Red Pill Junkie Pt. 3

RPJ joined us again to talk about the issues of putting on the Paradigm Symposium, but of course we soon slipped into a 2 1/2 hour conversation about UFOs, neolithic technology, and other little things like the meaning of existence.

What is the true nature of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena, and how can we experience them directly, even on demand? Is debate among friends better than with adversaries? Is the wish for government UFO “disclosure” a dead end that stifles individual thought? How does one go about becoming obsessed with a subject and then writing about it?

These were big questions with fun, if sometimes inconclusive answers. As Jim Moseley used to say “But so what?

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  1. Red Pill Junkie says:

    I believe this is the article you were referring to at the beginning of the interview, Greg:

    BTW Thanks for the chat. It was loads of fun 😉

  2. mrs. eccentric says:

    just starting and already have to write!

    first i always love RPJ (tho i try to keep my uber-fandom on the chaste side) and RPJ your comment here is a great demonstration of why – you always have your references to hand. I can follow your line of reasoning easily, knowing what is your inference, the facts and suppositions on which statements are based, and so on.

    This a rare anywhere, even more so in the paranormal commentating group. yay! At this point i do not care if a person calls themselves a believer, skeptic, or red-eyed loon so long as they can make a lucid argument!

    And Greg you’d remember if you were on Grimerica – they are so funny and Graham is adorable. He also loves to draw synchronicities out of guests, not the usual ‘promote latest book please’.

    okay, off to listen whilst tending to my box of ‘boombaboom’! steph

  3. John Brazel says:

    Great show Greg but man up already and invite Jaques don’t worry so much that your gonna start gushing like a fanboy. Its allowed. Also RPJ did another fine job glad to hear him beyond just the brief intros on the pottymouthed Canadian show.

  4. Kandinsky says:

    Good show as ever.

    The UFO circuit isn’t something that appeals to me and it only seems to be the comedy and pathos of the scene that catches my attention. You know? Like the endless line of chancers and hucksters who get call-backs on C2Cam…the Bob Deans etc.

    So it was cool to be reminded that not everything in the conference-world is shallow BS. It was made to seem relevant again and something of a good face-to-face meeting point for ideas.

    • Red Pill Junkie says:

      In my 4-part personal review of the Paradigm symposium for Mysterious Universe –last one I haven’t finished writing yet, alas– I tried to emphasize how probably the things that make it worth your while in attending these types of events, is all the stuff that happens OUTSIDE the official program.

      Also, people like Mike Clelland –and myself– can attest to the fact that MANY of these high-profile presenters, once they get to be familiarized with you and social barriers start to break down thanks to a beer or two, go off the record and tell you *really* interesting stuff that’s happened to them. The kind of things they don’t really like to talk about publicly.

      A cynic would say this is just a facade they put in order to keep their audience entertained, but I seriously doubt that. I think many of these researchers who have spent so much time staring into the abyss, don’t really want to admit the times when the abyss stared back at them.

  5. John Randall says:

    Thanks Greg and RPJ for the discussion ! Always wonder what the state of “Ufology ” will or should be or shouldn’t be..( as you’ve said Greg” Stop for 5 yrs., go back and see what has occurred through independent study, as oppose huge groups, where one part doesn’t seem to know what the other is doing…)
    Greg ,hope you do a Christmas Music Show this year ( it’s become our family tradition, though no pressure dude)!! Either way, hope you both have a Wonderful Holiday Season. Peace( or at least some resembalance of it. 🙂

  6. Morgan R. says:

    Once again the ‘off-topic’ discussion was insightful and interesting. Will probably listen to this one a few times as it was the kind of conversation that you get something out of each time. As to the state of UFO-ology and/or the nature of the phenomenon itself it’s all – imo – what you make of it….as Greg said about life itself. Great show, thanks.

    • Red Pill Junkie says:

      I agree with you. If you enter this field looking for proof of extraterrestrial visitation, that’s what you’ll find. If you look for demonic entities trying to deceive humans at the Dawn of Armageddon, that’s what you’ll find. If you’re looking for proof that UFO witnesses are nothing but liars or dupes, that’s what you’ll find.

      What am I looking for? An avenue for intellectual and spiritual growth 😉

  7. Icholas says:

    That El Locomotora song at the end was great! I had to go out and seek Cafe Tacvba after I heard it. I know people tend to shoo you away from it, but you should do more music based shows.

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