Skylaire Alfvegren and Tim Brigham: Rapid Fire

Fortean and all-around expert writer Skylaire Alfvegren and psychology professor Tim Brigham joined me for a rambling discussion about subjects ranging from the psychological makeup of UFO witnesses to the reasons for Nick Redfern’s work ethic to contactee airplane pilots. Much more contained in this extremely concentrated episode. Tim requested the song at the end of the program. Enjoy!

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  1. Martin S. Kottmeyer says:

    The best write-up of the Hunrath-Wilkinson disappearance I know of appeared in the January 1990 issue of UFO Universe and included a clipping from the Los Angeles Mirror dated November 18, 1953. Shorter accounts appear in Harold Wilkins’ Flying Saucers Uncensored and Moseley’s Wright Patterson book. The FBI noted that Wilkinson had dejectedly sold his record collection before leaving which they took as a sign the pair were in bad shape financially. It is said one part of the Maser (aka Mars) alien symbol papers enigmatically translates “Josh-tau-marin” as “Births give cataclysms.”

    • Greg says:

      Most excellent work from a writer for whom I have always had the greatest respect!

      Apparently Hunrath was both a pretty decent inventor and had a horrible temper, while Willkinson was rather meek and quiet. Nick Redfern told me this and we came up with an image of Bill Cooper and Phil Krapf hanging out together.

      I am moved to search the local records and archives for more info.

  2. tim supreme tailgunner Brigham says:

    Thanks Martin!
    Always a pleasure to talk with all 3 of you
    I think we should announce the new zine, “Saucer Beer!”

  3. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Great show! Skylar is always fun to hear. I imagine her head filled with tiny little leprechauns fighting to take control 😛

    (And Tim also has someone interesting to add).

    I think it was last year that a whole bunch of papers from Valentich’s declassified file were published online. For some reason I decided to go through all of them, and although I really didn’t learn anything further about the circumstances of his case, I did learn more about Frederick as a person.

    Apparently he was really interested in the UFO phenomenon prior to his disappearance, which happened alm0st a whole year after the release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It seems the film had such an impact on him, that he even told her girlfriend that if he could he would go aboard a flying saucer; “but never without you,” were his actual words as was reported when the Australian authorities interviewed her.

    His flying career was also going through a very rough time; he had just flunked one of his piloting tests, so I guess one could make a case that maybe he planned his own death & hoax the UFO encounter in order to attain posthumous fame, although his parents never believed him to be suicidal –and besides, there are reports of UFO sightings in that area that seem to be connected to the case.

    Anyways, I wish I could read Skylar’s article about Randi. Is it available online?

  4. Jonathan Neuhaus says:

    This was so inside baseball I had to switch it off and I generally enjoy your free for alls. I sure hope that concern about martial law never kicked in during the remainder of the conversation. I would have stuck around if Redfern had been clucking or quacking. That would have been more comprehensible.

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