Robert Emenegger – UFOs and Yoga and Hypnosis and Teleportation (and Silly Music)

Robert Emenegger is one of those people that lurk just beyond the veil of celebrity. He’s knows all sorts of people you’ve heard about, but hardly anyone ever mentions Emenegger by name. One of the reasons I admire him is that he seems to like it that way.

In the first part of the interview, we talked about his 1976 film UFOs, It Has Begun. Bob and his producing partner Alan Sandler received unprecedented access to government personnel and facilities to find out what was truly known about flying unidentifieds. He was even offered a copy of the film of the famed (if unproven) UFO landing at New Mexico’s Holloman Air Base in 1967, only to have it rescinded near the end of production. During the filming, Emenegger was introduced to many of the background players in the Air Force/ UFO equation, such as Col Bob. Friend and Col. Bill Coleman.

In the second 2 hours, we delved into his experiences making a film with legendary hypnotist Martin Orne, who unmasked Hillside Stranger Kenneth Bianchi as faking Multiple Personality Disorder, among other accomplishments. We also discussed Dr. Hal Puthoff and his early interest in Emenegger’s UFO film. He described a yoga demonstration staged for Carol Burnett and experiments in possible mental teleportation of objects in secret experiments in China. We had segment on reincarnation research, and talked about many, many other aspects of Bob’s amazing life before playing some music he wrote for the early 1970s kid TV show Lance Link, Secret Chimp. There is far, far more to these almost four hours than I can describe here. We’d like to read your comments.

(For your reference, there is a short tone marking the space between the segments.)

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  1. Kindred Mulga Old says:

    Random comment before listening to the opus:

    Didn’t Paul “Beta” B. mix with a crowd of neo-pagans, wiccans and occultists in Albuquerque, and wasn’t that why Richard D. had reason to worry word would get around about the burst transmissions Kirtland was relaying for the N/$/A?

    Also, when Tenebrous Ted mentioned Laurel Canyon and the McGowen thesis, you two failed to connect on the “Nazi compound” in the canyon behind Laurel, which McGowen’s Center for an Informed America documents as well.

    Now I go listen.

    • Greg says:

      I never heard of this story about Bennewitz.

      The reason I didn’t mention the Nazi compound story is that I didn’t think it had any connection to what we were talking about. Rustic Canyon is about 10 miles west of Laurel Canyon, in between Santa Monica and Malibu. The land was purchased in 1933 by Jesse Murphy and was known as Murphy ranch from then on. I wrote about it in “Weird California.”

      • Bob Desnos says:

        Where is LC discussed? In the Emenegger interview? Huge McGowan/Inside the LC fan. Would love to know.

        • Greg says:

          It was on the Stench of Truth show I was on and that Kindred OM brought up in the earlier comment. We barely mentioned it during Torbich’s show.

  2. Ward says:

    Really great and fun interviews Greg, heard them both live of course 😉 Emenegger is one of the rarest of all interviews and we have never seen before or since the level of cooperation from Official sources to allow this documentary to be made. It seems we came so close to getting that elusive footage. Regardless that Emenegger was trusted by the government and given unprecedented access to places and people, perhaps it was an era we will never see again. We got to peek through the key hole with your interviews and get a tantalizing glimpse of UFO history. Great job Greg!

  3. The ‘stick gun’ Robert mentioned was actually used, according to what I’ve read, by Australian aborigines. They are made out of an emu’s femur bone –or sometimes even a human bone– and adorned with human hair glued to one of the ends.

    What I read is that the ‘shamanic assassins’, in charge of hunt down and kill those tribal members who have transgressed a sacred taboo, also use special sandals made covered with emu feathers, so that they won’t leave any tracks.

    They will carry their task for years if need be, until they finally find their target. Then they aim the magically charged bone to the victim, and then they will leave, because they know that the deed is done, and their prey will inevitably die.

    Nocebo effect at its ‘finest’! 😉

  4. drew hempel says:

    Wow four hours — now I have an excuse to recommend The Best of One Step Beyond — another four hours to enjoy. The 1950s show with Puharich as advisor and docudrama recreations of true paranormal events. It’s riveting. The most famous episode as most readers probably know is when the host of the show takes psychedelic shrooms live on t.v. for the first time (for him and t.v.). That episode was the show’s most popular but did not get reissued because it was considered too controversial. haha. It’s on youtube though.

    I appreciate Robert Emenegger emphasizing the ambiguities of the whole paranormal UFO military scene. “I’ve never seen a flying bathtub, though” – classic Emenegger quote.

  5. drew hempel says: Emenegger’s UFO doc on youtube.

    Wow the descriptions of his documentaries on hypnosis and death — amazing information. Too bad those VHS are not online that I could find.

    Oh yeah and Emenegger saying how he had precognition about his trip to NORAD and then Greg says it happens with events personally significant. Yeah I had precognition in a dream more real than being awake — and the dream came true three years later! It was in no way a general dream — no way it could be a statistical aberration. Indeed though it was something of great emotional import to me. I’ve had precognition probably a dozen times — and it’s always freaky. Hmm — the future already exists and can be accessed? So what does that say about the present? (Twilight Zone theme song kicks in).

  6. ally says:

    Loved this interview!

    There has to be something special about Emenegger because it seems that people tell him things that they’d never tell anyone else and they give him access to places that they would never give to other folks.
    Greg, please try to post your interviews more often, if possible. Waiting on the Paul Kimball interview.

    Keep up the great work!

  7. Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

    The music was silly, and the mummies in Mexico and the film Emenegger made about death were very creepy.

    I looked up his UFOs, It Has Begun on one of the remaining torrent sites. There were a bunch of comments about the soundtrack being all fucked up in the file. I ripped the audio and just listened to that, no pictures, and it was fine. Very good. Rod Serling really does his thing there at the beginning. Some people turn down the sound on the tv and just watch, while I turn off the pictures and just listen.

    Regarding drew’s question about astral determinism, yeah, that’s happened to me too a little bit. I’m not quite sure if I make up lots of different possible futures and then one sticks when a certain set of events happen and the rest are all forgotten, or whether it’s really precognition.

    • drew hempel says:

      Ingrid — I’ll give more specifics to clarify. So o.k. basically in 1995 I woke up from a dream that was more real than being awake! So I had been keeping a journal. I write the dream down. It’s 2:30 a.m. and the dream was of my Earth First! activist friends with Native Indian American activists all standing on the roof of a house and all holding a banner to protect a forest area. So then I wrote: I think this dream will come true in the future.

      At the time I wrote down that dream I had been the local Minnesota contact in the Earth First! Journal. I also was doing other activism — alot — and I published a raw zine of activism — free — from a typewriter and Kinkos — and mailed for free to prisoners, etc. Anyway so I had strange clicks on my phone and my activist friends in Madison WI — where I had done my undergrad — they just told me that they FOIA’d the FBI files for our activist group and it was over 900 pages for a few years. haha. So also they were tapped by the FBI and I’m sure my phone was tapped also.

      Anyway so three years later I had long forgotten my dream and I was still doing a ton of radical activism. I was looking at a photo from a newspaper article — it was a photocopy of the article. Suddenly I got this eery feeling. The photo was exactly the same as my dream but I couldn’t quite consciously know this. But somehow I knew enough to drive up to my parents where my journal was kept. I paged through my journal and voila! There it was — exactly the same as the photo. The photo was from a protest that had made the cover story of the Earth First! Journal — it was called the Minnehaha Free State. I got arrested with the activists — civil disobedience – and then I wrote a graduate paper on it — the treaty of 1805 was not valid so that land is still owned by the Dakota Indians. The forest was at the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota river and is considered the home of this rainbow vortex spirit that creates all of reality. The Native american Dakota leader told me in court after I presented my research to the judge — he told me he wasn’t aware that the treaty was not valid according to a top University historian.

      Anyway so the point being this was obviously a strong emotional connection and somehow — well I had seen qigong master Effie P. Chow in 1995 also and I didn’t practice qigong at the time but Effie P. Chow did blow out the fuse in the room behind her at the University — according to the security guard who wandered in at the end, wondering what was going on. haha. But I was on a vegan diet and my mind was extremely focused on activism and also I played a lot of trance music and I biked a lot so I was in good shape. Somehow I think our deepest emotional desires somehow get tapped into — so our spirit connects with our future to tell us or show us how our emotional blockages will be resolved in the future. So then when the event happens in the future it is not so emotionally exhausting — because we are emotionally already prepared for it.

  8. Kev says:

    Hi Greg,
    Excellent show man and found the Mr Robert Emenegger touched on many topics which blew my mind. Mr Walter Bosley in put worthy as ever and will you have a roundtable show on topics such as Comics and Paranormal , UFOs, Music with Richard, Dr Jospeh Farrell and Robert Emenegger in the future. Have you been flying lately Greg?

    • Greg says:

      Hey Kev,

      I planned to have a Robert Anton Wilson roundtable in the future. I don’t know a lot about comics and the paranormal, although if you can suggest some guests for that subject, that might help.

      Yes, I fly every week. I am about 3/4 of the way to a pilot’s license now.

      • Jeffrey Kripal and/or Chris Knowles.

        Kripal’s book Mutants & Mystics is simply a must-read. He explores the relationships between UFOlogy, Religions, Esoteric traditions in the West, and how they all influenced pulp fiction and comics since the 40s so the present day, along with the many paranormal experiences artists like Jack Kirby, Alan Moore and Grant Morrison have had, and how said experiences shaped their art, further influencing countless young teenagers, possibly creating a powerful cascading effect in our entire culture.

        Knowles’ blog The Secret Sun is amazing. And he also wrote the book Our Gods Wear Spandex, exploring ancient myths and symbology in modern Sci Fi and geek culture –I haven’t read it yet though.

      • Bob Desnos says:

        Yes, Greg, please Chris Knowles. Also, Jeff Wells of Rigorous Intuition fame. Your friend Miles can definitely help make that happen.

  9. Kev says:

    Thanks Red Pill Junkie 🙂

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