David Metcalfe – What Lies Beyond the Shining Saucer?

David Metcalfe is a researcher, writer and multimedia specialist focusing on the interrelationship of media, culture, and consciousness. We began the conversation with his deep study of the Santa Muerte belief and its role as an alternative to people who feel that their needs and lives are not in accord with traditional religions. There was a nice segue into the role of mediums of communication and its effect on the message and structure of belief. We also spent some time on the idea that a UFO encounter often permanently changes the mental state of the witness.

We examined the role of the researcher and how much they can be embedded with their subjects and still maintain sufficient objectivity, and whether they should. Then we discussed Metcalfe’s feeling that Jung’s philosophy of alchemy is limiting, because it leaves out important physical aspects of the alchemical process. We thought that this might be relevant to recent discussions of UFO “alloys” or artifacts.

David’s phone ran out of juice and we arranged to finish up at a later date. Of course, we went another hour. I asked about his statement he wrote to me that he “had no idea what lay beyond the shining saucer” in terms of an inspiration and catalyst for personal change. He told me about the work of Conan The Barbarian creator Robert E Howard and his claim that he channeled his story material, much like Richard Shaver. We spent much of the last hour on the motivational speaker/ guru Tony Robbins and his intriguing world, and ended with a few minutes on the legendary self-help book Psycho Cybernetics.

In all, a very fun and detailed 3 hours.

Image is original art by Dave.


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6 Responses to David Metcalfe – What Lies Beyond the Shining Saucer?

  1. Greg – I tried sending Kenn Thomas my latest corroboration of Wilhelm Reich’s blue orgone, based on quantum biology, but his Steamshovel gmail bounced back. The website does not come up on google! http://ecoechoinvasives.blogspot.com/2018/02/the-blue-light-of-blues-music-ii.html Here is the article (with lots of images) Why Eli Maor is Wrong about Music by Numbers: The Blue Light of Blues Music: Quantum Biology, Metaphysics and Meditation

    I hope Kenn is doing o.k. – or else strung out on shrooms?

  2. Oh for the record David Metcalfe did discuss my research as well – in a podcast. https://archive.org/details/OPEpisode1 Philosophy professor Dave Leech podcast discussion with David Metcalfe and Dr. Tim Brigham

    But at that time I was not very clear about noncommutative phase harmonics – and so I’m not sure Metcalfe gets the alchemical secret yet. thanks.

  3. What an amazing conversation and show! Love, love loved I could have listened to more!

    I really enjoyed the discussions on Santa Muerta throughout the show. I came across the Skinny Lady via the work of Dr Andrew Chesnut in 2012, and through synchronicity exactly as David described, and with visions I had in the past, I just felt extremely drawn to her despite being of a different culture. I am so happy to hear others found Her that way, magically when they need her, and this makes sense to me. She became very important to me in the following year and at a time when I was going through a very dark period and coping with a life threatening illness. My devotion to her is unique to me, so its not a traditional form, but she is a part of my spiritual life. I really must write about Her one day.

    David is the first person I’ve come across where both UFOs and Santa Muerta is significant, which is amazing for me.

    Love that Jim Moseley popped into the convo. I always brighten thinking of Saucer Smear. hehehehe 🙂

    Robbins is definitely a fascinating, and spooky character and so I really enjoyed that too.

    Another amazing show! Thank you Greg and David!

    • William Christie says:

      Tony Robbins is an alien. This was released to the public via one of the MEN IN BLACK films. I think he is related to the aliens in the TO SERVE MAN episode of the original Twilight Zone. There is a striking resemblance. Hmmm….does everyone leave his seminars, or do a a few plump beefy humans vanish?

  4. BFlorez says:

    I think Sante Muerte is an aspect of what I knew as “the Dark Mother”
    My grandmother was a full blooded Aztec who ventured forth from the hills of Mexico during the time of the revolutionary war. She had her rituals and practices that overlay a few catholic practices she found interesting. She would sit on her front porch as the families would walk towards the church, blowing cigar smoke rings and sipping her wine. My grandmother died when I was 4 years old.
    What she explained to me about the Dark Mother:
    She is the ancient mother, Coatlicue. This figure was not just one of death, she was the mother of heaven, the moon and the stars, and mother of the gods, and all Indian peoples. She is also whom the Catholic priests call Guadalupe, queen of heavens. But they are ignorant and don’t understand how she connects to her people. And she does much more than the priests can understand.
    The figure while somewhat frightening is seen as the intercessor for lost causes. Unlike Jesus, she will always help when she is allowed to (depends on the person making the request). This can be an especially dangerous aspect of the belief. She will expect you to keep your promises, so be careful not to make too many promises that are hard to keep. This in itself is a test for the requester, and a step in redemption if the promise is kept. If many prayers are made and promises kept, she will intercede when that person dies, and the fires of hell will not be as bad as they would be. The sinner will have a chance towards heaven. If the promises are not kept, the person has shown their true character and all of nature will rise against them, and they will be miserable and may go crazy. But even then, all is not lost, if they go back and keep their promise.
    As a child I saw statues of the Dark Mother, made of sticks and paper mache. This was in the 1960s. They were nothing like what believers have now.
    In the early statues I saw, you can practically lay the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe over the figure and it fits easily. She is dark and resembling a skeleton because those who most need her help (sinful/ poor / forlorn) were too intimidated to approach the beautiful heavenly “Holy” Guadalupe persona. But a dark figure is easier for them as she understands their misery, their hunger, and their sadness.
    The world in her hand is there to emphasize her control of the heavens, and her power. I do not know when the scythe came to be place with her, I did not see this associated with her back in the 60s. I am not a devotee of the Dark Mother, but it is interesting to see her reemerge into the public, and the belief is changing quickly. I barely recognize it, and it is somewhat disturbing and unhealthy.

  5. Nicholas says:

    A sad addendum to one part of the discussion: the Morbid Anatomy Museum has closed its doors in 2016:


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