Nick Redfern: For Nobody’s Eyes Only

Nick was in town a few weeks ago and joined me to talk about his new book (which is the title of this post) as well as many, many other subjects. The book deals with government files on many famous people and makes the point that what we are not allowed to see tells us a great deal about what is publicly released.

I sort of apologize for the fact that we were both drinking beer during the show. This is probably the only interview you will ever hear where Nick is occasionally possessed by a chicken. Really.

The subject of weirdos at UFO conventions came up, as well as occult issues, the illusion of time, a strange missing person story with little-known contactees and a lot of other things that we have never mentioned on his other appearances on the show.

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  1. Joe says:

    Alright! Greg is back! And he brought Nick with him. You’re the best, Greg.

    – Joe

  2. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Well I *DO* like beer –more than I should, perhaps– & I’m glad Nick likes it too, since it seems to be the only way he’ll be channeling the spirit of Camilla the chicken; something quite appropriate when discussing Orfeo Angelucci’s escapades with female sheep 😉

    Which is interesting, if you remember how Jack Parsons –also mentioned in the chat– claimed to have had sexual intercourse with the family dog. Funny how bestiality crept into the UFO/Magick mythos back in the day 😛

    Speaking about magick, it seems Nick hasn’t paid attention to the latest developments with Snowden’s leaks, since it involved the release of a GHCQ Power Point presentation titled “The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations.” Not only were a few UFO images included among the slides, but one of Nick’s favorite characters — British magician Jasper Maskeline– was specifically mentioned. Since the slides are devoid of explanatory texts, one can only infer that the British intelligence groups are attempting to manipulate public discourse on the Internet through the use of alternative belief systems; in other words, to turn their agents into ‘cyber-magicians.’ –check out the post “UFOs Finally Turn Up in Documents Leaked by Edward Snowden” at The Daily Grail.

    (Needless to say, Mark Pilkington was compelled to comment on it on his blog, seeing as this may reinforce his Mirage Men argument.)

    But back to the interview, that mention of The Sage sent me onto nostalgia road, man! I remember how I used to engage in these crazy-ass loooooooong debates with him on the UFO Mystic comments section; I actually think it was a good exercise for me, because it kind of forced me to question my personal BS (belief system) –and it also made me realize some people are just contrarian by nature, and will NEVER concede you’re right… even if you end up agreeing with them!

    That project of locating Orthon’s ‘landing site’ sounds cool as hell. I’d suggest you get Aaron Gulyas & Paul Kimball involved; maybe there’s a documentary in there 😉


    PS: Try googling ‘UFO stamps’, Greg. You’d be amazed how many there are! Some are very cool, like the ones from Grenada.

  3. Meekz says:

    Hey guys,

    Listening to the show I remembered some Crowley expert/fan talking about Lam and how the painting looks a lot like an earlier self portrait of Crowley and leaned towards Lam being more like a portrait of Crowley’s “higher self” or something rather than something related to what people now call “greys”.

    Who knows, maybe the greys are some sort of tulpa creations of Crowley’s higher self. haha.

    • Greg says:

      Whether it’s his higher self or not, it does look like what we now think aliens should look like. Maybe all his guides were his “higher selves.”

  4. gheron says:

    Silver Bridge now on Kindle!!

    Thanks for the Jadoo tip – just checked it out on Amazon and it looks just my kind of thing.

  5. Eric says:

    Great show, guys. Really enjoyed listening to it. I’m currently doing research for a possible biography of Grey Barker and would very much like to put my hands on that faerie book you mentioned — Nick says it was published by New Page Press. What’s the title again? I couldn’t quite catch it. Thanks!

  6. drew hempel says:

    Right on. altered states. time travel is real as precognition. Light in higher frequency that bends spacetime. So there is a higher dimension of reality and 3D spacetime is holographic. Check out the compilation of telekinesis videos I made: Qigong Master Telekinesis aka psychokinesis videos – a compilation: Skeptics debunked!

  7. Phil Fraering says:

    Did anything happen on the Curt Collins Feb. 2nd show?

    • Greg says:

      Yes. It got postponed. Someone was tearing the station apart when I got in to do the show.
      We did the interview off air and I will be posting within a couple of days.

      • Phil Fraering says:

        Yah, I think whoever was on a week before this last Sunday was talking about some thefts or vandalism that happened at the station.

        (This would explain why there wasn’t a siren in the recent show with Nick; it was broken or stolen).

  8. Red Pill Junkie says:

    I wrote a lengthy comment a while back but seems the WordPress pixies stole it :-/

  9. drew hempel says:

    Frozen Nightmares – “fantastic” short film about sleep paralysis called “Devil in the Room.”

    Since sleep paralysis was mentioned in the discussion…. figured people would be interested. Mentions “aliens.”

  10. Andy says:

    Does Hollywood owe Al Bender a big check as the originator of the Men in Black meme?

  11. Jonathan says:

    I love this interview particularly. You really must get back to doing more shows especially with Nick. You two have a mad chemistry that I can find nowhere else. You push each other in such interesting directions. Other interviews with Nick are so basic, boring or repetitive by comparison. It’s a genuine give and take that we need more of in 20 and 21! The fact that you were still talking as the recording ends was a testament to your genuine friendship.

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