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Mike’s new book The Messengers defines a new category in close encounter studies. He has singlehandedly created and developed a whole subgenre of the abduction/ encounter scenario with his careful and insightful observations of the imagery of owls that are reported along with strange experiences. He has been studying this phenomenon intensely for about five years. He does not assign the classic abduction scenario to his own strange and sometimes disturbing experiences, and he does not judge or categorize other accounts that he has collected.

He says that the owl connection to abductions is something that has been a factor for a long time, but it was one of the things that major researchers like Budd Hopkins and John Mack considered just another of the many weird outlier events connected with their studies and which they wouldn’t normally reveal because it didn’t fit in a neat box with their main focus. Mike has concluded that as an archetype, the owl imagery fits in very well as a way to view connections between apparent alien encounters and the human history of mythology and symbolism and how they help us deal with issues of the psyche. One of the most striking non-UFO stories that Mike has collected involved a girl who was prevented from committing suicide due to an amazing encounter with an owl.

Illustration courtesy Red Pill Junkie

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  1. Ant says:

    Funny/strange to hear about you, Greg’s, experience with the waking up at1:11, 2:22, 3:33 etc — that happened to me once. Quite a synchronicity or whatever that was. It was right around the peak time when I was obsessing about aliens and conspiracies and driving myself nuts. Thanks for having Mike on.

    • Greg says:

      Yeah, it was the night before I interviewed abduction researcher Karla Turner. I don’t know if I mentioned that in the show.

  2. Stephanie Quick says:

    Enjoyed this one even more than i thot i would!

    Also so tickled to see i have a footnote – my family will be rolling their eyes, haha! i am tinyjunco, as well as pygmyowl and a billion other names.

    re: elders. An elder is a role, not a feeling of wisdom or etc. For example, someone at the begining of their teaching career may feel like they have much to learn, however they still are a teacher. Seeing as how Mike now gives talks at various conferences, and has had a book published on the topic I’d say he is fulfilling that role 🙂

    My comment regarding elders draws on what i have learned about owl symbolism in indigenous american belief systems – this is the area where Mike had his own owl encounters. I feel for Mike when it comes to the huge mythologies accrued to these animals – I’ve had the idea for years that looking into the cthonic belief systems where encounters have happened could shed some light on whatever message has been transmitted. In this instance I think there is something to it.

    But of course it’s my theory and i want to defend it, heehe! At any rate, this gives people more background on my comments. Thank you Greg for giving my question such a nice presentation on the show!

    I have some more info on whether owls can ‘hover’ and owls in trunks to type up later….until then, steph

    • Greg says:


      I think one of the most important things that Mike said was that the owl works best with the UFO enigma as an archetype. If more people could understand that idea and keep it in mind, the mainstream study of the subject would be a lot more interesting than it is now.

      • Stephanie Quick says:

        Greg I very much agree. Well put.

        The US Indian idea of ‘medicine’ has many similarities to the western idea of an archetype. One difference between the two is that in the indian system the animal species wielding/associated with the medicine does have intelligence and this intelligence can interact with the human experiencer. For this reason i tend to lean towards the indian concept; but it is a huge area and we have so much yet to learn.

        How exciting to be alive when we have new authors with fresh ideas and research! Lord knows this is by no means a situation to take for granted, ha! Thank you Greg!

  3. Stephanie Quick says:

    “are where he had his encounters” as in the physical location…..to be more clear. I hope.

  4. Chris Anderson says:

    This was great! The creators of the two audio shows that I most obsessively listen to!

    I feel a great affinity for an archetypal reading of a lot of these things. Greg you commented on how dreamlike a lot of these experiences are. I’ve had some pretty insane synchronicities in my life, and in the moment it feels exactly like a dream. It’s difficult to describe but definitely crushes the notion of a solid division between inner/outer. It can be extremely upsetting from a psychological standpoint. As Mike said, you are definitely forced to look at reality from almost the ground up all over again.

    Also with these synchronicities I have felt a strange dual sensation that I had a hand in creating it and also the touch of some intelligence outside myself (higher self/HGA/unconsious, something more exotic?) with a wisdom far beyond my own. It’s like you’re leading yourself but also being led. It’s a bizarre sensation. You’re led right to the edge of your comprehension and nudged over and over and whatever personal symbols that are potent enough to get your attention or push your buttons are repeated mercillessly. Hasn’t happened to me many times, but when it has I was not in good shape psychologically or spiritually. There was a LOT of rumbling psychic energy and inner friction that feels like a trigger point.

  5. Chris Anderson says:

    Btw – I forgot to say: I LOVE that new intro you added. Perfect sound clips from some of the lumaries of non-ETH to capture where you’re coming at. And the ambient track in the background is a mood setter straight out of my own soul. Totally dig it.

  6. gheron says:

    The talk of poets made me think of this.


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