his mind during the session.

    But continuing further, he starts to describes the leader, who doesn’t seem friendly in the slightest:

    Barney: And the evil face on the —

    (He starts to say “leader”)

    Barney: He looks like a German Nazi. He’s a Nazi.

    Doctor: He’s a Nazi. Did he have a uniform?

    Barney: yes

    Doctor: What kind of uniform?

    Barney: (With a small amount of surprise) He had a black scarf around his neck, dangling over his left shoulder.


    So it would seem that the ‘Nazi’ reference was the overall impression of malevolence, coupled with the quasi-militaristic black uniform this individual was wearing.

    • Hola RPJ!!! thank you. Looks like confabulation/faulty memory is happening all over the place, even in the most mundane of circumstances. I’ve found it’s crucial to go back and check sources before i get too deep into theorizing or extrapolating, there’s so much detail to recall and i want to start building on a stable foundation.

      along the same lines, Greg, your and Tim’s discussion of Jenny Randles’ ‘Oz Factor’ didn’t seem to reflect my recollection so i went to Wikipedia:

      “”Oz Factor” is a term invented by Randles in 1983 to describe the strange, seemingly altered state of consciousness commonly claimed by some witnesses of unidentified flying objects and other similar paranormal events.[5] Randles has noted the strange calmness and lack of panic described by the witnesses, relative to the bizarre circumstances that they described and says that they described and defined the Oz factor as “the sensation of being isolated, or transported from the real world into a different environmental framework…where reality is but slightly different, [as in] the fairy tale land of Oz.” [6] She has further noted that “[t]he Oz factor certainly points to consciousness as the focal point of the UFO encounter.””

      I’ll admit that hitting ‘CtrlV’ is easier than typing in from any of my numerous Randles’ books, but this accords with her presentation of this concept as i’ve found it in various of her writings. She focuses on the very particular state of consciousness which seems to occur in witnesses prior to and during these events. Randles does discuss the various synchs, MIBs, poltergeists, psychic dreams, etc. which occur around UFO events but does not include them in the Oz Factor to my knowledge. Thanks and Happy Saturday!! steph

      captcha: prisoner fctobj

      • I wasn’t trying to be anal about it, but like you Steph, I think it’s important to check the original material once in a while. Specially in such a convoluted topic as the UFO field.

        And if I can be of service in that regard, I’m all too happy to serve my fellow comrades of the Fortean blogosphere 🙂

  3. “She focuses on the very particular state of consciousness which seems to occur in witnesses prior to and during these events.” ie., altered state but also altered in a specific way – very calm, eerily quiet and focussed.

    and the quote is from the wiki page on Jenny Randles:

  4. Bob Desnos says:

    Greg —

    RE: the essay about Whitley Strieber. I am 99% certain it was Aeolus Kephus who wrote the essay, so you and Tim were talking about the same thing.

  5. Bob Bobson says:

    A good essay on Strieber and his inconsistencies is over at mother.strangled.info called “Michael Talbot and The Key”

  6. Tim Brigham says:

    thanks RPJ, for clarifying, but I am either being bullheaded or genuinely just mystified: did barney mean he SAW a red haired irishman or THOUGHT of one? I’m not sure it’s clear.
    but seriously thanks for checking

    • Have you read Stan Friedman & Kathleen Marden’s Captured!? I think Kathleen explains in length these apparent discrepancies in Barney’s regression.

      There’s a part in the regression when Barney, explaining the fear he felt when he first started to observe the UFO, automatically goes back to a previous moment in his life when he was swimming with his 2 sons, and a USAF jet fighter flew overhead very low while breaking the sound barrier, creating a sonic boom which greatly scared Barney. So the anxiety he felt when he was remembering his observation of the UFO in ’61 reminded him of that other episode.

      A somewhat similar association episode happened when he said the famous “I feel like a bunny.”

      BTW One think I’ve always wanted to ask Stan ‘the Man’ is about Barney’s 2 sons –the ones he had in a previous marriage. I’ve always wanted to know whether they are still alive, and if someone has interviewed them re. what his father might have said to them.

  7. Tim Brigham says:

    he did state “he is a nazi” although different from the red haired ‘leader’ i mis identified

    • The UFOnaut that reminded him of an Irishman was operating a control panel. The ‘Nazi’ one was the leader, who was watching Barney intently, & seemed to have been communicating with him telepathically.

      The Interrupted Journey is available online BTW 🙂

      • Tim Brigham says:

        Admits woefully his stored copy of fuller’s book. need to dig up an e copy. captured had almost but not quite skipped the radar. Now I must obtain.
        Good discussion, thanks, and thanks for the corrections – I just need to fill my apt with enuff ufo books for an episode of hoarders by gathering some from storage and some from the office 😉

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