Mystery Aircraft Sighting


Just a few days ago, I was alerted to a strange sighting from the UK in 2009. The witness, (who wishes to remain anonymous, and along with 3 others) reported seeing a passenger aircraft flying dangerously low over the British countryside. As they approached closer, they realized that the object appeared to be hanging perfectly still in mid-air. This was rather disconcerting, along with the fact that the airplane was perfectly white, with no markings whatsoever. We talked about this, my own stationary UFO sighting, and what might be happening to witnesses of weird stuff.

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  1. DJH says:

    Greg, the black object you described seeing has been documented in detail by others. In fact, there are drawings of it on the internets. I’ll try to find some info on it.

    Very cool episode.

    Along the same lines as what you were saying about cocreation at the end of the discussion, something Robert and I have talked about over at the Paracast forums, is a phenomenon known with artificial neural nets than can learn to recognize images.

    There are artificial neural nets that can become extremely adept at recognizing, say, Poodles, but then they can be tricked into identifying a puddle of spilled milk as a Poodle.

    Robert and I have discussed whether the human perceptual system–which to a certain extent artificial neural nets are based on–can be “fooled” in a similar fashion. That is, is it possible that occasionally, on the rarest of occasions, humans see a puddle of milk (anomalous stimuli) and perceive it to be a Poodle (an aircraft hanging in the air)?

  2. Paul Carr says:

    Just listened to this. Intriguing. Through my own investigations I have learned not to quickly pass judgment on high strangeness stuff, nor to contaminate witness memories by steering them toward my hypotheses, which I generally keep to myself when talking to them.

    Where did you get a photo of a perfectly white unmarked jumbo jet? I wonder if it might provide a clue.

    • Greg says:

      I try to keep my opinions to myself until the witness is finished. Even then, it’s probably not a good idea.
      The photo was found with a regular image search.



  3. Tim Gordon Baird says:

    Look up solid light. This has most likely been a black technology that I’ve noticed in a lot of ufo cases . From what I’ve read it can move physical objects and is at the very least a little known tech that’s capable of seemingly controlling individual photons changing the state of light and it constituent particles.

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