Albert Rosales: I ♥ Humanoids II

Almost everyone would agree that reports of humanoid entities are far more interesting than lights in the sky. For our second go-around, Albert started with a list of his more intriguing cases from this year. Then I asked him about Bigfoot entities seen in the vicinity of UFO sightings. We continued with a discussion of how more humanoid reports have been coming in during the last few years, and how that may be due to Rosales having a place to actually report them. After we talked about one of Albert’s own experiences, we discussed some of  the strangest cases he knows of, which are labeled “type x” – a literal X-File. We also had a lengthy discussion about so-called “repeater” cases, which used to be anathema to large UFO groups. One of the most famous is Charles Hickson from the Pascagoula abduction. I agree with Albert when he says that the weirder the story, the more believable it probably is.

Albert’s site is Humanoid Sighting Reports and Journal of Humanoid Studies.


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4 Responses to Albert Rosales: I ♥ Humanoids II

  1. Red Pill Junkie says:

    “I’m not a witch, I am you.”

    Aye Carumba! You could go soooo many ways with that one. Maybe the witness was getting in contact with its ‘higher self’ in some sort of Jungian way; or maybe the alien was admitting to be a time traveler from the future! OR maybe the alien was acting all Zen & shit by stating we are all one in the Universe. OOOOR…. Ok, I’d better stop now.

    • mrs. eccentric says:

      Red, Why stop now?!?!? You’re just getting to the good part 😉

      Just fired up the interview this very moment, 7:58AM Saturday April 5. nothing i love more than a fresh, highly anticipated pod to listen to of a Saturday morn, but no pods i follow post on this schedule. (very long, also sad, face).

      So i saved this one up! Yay! Yay Greg!! steph

  2. Joe says:

    Greg Bishop rocks!

  3. RM Listener says:

    What a shame this interview was cut short! But I always enjoy Mr. Rosales on the hopefully Greg will bring him back for part 3 soon. =)

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