Nick Redfern – The Roswell Slides and Hacked Researchers

In the past few months, much has been made in certain quarters about the recent surfacing of slide film supposedly depicting dead aliens from the Roswell crash. The so-called “dream team” of researchers who are keeping their findings about these artifacts under wraps until they say that they can authenticate them conclusively have still not been forthcoming with any new information.

Nick was on the show to discuss the recent hacking of his personal computer and online accounts by a mysterious person or group. The members of the Roswell research group were also affected. Nick reports that two years before the announcement of the existence of the slides, he was contacted by an individual asking how much he thought that the images were worth. The fact that this person went to UFO researchers rather than a more mainstream media outlet (or was rejected by them first) is telling. Nick and I both agreed that the slides, even if “authentic” would prove very little to those outside of the UFO research community.

During the second half of the show we discussed Nick’s upcoming Men In Black book and how UFO study could most likely not reinvent itself to make any headway towards solving the mystery. It would also do little to gain mainstream respectability, which I contend is not worth the struggle.

A fun talk with a lot of laughs from an old friend of mine and a singular voice on parnaormal topics.

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11 Responses to Nick Redfern – The Roswell Slides and Hacked Researchers

  1. John Brazel says:

    Not one but two new podcasts?! Greg, if your new year’s resolution was to do more podcasts then your off to a great start. Awesome guests too! Is Vallee next?

  2. Nonymous says:

    “The so-called “dream team” of researchers who are keeping these artifacts under wraps until they say that they can authenticate them conclusively have still not been forthcoming with any new information.”

    You, like several others, seem to be continuing to labor under a basic misunderstanding:

    The Roswell “Dream Team” do NOT own or control the public release of the slides.

    They have only acted as consultants, under non-disclosure agreements, to the owner of the slides, a man in Chicago, and who is the one who controls when, how, and why the slides will be publicly released.

    A cable TV documentary will be released in the late Spring regarding the slides, and at the discretion of the owner, not the remaining members of the “Dream Team,” who are Tom Carey, Don Schmitt, and Anthony Bragalia. If you’d kept up on the developments in this regard over the last two years, you’d know that is the fact.

    Although Tom Carey has made some pronouncements about the slides being a “smoking gun,” even if the slides are authenticated forensically to being 1947 Kodachrome film stock, and also exposed in the 1947-48 timeframe, which appears to be the case, and which have a very intriguing back-story / provenance, this evidence is only circumstantial, as a photo is not direct proof of something, like a body, which may appear extraterrestrial, since photos or slides, regardless of vintage of stock and exposure, are simply representations of what was photographed, not the actual “thing” itself, and therefore not subject to direct forensic testing such as tissue analysis or DNA testing.

    While highly provocative, if these photos were actually taken in the late 40’s, they neither prove a connection to the conjectured Roswell incident, allegedly involving a crash of some kind of ET craft, nor can they be in any direct way prove that what is shown in the photos (of which there are two) is extraterrestrial in nature. My suspicion is either an elaborate hoax of some kind, or an early military intelligence psyop of some kind in the very beginning of the Cold War directed at surfacing Soviet agents or sleepers on or near the Roswell Army Air Field at that time, which is where the only nuclear capable bombardment group in the world, the 509th, was located.

    It is unlikely, unfortunately, that the upcoming documentary will establish any form of real or direct proof of what will most likely be alleged, that the photos are of a Roswell incident alien recovered body. Unless an actual body or ET debris is directly tested, the case for the Roswell incident being of an ET origin or nature will remain ambiguous.

  3. Kandinsky says:

    Happy New Year y’all!

    Interesting stuff as ever. The hacking does seem amateurish and egotistical. I wonder if any of those involved opened any emailed pdfs or received thumb-drives from third parties? These could have delivered trojans with keylogging applications. There’s also the good chance that someone had an email p/word that could be worked out like ‘roswell47’ or ‘clarion67?’ It’s guaranteed to be ‘user error’ on the part of one of those involved. Paul K’s idea is also worth considering as Santilli’s lottery win must surely be in the minds of some names in the field – payday.

    The slide will amount to nothing beyond thousands of internet arguments. Len Stringfield used to attract ‘military’ and ‘credible’ sources bearing alien images and none played out. Too many grifters and grafters abound. Names and faces change and the rest never changes at all. Neverending stories and people chasing rainbows and tilting at windmills.

    I generally agree with that idea of Nick’s about something bizarre behind these topics that intrigue us. I went through a period of several months of sustained coincidences that were ultimately disturbing; especially as I’d quietly chuckled at the long list of folk with similar claims. ‘Secret signals?’ Ha! It’s like that old phrase about looking into the abyss and not liking the idea, at all, that it would ever look back. Even if we concede the higher probability that some form of temporary mental illness misled our perceptions, there are odd physical incidents that remain awkward to account for.

    It’s better to look away and keep a tighter hold on scepticism.

  4. Red Pill Junkie says:

    That death whistle would sure be handy when credit collectors harass you over the phone at 1 in the morning 😉

  5. JustinF says:

    Greg – what’s the name of the French tune you played at the end of this excellent Nick Redfern interview?

  6. JustinF says:

    Nice touch btw Greg by playing that French tune. This week we were all French. Very touching. Good call mate.

  7. Anthony Bragalia says:

    Excellent summation Nick….

    Just a note that -as many are aware- I discovered that Bernerd Ray (not Bernard) was an Oil Exploration Geologist working the Permian Basin in NM in the 1940s for a company that would later become part of Texaco. I also discovered that he was the President of the American Institute of Petroleum Geologists TX Chapter in 1947 and after that year became ‘a ghost’ in the literature and resigned his post.

    I am also the one who conducted a search to find the best available expert to test the two Kodachrome slides. The individual found, who is famous-in-his field, conducted extensive tests that authenticate without doubt that the slides were exposed in 1947. Forensic photo analysis (including with a pathologist) show that the being was formerly living- not a model or dummy.

    Finally, the creature does not in any way whatsoever depict the appearance of what ‘aliens’ looked like in the pop culture and psyche of the 1940s- but rather precisely what witnesses to Roswell stated that the beings looked like.

    Come late Spring everyone will be allowed to make their own decision based on the reveal. Just a remarkable story.

  8. John Randall says:

    I really enjoyed the interview Greg and Rick ( boring ,I know… 🙂 ) Thanks !

  9. Anon says:

    Cool interview. Just come across this cheesetastic 70s documentary on Cryptozoology, narrated by Peter Graves:

  10. Greg says:

    Someone just posted a comment on this thread that called one of the other posters an “idiot.” Needless to say, it was not approved. I will tolerate no personal insults here. I have no time or desire to adjudicate squabbles.

    They did use proper grammar, though.

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