Listener “Farusha” talks about Remote Viewing and Abductions

Taking a break with no scheduled guests, a listener from New York nicknamed “Farusha” answered my call for calls. We quickly dove in to a 45 minute discussion about inflexible opinions, her experience with Russell Targ and his remote viewing class, and her own experiences with non-human consciousness. This was all sandwiched between two thick pieces of wacky music tracks. Nice interlude before getting back into it again.

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7 Responses to Listener “Farusha” talks about Remote Viewing and Abductions

  1. Phil From Louisiana says:

    (taps mic) Hey, is this thing on?

    Yay, the blog is fixed! I can finally comment!

    What was I going to say again?

    • Burnt State says:

      I believe you were going to say something cool about the listener call in with Farusha who supplied us all with a great show.

  2. Chriss Pagani says:

    Listener via iTunes, here… I might have been responsible for killing your server. Sorry. Stuff happens. There are some WordPress things you can do to keep it from having these kinds of problems – plugins that reduce server load.

    Anyway, yeah, I watched the Roswell Slides fiasco live and wrote an expose that night. It got a lot of hits. When you did your show on the slides, I did an addendum linking to your site – which threw another thousand hits or so you way, and that’s what did it. Congrats on doing the show, but I think it shouldn’t have been so hard to figure out the truth behind this hoax. I had it all together by the time the pay per view was over. *sigh*

    Where I mention your show and link to it:

    • Greg says:

      Thanks for linking to the show. It was recorded two days after the reveal of the placard solution with the team of people that did it.

      I don’t think the show was messy! 😉

  3. Phil From Louisiana says:

    It was probably a question to Farusha about whether she liked any of the various books floating around on the subject.

    • Phil From Louisiana says:

      Yes, seriously, that was it. (I keep having these brain-frying weeks at work).

      Specifically, is David Morehouse’s book on the subject any good, and if not, what would you recommend?

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