Music And A Call-In

Here’s one of those “alternating with weird music” interludes advertised at the top of the page. Gorightly suggested that I post this because he liked (most of) the music. Weirdness included a DEVO hit played on an old push-button phone, another space monkey song, and a little Tenesee Ernie Ford for my dad’s birthday. Listener Steph called in to talk about poltergeists and the history of our interest in the paranormal.

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7 Responses to Music And A Call-In

  1. wayne says:

    Music and a call in?…Ya…don’t do that any more.

  2. mrs. eccentric says:

    Teeny pixels glowing on a flickering screen can never convey to you the bursting emotions engulfing my heart. Mere prose, no matter how turgid, cannot express to you the thanks i feel at your taking the time, energy, and no doubt (well, it’s computers after all) aggravation to post this show.

    To top it all off, and to provide a bit of synchronicity, i’ll be able to send this link to my most devoted fan, who as it happened missed the live show – my mom. Like you, i’m an unabashed fan of both of my folks, and mom is just this side of embarrassingly in favor of – ‘moi’. Seriously, this is a woman with zip interest in the paranormal, yet she listened to an entire two-plus-hour long Binnall of America episode on spontaneous combustion just to hear Tim (very kindly) read an e-mail of mine at the end of the show. (Of course, it was less tedious for her as over the decades she’s picked up a basic knowledge of the topic during the course of our relationship.) Greg, no doubt you have made my mom’s day!

    Thank you also to Mr. Gorightly – Mr. E definitely enjoyed the music in this episode as well. Thank you Greg and best wishes to you and your family. Happy day, all – just think, in a few days we’ll get more sunshine!!! steph

  3. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Thanks for the little shout out, Steph.

    And it also looks like you’re gonna get your wish 😉

    • mrs. eccentric says:

      Yay! hmm, i’ll have to see if i can think of any questions for you and see if Greg’ll ask them – of course now that the wheels are turning my mind’s a complete blank 🙂

      heehee, when i saw there was another comment on this thread my first thought was, ‘guess mom got around to listening…’! Happy New Year!! steph

  4. Anna Maria says:

    While I’m waiting for the awesome Year in Review show with about posting more shows papito? Andale…pretty please with chocolate and a cherry on top? =)


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