Adam Gorightly – Blood Moon 2015

On September 27, Gorightly was in town for an interview with the MANdate crew. It just happened to be the night of the “Super Blood Moon” eclipse, so we climbed the mountain to Los Angeles’ famous Griffith Observatory for the festivities. There was no agenda or list of questions and the second-ever remote Misterioso broadcast was glitch-free as we stood on the upper deck between two huge telescopes.

We could see the searchlights from the Hollywood Bowl where Grace Jones was performing as Gorightly described a new UFO book project. He has also learned a bit more about late UFO publisher James Moseley’s mysterious girlfriend and her alleged alien contacts in the 1950s and ’60s. She eventually wrote a book entitled Those Sexy Saucer People. Gorightly has also uncovered a previously unknown flying saucer contactee story from the 1930s. Ever the sleuth, he also shared the story of a UFO sighting wave from France in 1954 and how it may have coincided with a outbreak of ergot fungus poisoning, which mimics the effects of LSD.

We also talked about how much Nick Redfern hates Paul McCartney while we tried in vain to see the eclipse, which was obscured by cloud cover. As soon as the event was over, the skies were clear again. Typical.

A short, but enjoyable show which was limited by the time constraints imposed on us by the remote broadcast software.

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  1. Kandinsky says:

    Hello Greg, I’m passing through to wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. It’s been a very good, vintage year for the show with some excellent talks. Looking forward to seeing you haul in the big French one in 2016. His interview with Tim Binnall is, alongside Ann Druffel, my favourite of them all. Please snag him quickly.

    There’s a British fellow called Dr Richard Sugg and I think he could be suited to the Misterioso audience. He’s interested in poltergeists and has an open mind on what agent/s may be accountable for incidents. He’s done a couple of interviews and comes across very well. He’s held himself back from speculating and I feel he’d relax more for the Greg Bishop approach and open-minded audience.

    Anyway, all the best and thanks for all the shows.

  2. Bob B. says:

    Griffith Observatory? Fun factoid: If memory serves, according to unauthorized Kenneth Anger biographer Bill Landis, Griffith Observatory is where Anger was busted at age 16 for cruising a gay- entrapping plain clothes policeman. Not a gay-frendly time!

  3. Phil says:

    Thanks for the present; Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

  4. Andy Banham says:

    Really enjoyed this show guys. Very quirky and even more spontaneous than usual (if that’s even possible)! I loved the ambient sounds of the crowd. I’m sure I picked out a British accent amongst them! More of the same please!

  5. Robert Oliver says:

    Hey Greg,
    Listened to the show with you guys at the observatory. That ergot/LSD incident Adam mentioned; not only is there hard documentation as Adam said, the American govt.actually had to formally apologize to France a couple of years ago. I heard this on CNN. But leave it to Adam to have made the Frank Wilson connection. Which leads me to say something I thought was true years ago: Adam Gorightly has, in my opinion, the most encyclopedic knowledge of things fortean of anyone out there. I found his stuff through you about oh, decades ago! Thank you Greg for introducing Adam’s work to me way back when I had just started this long strange trip. And this; I think I had a mini stroke while listening to the show because I could swear I hear you guys say Jaime Mousson (s.p.) was going to be on a Mufon panel called “Making Ufology Respectable”. I gotta see a neurologist tomorrow cause there’s no way I could have that, right?!!?!

  6. courtspark says:

    Hey again. Guys I was trying to be sarcastic with the comment re:”Making Ufology Respectable “. Because yours and Adams comment began with ” “mainstream Ufologly” I of course could belive anything from that group. No matter how surreal! Having been very fortunate that when I started delving into UFOs- it began with checking out Jacques Vallee books from the library, I was able to bypass much of the nuttery out there.

    One more thing. Greg you mentioned the Vallee account of the “flying refrigerators”. Is it just me or is that not like one of the creepiest, most unsettling pieces of UFO lore ever? I mean the story is just terrifying on so many levels but to make it even more frightening to me, its Vallee sharing it with us! Not some hack, but Vallee. That tale has haunted me for years. The villager who Jacques tells was irradiated from the beam on one of these things actually died. Anyway, just my opinion. Thanks, Robert

  7. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Steamy Sex with Sultry Saucerians is a book that’s waiting to be written 😉

    Preferably if it’s a whole saga 😛

    PS: The Mixlr thing worked pretty well! My friends the Grimericans moved to Spreaker for some reason, but I reckon either of us should allow you to have more freedom to conduct on-the-road shows. Especially now that some opportunities are on the horizon *Ahem* 😉

  8. Red Pill Junkie says:

    PS: It occurs to me that expecting UFOlogy to gain ‘respectability’ in the media and academic circles, is not unlike expecting Graffiti art to be accepted as a Fine Art. Sure, there’s the occasional Banksy who gains critical appraisal, but at the end of the day the problem lies in the TRANSGRESSIONAL nature of the discipline.

    Maybe there’s a good reason why UFOlogy should NEVER be respectful >:)

  9. Adam Gorightly says:

    If the mainstream actually started taking Ufology seriously they’d make it boring real fast!

  10. Adam Gorightly says:

    The ones who are usually harping the most about making Ufology respectable tend to be the ones who are pushing it in the opposite direction.

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