Paul Kimball and Dillon Garland: Producing a TV Show About Ghosts

After the successful run of the program Ghost Cases seven years ago, Paul Kimball was tapped to produce an entirely new series (Haunted) with the same co-host. Using what they learned in the last program, Paul and his ghost-hunting partner Holly Stevens use new tech to go even further in their quest to find the answers behind some baffling and startling occurrences. By proximity and default, Director of Photography Dillon Garland has also been subject to some unexplained phenomena.

Paul and Dillon joined me to talk about their adventures, their techniques, and their journey from interested skeptics to, if not “believers,” at least among those willing to consider that there are things that cannot be explained, only experienced. I shared some of these experiences with them on a paranormal investigation a few months ago, and we talked about some of the things that happened that evening. We also played and discussed one of the most eerie examples of an unexplained audio recording that I have ever heard.


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One Response to Paul Kimball and Dillon Garland: Producing a TV Show About Ghosts

  1. Kandinsky says:

    What the heck? Has the audience changed so much that Paul is no longer worthy of comment?! He’s as much a part of the RM experience as Bill Moore, Nick and Kimball.

    I meant to comment last year and have now forgotten much of the interview. Paul’s ever-changing outlook on the paranormal remains interesting and it’s almost like sharing his journey. We’ve all passed through different stages of understanding with all this weird stuff and experience appears to be the prize. There’s certainly no known eureka moment where people lose interest and mark the phenomena as ‘solved’ or ‘done.’

    Obviously with Paul it’s slightly different as he has had to integrate disembodied ‘ghosts’ into his frameworks. Having to do that can play havoc with outward perceptions and internal dialogues.

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