Podcasting Vs. Broadcasting

Due to negative comments about a recent show, I felt obligated to examine a few issues with this program. The gist of the comments were that Radio Misterioso was “unprofessional” and should beware of interviewing friends, so of course I had to get a couple of friends (Josh Cutchin and RPJ) on the program to discuss any merit to the criticism. The main point was that podcasting is not broadcasting, and that the audience for a podcast is interested in hearing a conversation rather than a formal interview. Josh pointed out that Radio Misterioso is a bit of an echo chamber, which is fair and which I shall remedy.

We moved on to a discussion of how to democratize UFO and anomalies study, and how the internet has become perhaps the most insidious echo chamber. We also discussed how a talk on Roswell could bring anything new to the table with some interesting suggestions from both guests. Echo chambers within echo chambers!

Photo: Cutchin and RPJ appear in public together.

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12 Responses to Podcasting Vs. Broadcasting

  1. Duffy says:

    Hey Greg,
    I found Radio Misterioso about a year ago and have listened to pretty much every episode that comes out. What I come to your show for IS these informal/”unprofessional” discussions about the UFO phenomenon. Personally, I could listen to you have conversations with the same people all the time and never get over it. If I want something more slick I’ll listen to a show like Mysterious Universe, which I do as well. Sure your show is a bit of an echo chamber, but the ideas you guys bounce around are the kind of echoes I want to hear. Interesting thoughts and ideas from interesting and intelligent people are the kinds of things that get better and evolve the more they’re chewed over. There’s enough shit out there already about the E.T.H., give me the obscure, the esoteric, the occult, the co-creation theories of the phenomenon. Whoever it was who dissed you just sounds like a clown, he obviously just doesn’t get it. As for being “bad for Ufology”? What the fuck IS Ufology? It’s just a made up thing. Let the haters hate, Greg, you’re all good. As they say, “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke”.
    Also, I think you and Paul Kimball should start a side podcast called “UFO Grumps” where you just complain about MUFON haha…
    Thanks for what you do, man. You don’t have to post this comment, I just wanted to tell you this shit and I don’t use fucking Facebook.

  2. I’m pretty weary of the people out there who decide what things should be. I can’t come out with a new book that there isn’t one or two guys who feel compelled to tell me how wrong my cover art is and how I could make my book so much more professional — if I just hire them to do everything differently according to their tastes. Yet, I’ve never seen or heard them tell me about any bestseller that was so by their hand. Radio Misterioso is exactly what it should be. Don’t change anything.

    P.S. Good thing you took their advice on that Disneyland book, though. Writing a book with Walter Bosley would totally destroy your credibility! 🙂

    • Phil From Louisiana says:

      OK, so I’m pretty far behind as far as listening to Podcasts go… but reading this reminded me of some lyrics… “Sing Along, Send Some Money, Join The Chosen Few…” Anyway, sorry to hear about your recent problems with Book Pirates. I’m out of ideas about what to do at the moment.

  3. AJG says:

    Been listening for over ten years and what I love is that an important strand of the show has always been that of a public-facing conversation between peers who are part of a community that exists beyond the confines of the show. If that means that you have your friends on the program, then so be it. It’s a manifestation of a scene and it’s marvelous.

  4. Miriam 'Mimi" Hamblett says:

    Haven’t listened to this post yet. That said here is my opinion what I read in the show description.
    I am in agreement with Duffy.
    I listen to the podcasts I do because they are posted by people I have found to be knowledgeable about the topics I find interesting. Most shows are professionally done and when the host has a friend on I love it. Having a friend as a guest makes the show so much more personal. For me it is as if I were sitting at a friend’s house listening to a conversation amongst my friends.

    Walter makes a good point too. These days thanks to the interwebs, everyone is a critic. Bah! An opinion is just that, a personal viewpoint and nothing more.

    Hope to listen soon. Right now my son is watching Hanger 10 in the same room and I can’t have sound on. I always look forward to your podcasts. Radio Misterioso is one of the 11 podcasts I subscribe to and listen to regularly.

    • Miriam 'Mimi' Hamblett says:

      Oh! And how could I forget all the wonderful music I have heard. Some keepers there!

    • Greg says:

      Thank you. The only things I get upset with are comments that I know come close to my own suspicions about how to improve things. That makes me act. Stuff I disagree with, I ignore.

  5. Jim Dollar says:

    Greg, all I can say is that I love your show just the way it is. It’s your show, do it your way. That’s what we all like about Radio Misterioso. The conversations are informative, hilarious, and entertaining. Your guests are like a bunch of old friends and I can’t wait to hear what’s next. Your show beats mainstream stuff hands down! I thank you for all the effort and all the knowledge you put into your shows. Definitely 5 stars!

    • Greg says:

      Thanks Jim! It’s nice to hear people like what you do once in awhile. Means a lot.

    • lachlan says:

      Ive been listening to Radio Mysterioso for the best part of 10 years..its one of few podcasts i have stuck with..thank god it doesn’t sound like some stupid slick program with a snappy introduction and the revolting fake radio voices so many use..i actually hate people that make these criticisms..there are literally dozens if not hundreds of programs designed for these sort of people..apparently they get upset that not EVERY program is the same..Reminds me of the sort of people who will complain about David Lynch films not having straight narratives..when in fact 10 films have been released in the last week just for them, with the smash you over the head with a hammer explanations that leave no room for speculation,absolutely no subtlety and zero mystery…idiots. Please keep doing what you have been doing..many of us love it the way it is

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