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Darren McGovern: Music and Esoterra

Darren has been a friend of mine for a very long time. When we met, we were both embarking on journeys of self-discovery, mainly through the writings of people like Robert Anton Wilson and Israel Regardie. Most listeners of this … Continue reading

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Skylaire Alfvegren: Fortean Journalist

Skylaire has been a friend for many years, we were even roommates for a few months. She has offered me no-holds-barred critiques of my writing, which improved it immensely. This is her second appearance on the program. Last time she … Continue reading

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Wacky Music With Mr. Fab

If you read the description over at top right of the page there, this show is supposed to alternate interviews with “weird music and audio.” Here’s a great example. Straight from his excellent blog Music For Maniacs, “Mr. Fab” joined … Continue reading

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Pamela Stonebrooke: Reptilian Encounters

I hesitated putting up this interview, because it’s one of the least professsional ones that ever aired on Radio Misterioso. At that time, Pamela Stonebrooke was a close friend, and my skeptical filter was out the window. For those who … Continue reading

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