Micah Hanks: The Future of UFO Study

No list of questions was needed for this fun and informative talk with one of the most unique researchers active today. This show was classic Radio Misterioso (which means I talked a lot more than I should have) but Micah is one of those people who makes me think a lot about why we’re all interested in this UFO stuff.

We opened with a discussion of the Malaysian Airlines mystery. We then looked at the classic case known as the “Battle Of Los Angeles,” and reports of a “butterfly”-shaped object in the sky during this WWII-era incident.

One of my favorite parts of this show was our extended talk about the problems with UFO reports and data-gathering, and how it should be much more extensive with regards to witnesses’ backgrounds and follow-up interviews. We also delved into the abduction/ DMT connection. At the end of the show, I asked Micah about his favorite movies and books, only some of which are UFO-related.

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9 Responses to Micah Hanks: The Future of UFO Study

  1. mrs. eccentric says:


    A paranormal discussion which gives personal style it’s due! And with “… one of the most unique researchers active today.” Natch.

    ah, the taste of vindication is sweet…..I agree so much with Mr. Hank’s endorsement of Vallee’s Contact Trilogy as THE starting point for anyone seriously interested in the phenomenon (though i personally favor Dimensions over Revelations, though realistically all three aspects need due attention). I recall trying to pound this into the heads of people over at the Skeptiko podcast forums when the host started diving into the alien abduction phenomenon via none other route than the work of David Jacobs. Why not simply remove parts of your brain, it’s a faster and less painful approach. But no one cares, what the hell.

    So much more to address here, but i’ll leave it at one vote here for Micah pursuing nude modeling. Plenty of time for pondering deep thoughts, and there’s a low initial investment in equipment, uniforms, etc.

    Thank you Micah and Greg for another fun and smart episode!!
    Yours in sartorial solidarity,

    The Dashing Eccentric (steph)

  2. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Micah WHO? Who’s this guy who’s coming outta nowhere!


    I really liked the idea of pairing UFO sighting questionnaires with Psychedelic trials questionnaires. A new member of The Daily Grail was commenting about the attacks Dr. Eben Alexander has received after he wrote his NDE best-selling book Proof of Heaven; the member was also a NDEr & the way he tried to describe his experience –a very challenging affair, for these events are at the very edge of the human condition– sounded a lot to me like a description of a DMT trip.

    This reminds me of something I was recently discussing on Twitter, re. the differences between ‘Exoteric’ & ‘Esoteric’ knowledge; currently most UFOlogists are obsessed with the exoteric aspect of the phenomenon, whereas people like Micah & Nick are following the footsteps of Vallee into the trail of the Esoteric.

    (BTW I think traces of DMT in the pineal gland of rats has been discovered by now)

    So, to any TV producers out there, here’s a free-of-charge idea for a new show which could use the services of Micah: join him with a team comprised of a Catholic exorcist, a shamanic practitioner, a skeptic neurologist & a ghost-hunter, and set them loose to investigate ANY type of fringe case; either they tear each other to pieces, or they end up winning an Emmy 😉

    PS: To Mrs. Eccentric: The ‘nude modelling’ will be a bonus feature for Gralien X subscribers XD

    • mrs. eccentric says:

      RPJ – i just had to let you know that i’ve been dissolving into spontaneous giggles at random moments the last month since i read your ‘P.S.’. You are just too much entirely, my friend! steph

  3. Mike Orrell says:

    Seems like a good place to post my front page discovery of a UFO Rosetta stone that has successfully linked UFOs to each other as well as countless ancient artifacts… one accidental daylight photo of 10 UFOs may be the key to interplanetary contact and trade. Google “Inaja UFO Photo”

  4. Phil Fraering says:

    If y’all are interested in the “Battle of LA” UFO incident a long while back there was an interview at The Paracast about it with the late Dr. C. Scott Littleton, who witnessed the event.

    (He may be better known to some readers as the originator of the Sarmatian Hypothesis theory of the origin of the Arthurian mythos; unfortunately, the subject didn’t come up.)

  5. Kirk says:

    For some reason, the comments are invisible for me.

    • Greg says:

      Are they still not coming up? The site seems to be a little buggy. I’m going to back up and re-install the site this week. We’ll see what happens.

  6. RM Listener says:

    Any idea on when the next show is coming? Don’t forget your podcast only audience!

    Thanks. =)

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