Weird Holiday Music with Joshua Cutchin

ufotreeThis year, I decided to have a partner on the holiday-themed wacky tunes show. Author and musician Josh Cutchin is an aficionado of strange music, and he brought along a nice crop of weirdness for the 2016 edition of this Radio Misterioso tradition. We started with Porky Pig (or someone who does a very credible impression) singing “Blue Christmas,” and it went downhill from there! We also featured three Yogi Yorgesson tracks, and a cover of “Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas” by John Denver. Merry Happy!


“Porky Pig” – Blue Christmas
Mark Pitta – Jingle Two Times
Mel Blanc – The Hat I Got For Christmas Is Too Big
Two Anti-Drug PSAs from Porky Pig and Foghorn Leghorn
Patrick Donohue – I Want To See A UFO For Christmas
Yogi Yorgesson – I Was Santa Claus at the Schoolhouse for the PTA
Yogi Yorgesson – I Just Go Nuts at Christmas
Yogi Yorgesson – Rusty Chevrolet
John Boy And Billy – Christmas Balls
Insane Star Wars Christmas Music Box
Robert Smigel – Tingles The Christmas Tension
John Bongiovi – R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Steve Martin/ Paul Simon – Silver Bells
Robert Earl Keene – Merry Christmas From The Family
Portsmouth Sinfonia – From the Nutcracker Suite Op. 71a
Bob Rivers – I Am Santa Claus
John Denver – Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas
Shari Lewis and Lambchop – Some Things For Christmas
Bob Rivers – Oh Christmas Tree
Mojochronic – Yuletide Zeppelin

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2 Responses to Weird Holiday Music with Joshua Cutchin

  1. Peter says:

    I’m not on Facebook, so the only way I consume the show is through iTunes. A few episodes back you mentioned re-watching Twin Peaks. I have also just finished your recent book and noticed a couple of approving mentions of David Lynch in it (my congratulations otherwise for the book as well).

    The next book I picked up after yours was the recently released novel by the co-creator of the show Mark Frost called “The Secret History of Twin Peaks”. In addition to explaining various pieces of back story the book spends significant time (more than the show ever did) on UFO / Paranormal / conspiracy subjects, weaving in both a good deal of factual material as well as speculation as to factual matters which I was previously aware of. Thus time is spent on the connections between Twin Peaks and its citizens and subjects such as Kenneth Arnold, Maury Island, Ray Palmer, Jack Parsons, etc. etc. I wondered what the “average” Twin Peaks fan would have made of all of this, but there may not be such a person.

    Part of my interest in buying the book was that I wondered whether it would provide any assistance in understanding what the upcoming third season of the show may be like or about. If the book is anything to go by, I expect that the work done by the character Major Garland Briggs will be considered more closely.

    I do not want to spoil it too much if anyone has not read the book and is considering it, but you will also be pleased to know that the characters avoid being too stuck on the ETH.

    • Greg says:

      I have that book. I still need to read it! I think that me and the listeners to this show would have a lot to talk about with Lynch/ Frost.

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