Aaron Dabbah – Evolution Favors the Paranormal

My first and only (so far) in-studio interview at my new place (my desk at home) was with Aaron Dabbah (also known as “EsoterX.”) As I say somewhere in this program, his writing makes me feel like I am learning about something that I don’t want to. In this episode, we talked about folklore as an early warning system, skeptics vs. believers (who often have the same ego motivations for their opinions) and the “phantom clown” phenomenon considered as a chaotic trickster manifestation (such as the mudhead kachina pictured above.) Later in the program, we took an extended sidetrack into writers whom we admire. He lives in town, so we’ll be talking again soon.

The post title refers to Aaron’s contention that if we weren’t supposed to see paranormal things, then the ability should have been evolved out of our brains by now.

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4 Responses to Aaron Dabbah – Evolution Favors the Paranormal

  1. HideTheDecline says:

    Excellent podcast! As someone suffering from deep cynicism for modern social science, anthropology, the missing Indian bulls story was a perfect example of the misunderstandings, room for error that exists when entitled, unworldly academics attempt to make sense of the world within ‘scientific’ conventions. How many similar examples have occured, studies, books, papers written by people that didn’t persist, attack a problem from different, unconventional angles, re-phrased a question from ‘do u kill’ to ‘do u Feed’. More and more of the academies most politically influential ‘social science’ has been debunked [not that this has effected the holy reputations of these biased, politicised ‘scientists’]. The Authoritarian Personality, that I remember being taught — very shocking results that could easily justify a strong, managerial class keeping close watch, control over the masses & their limited democratic influence, representation. Margaret Meade’s naive willingness to represent tribal, hunter-gathering societies in the most utopian light, just the kind of evidence political extremists, revolutionaries needed to justify their subversive, hostile, feelings toward their own societies. How much can ‘scientists’ really conclude from their own subjective comprehension, ‘witnessing’ of other ‘witnesses’ or events already contaminated by the presence of an outsider, observer. What I appreciated about Jacques Vallee was his willingness to record witness statements word for word, and separate any of his own speculations. He never framed his work with any scientific certainty. He just applied his own intelligence, and with full disclosure, his own instinct — taking account of academic customs but not limited by them. Nice to hear Greg, or anyone, admit to past immaturity, in this case the painting he bought perhaps having the effect of glamourising, monetsing the psychopathic, sociopathic reputation of a killer, torturer, incredibly deviant, evil, soulless person. Someone who doesn’t deserve the confirmation, celebrity that he and many others of his kind receive from misguided, naive nihilists who put their own outsider self image before the life, death, suffering of strangers. Buying a piece of the human sickness that was someone elses misfortune, as a cheap but shocking symbol, statement to others about your own self image. Glad he got rid of it. Bad karma. The Charles Manson fan-ppl cld learn a thing or two.

  2. gheron93 says:

    I also enjoy reading articles by fundamentalist skeptics and often find reading the comments section to be a revealing insight to the mindset of this group .

    The comedian Stewart Lee made an excellent radio documentary, White Face, Dark Heart, on clowns and in particular Pueblo Clowns. You can find it here http://www.stewartlee.co.uk/radio-docs/white-face-dark-heart/

    Finally here’s my favourite beat poet performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jofZwUURNlc 😉

    • Greg says:

      I am actually a member of an online skeptics group, in an effort to keep them and me honest!

      Thanks for the links. Will check them out.

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