Adam Gorightly – Historia Discordia

Gorightly’s back again with a new book based on his custodial ownership of the original holy documents of the Discordian movement. The religion, founded in a Southern California bowling alley in 1957, was the first modern joke disguised as a religion, or was it?

We talked about the history of the Discordians, Gorightly’s interaction with Discordian-affiliated luminaries like Robert Anton Wilson and Bob Newport, and its influence on the counterculture.

Halfway through the program, I played the 1975 hit, “Convoy,” featuring Adam Gorightly singing under his CIA-assigned pseudonym, “C.W. McCall.”

Photo of Gorightly as Rodin’s “Stinker” by Barbara Harris.

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9 Responses to Adam Gorightly – Historia Discordia

  1. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Soooooo… since Gorightly is planning to travel to that trip overseas in November, is he um, planning on following in the footsteps of Bob, and go on stage in full Discordian regalia –and by ‘full regalia’ I mean ‘FULL MONTY’ 😛

    PS: Since you were talking about Paul McCartney’s wife, it’s obligatory to mention that hilarious Youtube video of Bill Burr talking about that gig with John Lennon & Chuck Berry in which Yoko Ono goes all “MEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIOOOOUHH!”. Everybody should have that on their Favorite list 😉

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks Greg and Adam for the rollercoaster ride, but, Greg ! where oh where is the audio of your Ira Einhorn interview !? (in the ulterior limits?).

    P.S…. RPJ ! Yoko mockery is walking on thin ice !

    • Greg says:

      I suppose I can post it. I still have it on my home computer.

      • paul says:

        Of course I can empathize with your apparent personal frustration over the interview (from what you have said about it – I’ve yet to hear it) but there is, comparatively, so little primary material out there for such an extraordinary case. I would love to hear it if you could find the time to post it…. I can’t be the only one ! Thanks for the reply.

    • Red Pill Junkie says:

      It’s also like shooting fish in a barrel: So easy it’s almost pointless 😛

  3. Dr. Adam Gorightly says:

    No, Red Pill, I won’t be wearing my birthday suit at the premiere of The Cosmic Trigger Play….I heard RAW was on acid at the time, but not even that would be enough to convince me to go Full Monty, thank you!

    Paul: I think Greg has that Einhorn interview posted at
    Although I don’t know if the links there are still good….Greg probably forgot he had it posted there.

    For those interested in my Discordian History books, go here…

    …and order yours while supplies last!

  4. Phil From Louisiana says:

    Hey could you put up a new post for last week’s show so we can all see what the Haters have to say this week?

  5. paul says:

    Many thanks Adam, but yeah, unfortunately the links are dead…

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