Skylaire Alfvegren – What Is A “Fortean?”

My long-time friend, amazing author, and Fortean Skylaire Alfvegren joined me in a very informal talk about subjects of mutual interest. The interview occurred right around the time of the most devastating fires around Los Angeles and Southern California. We talked about the real definition of a “fortean,” and the fact that you need to have a strong sense of humor if you are going to last in the study of the weird. That led to a discussion of our comedy heroes.

Skylaire recounted a dramatic early morning UFO sighting at Edwards Air Force Base in 1988 when she and her mother were waiting to see a space shuttle landing. She wanted to talk a little politics and internet freedom (or the lack thereof) and our talk drifted into issues of staying pure in goals as a writer. As usual we covered a lot of topics, and hope you enjoy.

Photo: Skylaire at lunch with John Keel. Yes, I took that one.


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  1. I really, really enjoyed this show. I found I wanted to jump into the conversation, like listening to old friends that are talking about some really interesting stuff, and I wanted to add in my two cents hehehe. I often was just nodding in agreement, especially when Skylaire was talking about reading Fort (which is an acquired taste) and how humour is very important part of researching these subjects. It is! And I really loved the discussion on being truly agnostic as a Fortean. I think that is really important too otherwise you miss out on a lot of things that could be key to at least getting new thoughts and ideas going. I am looking forward to Skylaire’s book, and her writing on Tim Beckley. That is going to be very interesting and it is something that really needs to be done. Thanks for a great show!

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