Rosemary Ellen Guiley – Pan-Paranormal Issues

Rosemary Ellen Guiley thinks she “came out of the womb writing” and enjoys the process of producing books, which is probably the first time any author has told me this. Guiley is a highly-regarded paranormal researcher with 65 books to her name, that range from encyclopedias of saints and angels, to the divination technique of scrying, to witchcraft, and of course, UFOs. Her new book (co-written with Michael Brein) is entitled The Road to Strange: UFOs, Aliens and High Strangeness. The book features first person accounts of dramatic UFO encounters and includes not only the sighting accounts themselves, but more importantly, the witness’ impressions and emotions during and after, which I believe is very important. We talked about this aspect of emerging research, and how this might be changing UFO study.

We discussed the differences between male and female investigators, and how witnesses react to both. We also brought up the recent controversy over the Chicago mothman sightings and how investigators occasionally seem to enjoy fighting with each other more than the actual research they are supposedly doing. We also talked about her work with an abductee research group (FREE) and how the encounters seem to almost always transform the consciousness of the witness. We delved into the shadow people phenomenon and issues with ouija boards (which is the subject of at least two of her books) and the techniques used in scrying. There was some light debate and discussion on the extraterrestrial hypothesis, and Guiley’s idea that observed alien entities are most likely inter-dimensional beings.


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  1. Grant Taylor says:

    Very hard to explain in email, so bear with me…..

    Everything is inter dimensional. When you observe a beach from a webcam, you are observing something not really in front of you, like when a researcher studies the light photons collected from 13 billions light years away, really – how is that anymore a part of our present reality- than the what we call paranormal. Since everything is entangled, I mean everything, it means exactly what science tells us, that there is no time -it is all the same around us, your birth, the death of the dinosaurs, your death…. no different— it somehow is only observed (normally) in one direction…forward…. some of us who see things that is supposed to not be there are just using a few connections of brain synapses that you do not utilize. Thank God, it is only a few broken connections in our brain… as if we did experience this full time, we would be locked up as insane.

    String theory is partially correct, but these strings are really the multi paths between entangled particles. As they know the connection is instantaneous, no matter how far apart 2 entangled particles are apart. So a particle entangled between say the moon and earth is part of the invisible missing black energy (gravity) between these 2 particles….and the places between its place on earth and the moon….as they know in quantum mechanics….is everywhere at the same time… This is the missing matter they are looking for… Black matter….. the matter that is there….and everywhere in this path…. (they can test and tell you the direction and charge of a particle in space in front of you, but not its actual place….because …damn somehow it is everywhere at the same time….. AHA

    The funny thing is, when they have detectors in space, they detect particles shooting by in every direction AND these particles are changing flavors on the same path while still in the detector…….???? Why is that….??? because…it is part of different matter it is entangled with..and being every type of particle, entangled.. EVERYWHERE…. so not only is that creating the weak invisible force of gravity between the earth and the moon, but between the earth and the sun, the solar system and the galaxy….everything.

    Now the bio-electrical force – lets pick one of many forces…. and call this one DNA, this force attracts entangled particles into forming temporary molecules, all together forming our cloud like mass we like to call our bodies…. The massive replacement of these entangled particles -as they die… making up these molecules- are replaced by ones nearby/closest to them….and these are the ones that form the earth…. so the majority of this entanglement is more local…the planet…magma, soil, whatever… when man leaves the planet…going just a few hundred miles up, these particles not only lose most of their invisible gravitational connection, they do not replace each other and we lose body/muscle/bone mass…

    Without going into a million examples that explains everything from consciousness to why the fact that our observation actually creates reality… think about this for a few hours…. EVERYTHING….past, present, future…you, me, earth, sun, solar system, galaxy, universe….are all connected…all that started from nothing and exploded…and started forming the first primordial elements, particles, photons, electrons, quarks…. —–all just created from one particle……..and ALL still connected as it started as only one….and is expanding non stop….

    A little spark connection between me and a close by dimension allows me a sudden, frightening glimpse at another life form (an alien) in front of me…and it removes me temporarily from this tiny, tiny, minuscule existence for a period of missing time. Sometimes this collapse in the wave takes people near with me and they also experience it with me… sometimes for miles… but is so bizarre, so surreal that people just say holy shit and forget about it.

    ah, can go on and on… I have spent 55 years trying to figure out why I have experienced so much bizarre shit….. as I mentioned to Budd Hopkins once… that when i see a ufo speeding towards me, I can feel my cells vibrate at a tremendous speed, like being electrocuted by a freezing cold current. This change in current, vibration shorts our brain and any memories are scrambled or not even recorded… sort of like brief electroshock . It also moves us closer to another multi universe… connects us to the entangled mass of everything for a short while. It fucks us up and we glimpse reality outside of our normal reality.

    Ghosts, aliens, big foot… demons…. all short circuits into entanglement with multi universes, or times, just next to us, OR entangled ever so lightly with something that happened a thousand years ago… No different than being autistic, idiopathic, or just having a few pathways that others do not have…. Unfortunately, I would rather be a sociopath then have to grow up with the extreme frightening shit I have my whole life. Hell, my brothers (sister in laws, former wives) whom have experienced shit with me….still are scared 50 years later….and don’t like to talk about it…

    Consciousness, since everything is connected, exists right now …. inventions, new insights- by just as weird people- we call scientists- connect to knowledge that no one was aware of a few seconds ago… but it is all there….all time, all knowledge….awaiting our awakening… temporarily entanglement. So is the dog alive or dead in Schrodinger example? The dog is in every possible existence- just awaiting our observation -so it becomes part of what we think is reality. If it is closely entangled to others in proximity of time, space, particle types…it become part of our larger reality….and weakly part of the vast entanglement between the universes. And somewhere someone might see this dog that shouldn’t be there and they call it a ghost, or when it walks by and disappears -they call it a doppelganger because it is exactly like their dog whom is sleeping next to them.

    Most matter missing in a galaxy is part of black holes. When they capture and engulf all matter again and continue to get smaller and smaller, at some point they disappear completely… Nothing there, no matter in all space………until another big bang….and it will again release a piece of matter that races across all space and time, changing into all forms of matter as needed to create the multitudes of realities…..forever, creating another universe upon universe, past, future….. that is still entangled to the one original particle started before it.

    When you drink a glass of water, it once was the sweat on a super models breast, the pee from a dinosaur, the oxygen particle on a distant planet…. and back to the very beginning….entangled to the first particle.

    I like to imagine the first example… the pee part, while true… sucks

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