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As the Radio Misterioso site passes 100,000 hits (after counting started on June 25th of this year) the interview schedule is pretty busy for the next few weeks:

This Sunday (September 18th) we’ll talk to renowned UFO researcher Peter Robbins about his work with the late Budd Hopkins and try to clear up some misconceptions about Hopkins’ abduction research and his personal life. Robbins worked with Hopkins for over 20 years and has some insights which he will share for the first time.

On September 25th, Grant Cameron makes his first appearance on the show. Cameron’s site Presidential UFO catalogs his research into each administration’s UFO involvement from FDR to Obama. He has said that he wants to ask me some questions, so this should be a good one.

For October 9th, we welcome back ghost hunter Richard Senate to the program to talk about his recent research as well as his new collection of adventure fiction, entitled Steam.

Stay tuned and thank you for your continued support!

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4 Responses to Upcoming Guests

  1. Ward says:

    Great upcoming guest Greg

    again if i may suggest 2 more guests whom you have already said you like to interview,
    so I’m a going to the taskmaster and remind you to get these guys on.

    Rich Sarradet – A follow up and maybe get into his own strange experiences

    Dr. Barry Taff – http://barrytaff.net/
    You could do 4 shows with Barry and still be able to talk with incredible depth.

    • Greg says:

      Richard will be easy. For Taff, I’ll have to make the effort, but it’ll be worth it. Thanks for cracking the whip.

    • Greg says:

      Just spoke to Dr. Taff for about an hour. He will be on the show within a few weeks. Very nice guy and sharp. I need to read his book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below before the interview.

  2. Looking forward to these shows 🙂

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