Paul Kimball and Aaron Gulyas – The 2014 Zorgy Awards

The Zorgy awards are solely curated, voted upon, tallied and announced by Paul Kimball, and what he says is an alien explorer but looks like a fat, fuzzy stuffed duck. It’s basically an excuse to go over the previous year in the UFO biz. Here’s a full list. Our buddy, author, author, and history professor Aaron Gulyas joined us with his incisive commentary and supplied many good laughs and bon mots.

After a short discussion about how we shouldn’t be afraid of criticism, first up for examination is the recent “disclosure tweetstorm” which attempted to bludgeon the US Government into submission with requests for UFO info. We covered Best Paranormal Facebook group, Best Paranormal News Site, and then a little on the death of print magazines. We also reserved some criticism for the Hangar 1 TV show. We continued with Lamest Paranormal Story of the Year and Biggest Paranormal Moron, and finished up with the Best Paranormal Researcher.

At the end, Paul listed off new inductees to his halls of Shame and Fame. Let the discussion begin.

P.S. Radio Misterioso won for best Podcast. Thanks Paul and Admiral Zorgrot!

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20 Responses to Paul Kimball and Aaron Gulyas – The 2014 Zorgy Awards

  1. Paul Kimball says:

    You’re most welcome. So long as you continue to avoid constant references to Major Donald E. Keyhoe you’ll be the front-runner next year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. John Randall says:

    Great episode guys! More The Zorgy be around for many a moon and or at leastf till next year, to see if the Rendleshem case actually blossoms into the Hindenberg that Roswell, unfortunately has become.

    • Paul Kimball says:

      Thanks John! But if Roswell was the Hindenburg then I think Rendlesham will be even worse in the end -it’s a Titanic in the making.

      • John Randall says:

        You’re welcome Paul and sorry for the spelling errors ( I foolishly posted with on my iphone and my stubby fingers…and the beer didn’t help either ). In regards to Rendleshem, truthfully I do wish all the individuals involved in the case rather than accuse and reproach each other would bring all in their information together (including Nick Pope, David Clarke, etc. anyone that has pertinent info.) and shift through all the โ€œevidenceโ€ and all those involved be willing to reassess their views and their mindset after combing through the information. Seems unlikely at this late date, but that’s my hope.

        • Red Pill Junkie says:

          Are you suggesting a… Rendlesham Dream Team??? ๐Ÿ˜›

          • gheron says:

            You beat me to the punch ๐Ÿ™‚ I do happen to have some slides from the event if anyone is interested and the price is right :).

        • Paul Kimball says:

          Won’t happen, John. There’s money to be made and egos to be stroked, the two things that always get in the way of cooperation. Rendlesham is in that respect becoming very much like Roswell.

  3. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Well, what can I say? Everybody knows my opinion is biased, but I totally agree with the double Zorgies bestowed upon O captain my captain, Greg Taylor.

    One of the best qualities The Daily Grail has, is that it tries to remain in the excluded middle between the true believers and the angry debunkers. Which obviously results in receiving flak from both camps once in a while. For instance, I always know that if I post a story criticizing the Anti-Vaxx movement or Chemtrails, that no doubt I’ll get a couple of angry comments from people that would accuse us of being ‘shills for the establishment.’ Likewise if we point out the fallacies of the materialists and all those “champions of rational thinking” in this poor demon-haunted world of ours –although truth be told, mocking Dawkins isn’t as fun as it used to nowadays ๐Ÿ˜›

    Luckily, the discussions at the Grail tend to be fairly civil. Rare is the time when we have to moderate the tone of the comments. I guess trolls already know they’d soon starve if they tried to build a nest in our site :3

    I know this sounds a tad melodramatic, but I’ve mentioned it a couple of times already: Becoming a Grailer probably saved my life. Prior to finding the website I used to deal with nasty episodes of depression, and rare was the week when I didn’t fantasize about doing something pretty stupid to myself. Now things are changed, and by that I don’t mean my world is filled with rosy unicorns farting rainbows out of their asses or anything –in fact, things look rather bleak this year on my neck of the woods– but since Greg invited me to jump on-board and I, surprisingly enough, decided not to follow my usual impulse of saying “no” and accepted, not only did I find a forum where I could express myself with like-minded people, but somehow I managed to get rid of “the splinter in my head” which was driving me mad, to paraphrase certain movie I’m pretty fond of ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So hurray to The Grail, and hurray to Radio Misterioso!

    PS: Thanks for the compliment, Aaron.

    • Paul Kimball says:

      The Grail is my one stop destination for news of the weird. You guys all do good work!

      • Red Pill Junkie says:

        Thanks, vato. Sometimes it gets exhausting, and I know for Greg it’s not easy to maintain the site while also trying to procure for his family, but we all know it’s worth the trouble ๐Ÿ˜‰

        And I’m even sure he didn’t even mind you mistook him for a Kiwi when he’s in fact an Aussie –after all, his wife is from Middle Earth ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Greg says:

      You’re welcome and you are always welcome.

  4. Paul Kimball says:

    Australia, New Zealand… tomato, tomato. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Tyler Kokjohn says:

    Thanks Paul and Admiral Zorgrot for your recognition of Jack Brewer’s fine work on the UFO Trail. Jack consistently meets the highest standards of excellence in research and reporting making periodic reviews of his blog site well worth the time investment.

  6. John Brazel says:

    Hey Greg, another great show despite Paul Kimball being on it. I joke of course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wouldn’t argue with any of the choices. Congrats to all the winners ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. John Randall says:

    Hi Dr. Kokjohn , I want to thank you Dr.Kimble , Dr. Tarr, and Jeff and Jer for all your work on Project Core! And thank you Greg for being one of the few people I’ve listened to on the net that is giving Project Core it’s due. Here’s the link for those who are interested:

  8. Phil From Louisiana says:

    SO…. could y’all tell me more about this Donald Keyhole everyone’s talking about?

  9. Phil From Louisiana says:

    OK, that out the way, a more serious question… Paul mentioned an interview that Greg and Walter did with Ralph Kuhn way back in the day. Is that one of the ones that got lost or just not-put-back-up after one of the hack attacks on the site here?

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