Paul Kimball Reports: The East Coast Paraconference (and other stuff)

This conversation was recorded the evening that Paul returned from the conference, where he had just given his presentation that morning. Of course, he is the originator of UFO/ paranormal conferences in Canada/Nova Scotia, since he organized the New Frontiers meet in October of 2008.

Also speaking that weekend were Paul’s uncle-in-law Stan Friedman and famed cryptozoologist and prolific author Loren Coleman. Uncle Stan actually ran Paul’s powerpoint slides for his talk, showing that family is thicker than ideology. During his talk, he also proposed to famed paranormal radio host Tim Binnall. His take away from the weekend was that the mix of presenters (ghost hunting/ psychic stuff/ ufos/ cryptozoology) was unique and worked well.

We also answered a question from a listener about why he won’t be doing another UFO film in the near future, and launched into a discussion of synchronicities where Paul mentioned an earlier episode from 2011 when he was in Los Angeles staying at my place and the synchronicities were running rampant.

One of the events for the weekend was a ghost hunt in and old theater where Kimball had a strange and creepy episode in the basement under the stage. He describes it in detail. In a first for this show, just as he was getting to the scariest part of the story, a voice seemed to cut in to the show feed. See if you can locate it and give us your take on it! (Photo above was taken during the ghost hunt.)

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16 Responses to Paul Kimball Reports: The East Coast Paraconference (and other stuff)

  1. Ally says:

    Hey Greg,

    Think I heard a laugh at 1:28:49—when Paul was talking about feeli hands around his neck.

  2. Greg says:

    Yes. That’s what I and a few others heard.

  3. John Randall says:

    Heard the laugh as well…interesting . Really enjoyed Paul’s retelling of his synchronicities.
    Liked your singing harmony on “There’s a place” Greg ! Fun show.

  4. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Good, eclectic conferences in which UFOs are only one of the subjects explored? You’re describing the Paradigm symposium, vato! 😉

  5. Red Pill Junkie says:

    I listened to the “silly laughter” but assumed it was Paul describing him being choked.

    I think I also heard something when he repeats how Les Mis is his favorite musical, only after Jesus Christ Super Star, at around 1:39:53, but it could be background noise.

  6. range4harry says:

    I heard it too as a girl’s laugh. Thought it was someone present at either end, but within 10 seconds, the broadcast stopped, like days of old. After 8-10 minutes of trying to restart the player, it came back with a browser refresh. That’s been pretty rare for 3-4(?) years. Anyone else?

    • Red Pill Junkie says:

      Not me. I download the podcast files from iTunes.

    • Greg says:

      The show signal went out? I didn’t know that it ever did that.

      The fact that the laugh came at that particular time was the weird one for me, since if it was a bleedthrough from somewhere, why then?

  7. mrboohoohoo says:

    Yes, I also heard it, 1:28:48, I was thinking to myself…why is Greg laughing? Only at the end when Greg mentioned it I realized that was the same laughter..went back to listen to it and I got shivers down my spine because it is really clear.

  8. Wehoboozer says:

    Really enjoyed it.

  9. Adam Gorightly says:

    Frank Gorshin!

  10. dia sobin says:

    It’s always fun when you and members of the original PRP get together, Greg.

    And, it’s always fun to hear about those little synchronicities which keep us all on our toes. You know, they have several “dream banks” online which people can contribute to… it’d be cool if they had one for synchronistic events. Some day these “subjective” compilations might be scientifically useful… in a positive way.

    BTW, Paul, I know this wasn’t necessarily a nod in my direction, but I was so happy to hear the word “transdimensional” used in a sentence in an accurate context. It made my day!:-)

    P.S. I have to laugh, because the online “spell check” keeps telling me the words “synchronicities” and “transdimensional” don’t exist!

  11. Cat Montag says:

    OMG… so cool, so creepy. It is the context that makes it so frickin’ crazy (as mentioned in the show). Context as in timing- heard like a short belly laugh right at the moment he mentions the sensation of being choked.

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