Paul Kimball: The Other Side Of Truth (ISBN 0991697502)

Paul Kimball‘s first book was released on October 4th. In the interest of not repeating myself, please see the description of our last interview from July 14th for details about the book.

The effect of exposure to actual paranormal-type events (during production of his TV show Ghost Cases) and the combined input of Stuart Miller, Nick Redfern, myself, and the groundbreaking theories of our late friend Mac Tonnies (among other factors) have influenced Paul’s thinking in the few years we’ve known each other and changed him from a vaguely interested observer to someone who thinks deeply and passionately about the subject. Combined with his background in history, law, and philosophy, The Other Side Of Truth is a must-read for listeners of this show, and a great introduction to advanced concepts of the paranormal and how it relates to other aspects of the human experience.

This interview delves into the deeper aspects of Paul’s background and experiences. We talked about the writings of 19th century Canadian Christian mystic Henry Alline, a scary night with a shadow person in the Czech Republic, a unique and frightening UFO case from Nova Scotia, and the probable improbability of science to provide answers to the paranormal, among many, many other subjects.

Photo: Paul and I at the mysterious Racetrack Playa in 2008.

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  1. I will listen to the interview tomorrow –right now I’m trying to catch up with all the things that were released in my 5-day absence on the web– and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it immensely, but right now I just wanted to say, that I love how Paul released his book –which I plan to order before the year is over– almost exactly on the date of my birthday πŸ˜‰

  2. marmer says:

    It was released _exactly_ on my birthday. Didn’t see that coming. Good on you, Paul. Must read…

  3. PS: Just finished listening to the podcast, so I have only *two* questions:

    Who are you and what have you done to Paul Kimball?


  4. drew hempel says:

    Still listening on the “other side of truth” topic — and it started off with a…. zinger:

    Why Won’t Palestinians Recognize Israel as a Jewish State?

    People can read it if they want the “other side of truth” haha.

  5. drew hempel says:

    average life span of species, of billions that have existed, is about 100,000 years, roughly the time humans have existed.

    Umm on Paul’s humans from the eyes of kitty as reincarnation subverting hierarchy of life….

  6. drew hempel says:

    This was new to me — the Belgium UFO Wave – Unsolved Mysteries – UNCUT 20min episode 107. Having seen this craft up close myself — the testimonies here are mind-blowing and really do seem to indicate either very amazing military technology or E.T. This is the first testimony I’ve encountered that makes me consider the E.T. option as having real evidence but I still think it’s some sort of amazing military technology.

  7. Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

    My birthday figures in this broadcast as well, that’s all I’m gonna say.

    Greg: your song about the … in the box on the beach reminded me of Weldon Rogers – I’m Building A … (On The Moon) on The Ultimate 50s Rockin’ Sci-Fi Disc. I couldn’t quite figure out how Screeching Weasel wasn’t mentioned in all that weasel talk. Then again, MAYBE IT WAS, through ellipsis, which my elctronic dictionary says is also called ECLIPSIS, which sounds suspiciously like CALYPSO to me.

    Paul, blue-nose and red-coat, there was a fourth possibility about the ANHIs’ intentions toward us which you didn’t mention. Lots of people HAVE thought about it, including John Keel, probably Greg B., certainly Gene Steinberg… :

    4) They have an incredibly weird sense of humor and they’re waiting for us to “get it” and we never have, despite all their pranks and jokes.

    For that reason I am writing a book tentatively called Tastes Like Chicken: A Layman’s Guide to Tracking, Bagging and Cooking ANHIs Using Conventional Firearms and Herbs and Spices. I am including a section on why Eisenhower’s abduction treaty with the ANHIs is DOA, null and void, non-binding. It’s obvious to any American. The president doesn’t have treaty-making powers in the US constitution, it has to be approved by a certain majority in Congress, and that’s why there are no legally binding secret treaties in these United States. Gotcha, ANHI. You fell for that crap Ike sold you. For the same reason, the president does not have the power to unilaterally declare “allies,” an ally of the United States is an ally by mutual treaty. Of course Israel has no approved military treaty with the US, and neither do a number of other “allies” declared by the president. Nothing against Israel, I just don’t want them to get sucked in as the ANHI were, and later become disappointed. And now you know… THE OTHER SIDE … of the truth! (I have never kissed a flounder and probably never will.)

  8. Joe says:

    Two of my favorite guys in ufology, Paul Kimball ? and Greg Bishop ?. Rock stars.

  9. Paul Kimball says:

    I’ve finally gotten around to posting an excerpt from the book (the introduction). It can be seen at:

    • Daaaayum!

      Ok, Kimball. What am I gonna have to do, to get my hands on a *signed* copy of this bad boy?

      To anyone who hasn’t yet understood we’re all in a spiritual journey, I feel a bit sorry for them.

  10. ha! Greg, i would be The Perfect Guest for your show based on the following facts:

    i live directly under a flight path out of Buchanan Air field, so we get commuter jets, training helicopters, various prop planes, cargo helicopters, news copters, ambulance copters….

    also live equidistant between local firestation and a large assisted living facility – yep, that means lots of predictable traffic between the two…..

    gas station about 1 1/2 blocks from here caught on fire recently, i started hearing explosions while i was downstairs ironing (about 16 total – car tires exploding as it turned out, they make a most satisfying noise), then sirens galore. we had 4 news copters sitting on top of us for i don’t know how long, when i went to pick hubby up at the bart station i said ‘let’s go get fro yo and let the commotion die down’. (you may think, well what are the chances of that happening again – ha! we have another gas station right across the street from that one, and two more with 2 blocks……don’t rule it out! πŸ˜‰

    we have plenty of wildlife too – great horned and barn owls, foxes barking, coyotes calling. too bad you don’t have odorama as we have a number of outraged/threatened feeling skunks as well.

    on a more serious note – i get that ‘paranormal as art’ is a fun, edgy metaphor. But (especially being an ex of an artist) i don’t see how it leads to any further insights, potential avenues for experimentation or new questions, etc. My perplexity becomes more pronounced when i’m trying to map ‘ufos as art’ onto teenage young women being subjected to the, what , ‘theater’? of hybrid pregnancy and forced miscarriage of the fetus which the aliens are trying to steal……..? For example see the experiences of Lucretia Heart (alias) at

    As a repeat paranormal experiencer myself, most of the incidents i’ve experienced seem to have much more mundane ‘explanations’ or motivations. I’m not adamantly against this ‘ert’ metaphor, i just don’t see where it goes and wonder if i’m missing something.

    Hola Miguel, you tall man you!!!!! steph

    • Greg says:

      Good idea. I’ll have a call-in show this Sunday!

      The “art” angle is only one attempt to explore all avenues of interaction we have with a non-human intelligence. It is not meant as “the” answer. Nothing is THE answer, at least nothing I have seen yet. I still think any insight will come from looking within as much (or probably more) than cataloging sightings and hypnotizing abductees in attempts to figure out what planet those aliens are coming form.

      • aw, fiddlestix!

        i experienced a lapse in internet coverage, then as it turns out due to the nature of my ‘personal life’ i am generally out and about sunday evenings and nowhere near a computer for online listenin’. So i didn’t find out about the 11/11 call in until afterwards (very sad face). i would much like to call in, but don’t know that my husband will be that excited about hanging around listening to a ufo show of a sunday nite…..

        Mr. Bishop, i am listening to you and timmy b on the 2011 ufo roundup show. I would s*w*o*o*n if you had Paul Devereux on!!!!! lord, that man deserves so much attention that he does not get, along with Jenny Randles. Howdy folks, there is life beyond turtle island! an NDE show would also be very interesting, to me of course because of my own mystic experience during a medical procedure which went treacherously downhill for about 20 minutes 30 years ago. I had very little of the ‘classic’ NDE stuff (tunnels, white light, etc.) but did receive many teachings from beings very like the beings Dan Mitchell has encountered in his Montauk experiences… Tibetan Buddhism they talk about the tatagathas, who seem very like the same beings. I respect PMH Atwater’s work quite a bit, esp. the way she focuses on the aftereffects (tho i wish she was more specific about delineating her findings from her conclusions from her speculations). She can also be an irritating interviewee.

        re: Mr. Kimball’s ‘art’ metaphor. i’m not trying to be flip, or a pest, or pin anyone down to ‘one definitive thing’. All i’m saying is that it doesn’t resonate with me, and also i didn’t ‘get’ how/why it resonated with Mr. Kimball (despite listening to the episode 3 times now). i am NOT saying this means there is nothing there, i was just hoping someone could expand on this idea and what they find interesting about it for those of us a wee bit slow on the uptake.

        Hi RPJ!!!!! heehee, no skunks or explosions recently. but i fear a medium-sized critter is experiencing decomp outside our kitchen window……..yeek. and with that delightful image, i bid you adieu and hopefully i’ll be able to listen tonite! steph

  11. Pete says:

    This is possibly not the right place to ask this question but here goes… if someone were coming to LA for say 6 days from the UK next summer, what places of [ weird, counterculture and science ] interest would you recommend visiting? I’d be bringing the family [ all ladies ] but whilst they’re doing the beach/shopping stuff I’d quite fancy seeing something of interest to myself if I possibly can.

    • I think asking the author of Weird California about that is highly appropriate! πŸ™‚

      I would so go to visit the Intregraton. And if I could go with Greg and Adam Gorightly, that would be a trip full of awesome πŸ˜‰

  12. Pete says:

    Good idea, the Integratron looks on the map likes it’s 80-ish miles as the crow flies from Santa Monica so presumably that’s do-able in a day, although I understand the LA traffic gives even London a run for it’s money.

  13. Sagacious says:

    Greg, did you know Jim Moseley? He died recently.

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