Curt Collins: Cash-Landrum Reconsidered

If you don’t know about this case, read up before listening. The short version is that two women and a small boy encountered a strange, hovering object on a lonely road in East Texas on the night of December 29th 1980. Soon afterwords, a group of military-type helicopters surrounded the object and the group flew slowly out of sight. After the incident, the witnesses appeared to suffer varying degrees of effects from what appeared to have been ionizing radiation.

What my guest Curt Collins is doing is trying to get past both the misinformation that has been propagated by UFO investigators as well as the attempts of fundamentalist skeptics to explain it away as a hoax or misidentification. What emerges is a tale of selective attention and beliefs leading the investigations (or lack of them.) Collins is very careful to keep from falling into any set theory, and keeps his investigation open-ended.

More can be seen at his excellent site Blue Blurry Lines.

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3 Responses to Curt Collins: Cash-Landrum Reconsidered

  1. Coppertop says:

    Nice one. It’s always good to read about some home-grown weirdness deep in the heart of my state. Keep it up, man!

  2. Red Pill Junkie says:

    I still remember when I watched the Spanish-dubbed version of That’s Incredible & learned about this amazing case.

    I also feel a certain kind of kinship with Colby Landrum, who has the same age as I have; I reckon it mustn’t have been easy living with the aftermath of such a traumatic incident, along with the physical & emotional scars it caused.

    If that object was indeed some kind of experimental vehicle controlled through video-cameras due to the heavy shielding needed to protect the pilots from the radiation, I wonder if current drone technology would have remedied the problem.

  3. John Randall says:

    As usual ,very enjoyed the interview Greg and Curt. Thank you for dissecting and clarifying points that were possibly misinterpreted and or lost.

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