Joshua Cutchin – UFOs and Food and Drink

Joshua has written A Trojan Feast, a singularly amazing and insightful book about food offerings in UFO and other paranormal encounters. For me, reading it was one of those “Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?” moments.

We began by comparing experiences of meeting authors and researchers we admire and how they turned out to be pretty friendly. Everyone who is interested in these strange subjects learns and builds on the work of those we admire and respect. At about 28 minutes into the program, we actually started talking about the book!

Echoing the words of one my favorite researchers, the late Karla Turner, Josh says the weird details of paranormal encounters are probably where a solution, or part of a solution, lies. A Trojan Feast is full of stories that are strange even for a UFO book, all centering on the subject of food and drink during encounters with “aliens, faeries, and Sasquatch,” as the book’s subtitle indicates.

Significantly, Cutchin has found that much of the food and drink that witnesses claim were given to them adhere to the Hindu “sattvic” diet, which is recommended for seekers of spiritual truth. Also, although we tend to eat a lot of both in North America, meats and candy are virtually never reported.

As we got deeper into the discussion, we talked about the idea of UFO abductions as a form of shamanistic rite returning to a technological society. We also compared “soft” (feelings and impressions and effects on witnesses) vs. “hard” (“just the facts”) research and the value of the qualitative vs. the quantitative. We also agreed that paranormal researchers need to consider how the witnesses and indeed those who talk to them are interpreting the experience and how that may give a false sense of what may be actually happening. He brought up the example of the dress color that people argued about on Twitter and how it shows that perception is individualized.

In a first and exclusive for Radio Misterioso, Joshua is a professional musician who plays the tuba in a brass band, so we ended the show with a private solo on the Sousaphone.

Above: Joe Simonton, who was given flax cakes by UFO occupants in 1961.

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4 Responses to Joshua Cutchin – UFOs and Food and Drink

  1. DJH says:

    Excellent show! Great discussion. As a result, I will definitely be purchasing the books. Cheers. (Loved the new intro.)

  2. Nightbird says:

    But..what about the stories? I know how it goes with you Greg and your easy-breezy conversational style on RM. You don’t like don’t like preparing ahead..and I get and enjoy that. But..was I really so wrong to think you and Joshua might actually share some of the stories that were in the book he was promoting? I mean..come on..not even a few? I was really excited to hear this it promised to deal with a sorely neglected subject..but instead it felt like I was eavesdropping on two guys going out on a date with each other for the first time..and mutually stroking each other egos. I just wanted to hear some great stories from the book..interspersed with the usual RM non-scripted chat..but instead all I got was a mutual love-fest with everything but that. Definitely doesn’t make me want to purchase the book without the promised taste of it. (???)

    • Greg says:

      Sorry. I’ll try to keep that in mind next time.
      There are plenty of other shows Joshua has been on where I think he tells some of the stories.

    • Joshua Cutchin says:

      It’s a fair criticism. I was more interested in getting the chance to talk with someone I admire than pushing my own agenda. Having said that, I’ve been fortunate enough to talk with plenty of folks who have solicited stories from my book. The complete list of my Podcast appearances is in the link below—I’d recommend Coast to Coast, After Dark, Where Did the Road Go?, and The Outer Edge, in particular.!interviews/cbzt

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