Tim Binnall – “Tenth Anniversary Special”

The title refers to the fact that as of the date of recording, it has been ten years since the  first episode of  Tim’s legendary show Binnall of America. For this go-around we again started out with a little “shop talk” about what we do to produce our respective shows, how we conduct interviews, and who were the most influential and conversely, worst guests Tim has had. He also recalled one of his favorite interviews which was about the Dyatlov Pass Incident in which nine hikers were found dead under apparently mysterious (and very creepy) circumstances.

We talked about how large UFO groups (specifically MUFON) should rebrand themselves to guard against irrelevancy and bemoaned the prevalence of stupidity and non-critical thinking in general and on the internet in particular. Favorite TV shows were discussed as well as the good and bad stars of the remote viewing world. We ended up half-jokingly calling for  UFO conference of our own, to be held during the eclipse of 2017.

Photo above was taken by Tim while he was actually on the program.

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  1. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Greg, your anecdote of Sigrid getting a ticket so you could get on time to do the show reminded me of that scene in the movie Ed Wood, when Kathy O’Hara (Patricia Arquette) stands in front of a car so they could escape the angry mob at the movie theater. You just know that when your woman is willing to do such risks, then it’s the real deal, man! 😛

    It’s inevitable to run into people who have the most outlandish worldviews in this field. My friends the Grimericans recently did an interview with a guy who is convinced the Moon we see in the night sky is a hologram (!) and therefore nothing can escape the Earth’s gravity; that means not only the hoaxing of the Apollo landings, but EVERYTHING else including all the missions conducted by other space agencies, not just NASA –they’re all into the conspiracy, of course.

    When you start to figure out how they started their journey down the rabbit hole, it usually was a very small or trivial thing, which drove them into adding more and more alternative elements, while at the same time rejecting what passes as common sense for the sake of self-consistency. I suppose it’s a similar process than what caused the belief in spontaneous generation, or Ptolemy’s epicycles. Mind you, these ‘theories’ can work out pretty well when it comes to explaining things at a very limited capacity –the epicycles could predict the position of the planets, for example; but when it comes to extrapolating those assumptions is that those concepts come crashing down.

    Personally I feel the current materialist paradigm is our modern version of the epicycles, and seeing consciousness ’emerging’ from bran activity just as misguided as thinking rats could spontaneously generate from rotten cheese. But at the same time, like you I’m terrified of seeing how easy it is to fall into philosophical fallacies just because some worldview conforms with our particular expectations.

    It’s a messy deal, try to figure out what Reality is. Because it’s not like facts are subjective, as Tim proposed. What’s subjective is our INTERPRETATIONS of those facts.

  2. Red Pill Junkie says:

    PS: I’ve got it:


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