Kenn Thomas – The New JFK Files Release

Kenn Thomas was in town for the last few days, so we took an hour to make a short “pop-up” interview about the impending release on October 26th of the (supposedly) last secret government files on the JFK assassination. Kenn believes that there will be some new information on Lee Harvey Oswald’s suspected visit to Mexico City as part of his connection to the intel community. We also discussed a new letter from Uri Geller saying he will confirm some of the details if they are forthcoming, as he claims to have done some psychic spying in regards to the events surrounding the killing.

We also took the time to discuss Kenn’s new book Trumpocalypse Now! and his contention that the 45th President has used the idea of conspiracies as one of his tools for popularity. He also believes that the idea that Senator Ted Cruz’ father was connected with Oswald actually makes him a patriot rather than a villian (as Trump has suggested) since Kenn thinks they were trying to infiltrate pro-Castro groups, not join them as supporters.

We visited Marilyn Monroe’s grave and completed the last 5 minutes of the interview there, talking about an article by Nick Redfern concerning what she might have known about UFOs and Area 51.

Photo: Kenn also wanted to visit the grave of actor William Frawley, so I took him there.


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2 Responses to Kenn Thomas – The New JFK Files Release

  1. Corvinus says:

    I’m not sure what to make of Kenn Thomas. In one instance he seems to reproach Greg for ” jumping to the conclusion” that the Crisman(?) UFO was a hoax and then shortly thereafter claims that JFK almost certainly dropped acid in the White House with Mary Pinchot Meyer – an event that has about the same amount of proof behind it as Greg’s earlier conclusion about the UFO.
    Kenn also tries to straddle the fence by using his Clinton conspiracy article from decades ago to offset the claim that he is simply jumping on the Trump hate bandwagon; that he is, in fact, an equal opportunity hater of those in power. I guess you say what you need to say to sell a few more books. It’s interesting though that a little while later he states that Trump is the most obnoxious thing to happen to the US presidency (paraphrasing here)…Seriously Kenn? More obnoxious than George Bush and/or Dick Cheney? Why? Simply because he says things that you may not like but that appeal to a large swath of the non-cosmopolitan/ rural white population?

  2. Anonymous says:

    He thinks Trump won’t finish his term because firing Comey was obstruction of justice. Hilarious.

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