Walter Bosley – Did Sir Richard Burton Discover A Lost City In Brazil?

Richard Francis Burton was a Victorian explorer, linguist, spy, loner, and scientist. Walter Bosley’s new book (Secret Missions 2: The Lost Expedition Of Sir Richard Francis Burton) speculates that he was secretly tasked to find lost civilizations. We discussed his early life and background, including Walter’s suspicion that he was involved with a secret society at Oxford University in the 1840s. This group supposedly wanted to find out about ancient civilizations to see if they had esoteric knowledge and perhaps ancient technology. Burton worked for the British East India Co. which was essentially a 19th century Wackenhut – a private company with almost sovereign government powers.

Burton visited the US in 1860 and went to Salt Lake City to visit Mormon leader Brigham Young. Walter says that Burton believed the Mormons knew something about the esoteric history of the US and perhaps beyond.

Burton, who documented his travels in minute detail, somehow did not describe one particularly compelling period when he was traveling though the jungles of Brazil in 1868. Walter’s theory is that he was there to look for a lost city described in documents which Burton published himself in his account of the time. We also discussed the strange miles-long prehistoric tunnels of Brazil, which researcher/writer David Childress explored years ago.

Concluding, Walter says that he writes about what resonates personally with him. In this case, he saw a kindred spirit in Burton and his intelligence activities, since Walter is a former government intel employee (FBI and Air Force.)

For no reason whatsoever, the show starts with a few minutes’ discussion of Electro-Voice Phenomena.

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37 Responses to Walter Bosley – Did Sir Richard Burton Discover A Lost City In Brazil?

  1. Phil From Louisiana says:

    “Now see if Serpo pops up that’s a mysterious way to show…”

    Aha! The final clue I’ve been looking for! You will besmirch the House of Chocula no further! Muahahahahahaha!

  2. Phil From Louisiana says:

    Regarding the book: I’m going to have to read it in more depth; I basically read it over about a dozen lunch breaks on my phone a couple months ago, which isn’t conducive to retention. I do recall wondering at the time about the speculation that Walter had gone with, and the alternate possibility that was bugging me: what if the real lost city or another ruin of interest were in the Gran Chaco region where Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia all came together? Also possibly related: what if Burton was sent to the region to find out if there was a reason for Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina to be going to war other than the one that made it into the newspapers and eventually the history books?

  3. SadBstard says:

    While this comment reveals me to be a sad excuse for a human being, the pedantic urge is too strong for a South West Englishman to allow such butchery of a good Devon towns name. In the sake of anthropological accuracy, Torquay is pronounced “Torkee” or “Tor Key”.

  4. SadBstard says:

    I recommend Rudyard Kiplings Kim for a ripping yarn evocative of this time. Even includes a spy in India masquerading as a surveyor

  5. Phil From Louisiana says:

    OK, here’s another try at posting something. I really have no idea why quoting from a news item (or even mentioning the site it’s on, much less the link) that mentioned a qigong master turned oil tycoon being charged with murder in China appears to trigger a spam filter of some sort.

  6. Mike Church says:

    I first read a biography of Burton when I was about 16, I’m now 53. I’ve been amazed by him my whole life so this particular thread resonated with me more than most. I had no idea this episode in his story existed. I am gobsmacked! Great episode.

  7. nines says:

    I vote for more discussions about interesting historical figures. Or more juicy speculating about advanced antiquity and any evidence that may yet be extant. The excluded middle is too far off both extremes and we need to freshen it up. I’m really happy Walter is doing this.

  8. Laurence Zankowski says:


    I had to stop the podcast because of walter sending my down internet rabbit hole looking up potacki, the manuscript found in saragossa, abraham abufalia , and the links in blogposts about burton dated back to 2011 and earlier… Too much, when you and walt get together, i become lost in a whirlpool of biographies, books, movies and past work.

    Do not stop!

    Be well,

  9. Laurence Zankowski says:

    Typing to fast so typos abound in my previous post, sorry,
    I meant me instead of “my” Potocki instead of Potacki, it goes on…. Tells you how walt and you get me running…

  10. Wehoboozer says:

    Great show! Fascinating distraction from a day at work.

  11. Walter Bosley says:

    I really have enjoyed going down the road I’m on with the historical figures. These, along with the Empire of the Wheel books, have been refreshing and ever fruitful for me. You’ll like the next one, I think.

    • Wehoboozer says:

      Reading Empire of the Wheel right now, its been a fascinating look at an era and area that otherwise flies under the radar.

  12. Phil From Lunopoli..., uh, Louisiana says:

    Pardon me if I borrow this thread for a second… I’m actually listening to the live feed this week. Anyway, you and RPJ probably already know that in whatever the Vietnamese transliteration system is called, ‘ng’ sometimes gets pronounced as sort-of ‘w’; ‘nguyen’, for instance, is pronounced ‘won,’ and is a cognate of the Chinese ‘wang,’ meaning king. So I don’t know if that’s a real name or not, anyway.

    That said, I disconnected from facebook a while back, and don’t want to go back because it’s a massive time sink.

    Re; the corn god, the definitive treatment of that sort of comparative mythology is Frazer’s _The Golden Bough_, the final edition of which ran twelve volumes. I once read the abridged volume. It’s about Russia.

    And the Captcha for this post is “Arthur.”

  13. Phil From Lunopoli..., uh, Louisiana says:

    About belief… here’s something from Pratchett but I can’t find the exact quote I want:

    “Most witches don’t believe in gods. They know that the gods exist, of course. They even deal with them occasionally. But they don’t believe in them. They know them too well. It would be like believing in the postman.”

  14. Phil From Lunopoli..., uh, Louisiana says:

    Ah, here it is!

    Granny: “I don’t hold with paddlin’ with the occult.?Once you start paddlin’ with the occult you start believing in spirits, and when you start believing in spirits you start believing in demons, and then before you know where you are you’re believing in gods.?And then you’re in trouble.” Nanny Ogg: “But all them things exist.” Granny: “That’s no call to go around believing in them.?It only encourages ’em.”

    • Greg says:

      It’s like the story that Robert Anton WIlson told about an Irishman being asked if he believed in the Pooka: “That I don’t, and I very much doubt that he believes in me either.”

  15. Phil From Lunopoli..., uh, Louisiana says:

    Re: Rebirth of Pan… if you’re in contact with the author, and with Walter, could you work out a kindle edition of the book? (Assuming the rights have reverted to the author).

    Anyway, good night.

    • Greg says:

      I did email with him and he may put out a revised edition. I think he does have the rights.

      • courtspark says:

        Hey Greg, I dread this as Walter has already scolded me about a comment I made re: Ayn Rand and the break away civilization on the Paracast forum. So, I’m walking home with the earphones in listening to this show. It goes blah, blah, Richard Doty……then I hear, paraphrasing, both of you say something like: well yes, once Doty “crossed the line and did what he did to Paul B. Well that was wrong”. Hmmm, then I’m pretty sure I heard Walter say, again paraphrasing, ” up until he did what he did to Paul B. which was morally wrong, ” I totally understand why Doty did what he did”. Now, before you two get all defensive, go back and listen to the beginning minutes of the show and tell me why I shouldn’t be going,” bullshit!Greg! Shame on both of you”!. Greg you are the very one who laid the scuzziness of Doty bare to me. Walter, tell me exactly how, “you can understand exactly why Doty ‘Did what he did'”. Really. Yeah, you guys can blow me off as just another stupid listener that doesn’t get it but before you do go back and really listen to the exchange you two had about Doty. Please Greg, as one of my hero’s, explain that to me. I’ve heard you sorta apologize for this dude before and thought,” well, Greg knows Doty so I will just have to trust Greg’s opinion.”. But, I don’t know…..Greg I’ve started making plans to see you guys in Dallas because I’ve been with your journey since the zine thing…But, damnitWalter says I totally understand why Doty did what he did…..that deserves an explanation. Bud Oliver

        • I’m gonna have to go back and listen to the whole thing to get the context. I know there’s more there. I’ve also discussed with Greg on air that there were nefarious things done with Bennewitz likely by the ‘other agency’ involved in the situation. So when I get the time from other things to go back and listen to this show, I’ll be able to reply fully.

  16. courtspark says:

    I listened to the show in order to hear about Walter’s newest thing. Then, I hear the two of you say,paraphrasing here that Doty went of the rails only when he drove a poor man over the edge. And only stupid ” newbies” would dare challenge us or be self righteous about Richard Doty, in a really snotty way. Well, excuse me! As Walter said when he scolded me after I did make an uninformed, unfair comment about Ayn Rand,it was youGreg who showed me in your book that Doty was a reprehensible piece of shit in your book.. Then to hear both of you say well I totally understand dotys motivations. Really. Now go all defensive on me as a newbie even though I’ve followed you Greg since the zone days and explain to me “how you totally get his motivation. Damnit, Walter. Doty did nothing wrong until he drove a man to his death???!!! Greg, I had decided to go to Dallas and meet you. I’m still going to. But you and Walter need to listen back to what you said before going all elitest and dismissing me as a newbie. Why can’t you just come out and say Richard Doty was a creepy piece of shit

    • I hope you’ve had an opportunity to cool your jets since writing this. I will have to go back and listen again (as stated above) because there’s some missing context and statements the way you present it. When I get around to it, I’ll respond with a better grasp on what was actually said.

  17. courtspark says:

    Greg, Walter, i’m no “newbie”. Greg I moved to Seattle in 1990-I knew the zine scene. I have a vivid memory of listening to Radio Misteriosowith a 56k modem and a laptop thicker than Gutenberg bible.
    So, when I heard you two say, basically ” yeah Doty did some shitty shit but I get his motivation,I was dumbfounded. Greg,it was your book that led me to decide Doty was an ethically boundariless cold war piece of shit. Then I suddenly hear you and Walter holing forth in a snooty, holier than thou tone about how you would never judge him I wanted to cry. Walter went so far as to say everything up to the part where they drove Paul to madness was the right thing to do??? Now go back and listen to what the two of u said before u dismiss me or write me off as but. And stop this elitist tone Greg. I’ve caught you and Tim and Nick and Paul doing it many times.

    • Greg says:

      Thank you for your comments and a chance to clarify my statements. When I was talking during the program about “not being self-righteously indignant,” I was referring to people who know nothing or very little about the case who think that Paul Bennewitz was fine psychologically before Richard Doty and the Air Force got involved and that it was completely their fault that he went through hell. This is simply not the case and was clearly stated in “Project Beta.” I would say that they certainly didn’t help! I also stated in the program that I don’t put myself above other people IN GENERAL as an example of moral righteousness, even Richard Doty.

      In the part of the program you were referring to, I said, (quoting verbatim here) “I know what he [Doty] was doing and I know what his motivation was. It doesn’t make it right. I condemn it morally, but I’m not going to preach to you about it.” I am not sure how you deduce that I was taking an “elitist tone.” I’d be interested to know what other examples you can recall and if I can listen to them and perhaps clarify what I was saying. In the segment you are referring to, Walter actually said that the Air Force should have backed off when they saw that Paul Bennewitz was going over the edge. Once again, I apologize if I came off as sounding to you like I am better than others. This was simply not my intention.

      For those who want to check exactly what was said, the segment starts at 11 minutes and 55 seconds into the program.

    • Walter Bosley says:

      I don’t have the time to go back and listen to exactly what I said in this case but I know the gist of my position on Doty is that neither I or nor you nor Greg nor anyone else commenting here or listening to the show (as far as I know) has ever read the actual case file. All that is known about this issue is what we hear in books and ufo media and culture. I have said that it is acceptable to let someone believe an advanced aircraft or defense technology might be ET if it serves to protect the integrity of the security of that aircraft/technology. I still stand by that. But ‘elitist’?? That’s lingo. Neither Greg nor I were being elitist. I have no problem with whatever Doty did up to any nefarious negligent contribution to Bennewitz’ mental health issues. My understanding of the situation based on what I’ve learned from Greg alone is that a different agency was involved and messing with him. I also think AFOSI/USAF is taking a hit to the real culprit’s benefit.

      • Walter Bosley says:

        EDIT: That’s supposed to read:

        “…neither I or nor you nor Greg nor anyone else commenting here or listening to the show (as far as I know) has ever read the actual case file.”

        • Walter Bosley says:

          EDIT: Another correction, it should read:

          “… whatever Doty did up to any nefarious negligent contribution to Bennewitz’ mental health issues.”

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