Paul Kimball: A Balanced View

Paul and I have been friends since 2006. In that time, we have agreed on many things, disagreed on others, and not taken any of it too seriously. I have also seen Paul go from a fairly hard-line stance on the paranormal to something closer to a true skeptic – that is keeping an open-ended mindset on each case or subject, and not being afraid to declare something unproven, rather than simply true or false. However, he is still not afraid express his opinions on many subjects in our wide-ranging conversation.

On this evening, we went from a discussion of religion to the merits of a life lived by one’s wits to the disclosure movement, and finally the sequence of events that led to researcher Phil Imbrogno’s embarrassment out of the paranormal field.


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  1. mrs. eccentric says:

    i’ve just started, and already ‘Stardust Memories’ – ah, bromance 😉 steph

  2. mrs. eccentric says:

    we want ufological-orama death match NOW!!!!!! (slavering mob emoticon)

  3. mrs. eccentric says:

    i’m a bird watcher of many decades, and it will cheer you and Mr. Kimball to know that the white-throated swift is the favorite bird of many birders precisely because of their spectacular flying fuc7s.

  4. Paul Kimball says:

    Always a pleasure, old chum. A couple of things, however:

    1. We actually met in 2005, which is when I brought you up here to be interviewed for Fields of Fear… and we had met briefly in Laughlin before that.

    2. I thought we agreed the title of this episode was going to be “Lance Moody is Human”!

    3. Thanks for keeping the Gringo Like Me bit in at the end. 😉


    • mrs. eccentric says:

      ” PK! PK! PK! PK!” *

      * traditional chant from the Trobriand Isloanders’ form of cricket: “About the chants, “sometimes the words have double meanings… People are always inventing new chants for cricket….”One dance, PK, relates the surehandedness of fielders to the stickiness of chewing gum. PK is also a male term for ‘prostitute’. ‘I am PK’ may mean, ‘I can take on anybody’.” ”

      from: Notes on “Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenious Response to Colonialism” by C. Kray

  5. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Re. Pope Francis’ role during the years of the Argentinian Junta, a new book is about to be published with the title Bergoglio’s List, claiming he actually saved many people persecuted by the Militarist regime.

    A white-washing campaign by the Vatican? who knows.

  6. Red Pill Junkie says:

    Here’s a question for Paul, re. what you said about Dolan, and his anonymous sources: should we also take Jacques Vallee to task as well, because he never disclosed the identity of ‘Major Murphy’, whom he mentions in the book Messengers of Deception?

  7. Paul Kimball says:

    I think Vallee has built up far more credibility than Dolan over the years, simply because Vallee has refused to associate with the looney types that Dolan spends much of his time sharing a stage with, and often supporting (Steve Bassett, Paola Harris, Steven Greer… it’s a long list). We should have less faith in Dolan’s judgement to judge the competence and veracity of his anonymous sources as a result.

    Having said that, Vallee shouldn’t get a pass in the sense that unless the material provided by an anonymous witness can be corroborated by some other independent source, it should be considered absolutely worthless as an evidentiary source.

    • Red Pill Junkie says:

      >We should have less faith in Dolan’s judgement to judge the competence and veracity of his anonymous sources as a result.

      I must admit that it pains me to see how much Rich esteems Linda Multon Howe. But paraphrasing Mr. Bergoglio, who am I to judge? 😉

      >Having said that, Vallee shouldn’t get a pass in the sense that unless the material provided by an anonymous witness can be corroborated by some other independent source, it should be considered absolutely worthless as an evidentiary source.

      I know what you mean. And unfortunately it’s almost impossible to independently corroborate the information provided to other researchers by anonymous third parties. What best we can do is notice how these researchers considered said information worthy of consideration, and storing it in our mental gray basket accordingly.

  8. Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

    After reading the blurb, I was hoping for more rather than less gossip concerning the recent goings-on with Greer (did he go into hiding following Hasting’s assassination? did HE torrent that “dead-man’s trigger” letter from his hideaway?). I figure, since “the field” is mostly about personalities at this point rather than about the phenomena, we might as well get the straight dope about the latest shennanigans. I had to disagree that $irius was a decent film with high production values. I found it shoddy as a film, and there was a real problem with continuity, meaning, coherency. No evidence so far Greer has a full-blown cult going? I guess Paul missed the part in $irius when his bodyguard addresses Greer as “commander,” not to mention his own declaration in same film that he is the Earth ambassador to the alien confederacy. Who died and made you ambassador, Steve? Oh, that’s right, the space brothers selected you. Meaning, you represent them, not us.

    I liked the talk about scientific method, but felt Paul could have, for example, criticized K. K. Barnes/Chris O’Brien for his worship at the megalith Science without a real sense of the democracy that is science, small s. Althogh I like Chris just fine and think he’s doing good stuff.

    Is Lance Moody human? Do we have any evidence to that effect, beyond the assertions of Paul Kimball? Show me the DNA. 🙂

    Hellier might be wacky, I have no idea. I did notice the fake staged Citizens’ Hearing pretending to be a House subcommittee or Senate select thingamabob was too heavily stacked with Canadians to be a real fake paid-for American session of former Congress people. Maybe the Canadians agreed to lower pay, idk. A little thick with ETH True Believers if you ask me, but, you didn’t, I volunteered that. I like how some of the more intelligent folks doing internet paranormal radio (was that you, Steinberg?) pointed out “disclosure” has been the agenda for decades, always just about to happen, but never actually happening. I couldn’t help but remember the two issues of EC comics devoted to UFOs in the 50s, at the end of which Gaines calls upon Congress to hold a full investigation. Yep.

    I’m probably mixing this episode up with something else, but there’s a new Canadian province, so the grand total of provinces and territories now equals 13 by my last count and iirc. Nunavut shall not be overlooked. Plus they have an alphabet that looks like it fell straight off a UFO. While Hellier might be wacky, I have it on good authority that both Chretien and Preston Manning are/were greys and/or ETs. I can’t reveal my source, but it was not Canadian Air Farce.

    • Red Pill Junkie says:

      >Is Lance Moody human? Do we have any evidence to that effect, beyond the assertions of Paul Kimball? Show me the DNA


      It bothers me The Paracast keeps repeating how ‘they’ uncovered Imbrogno. More-so now that Lance has come out saying he himself –the guy who did all the work– was hesitant to blow the whistle; which is a credit to his character.

      But I don’t want to rant about The Paracast, since I consume their podcast free of charge –and also, because they might be carrying concealed 😛

  9. gheron says:

    So true about the word quantum. To be honest I am not sure how many quantum physicists understand quantum physics. Not being understandable seems to be at the core of quantum physics:). “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics.” Quote attributed to Richard Feynman.

    Most of the time it’s not the not being me after death that scares me, but the thought of being me for eternity, stuck with the type of people who seem convinced they will get into heaven, that does. Luckily the idea of remaining me after death has seemed absurd to me for some time.

    Thanks to Paul for the new chat up line “Hey baby wanna get entangled”.

    Have been listened to Paul’s podcast recently and was really pleased to hear anti-semitism in ufology/alternative media being discussed. People like to talk about critiquing Israel’s politics, but you don’t have to scratch very far below the surface to find good old fashioned anti-semitism. Back in the day, when I was younger and stupider, I used to listen regularly to the Rense show (oh the shame). I once followed a link to an article from and the comments section was truly ugly.

    What interests me most about the whole Imbrogno debacle is how Ufology still places so much store in military and scientific credentials, whilst at the same time claiming that mainstream science is all wrong about UFOs and the military is at the centre of the whole cover up. It seems to me the idea that everyone with a military background is a reliable witness to a UFO event doesn’t really hold up.

    Oooh – just noticed my Captcha number starts 666 and the second number is 51.

    • Paul Kimball says:

      There is a flip side to the Israeli point – the state of Israel and its hard-line defenders are often far to quick to trot out the charge of anti-Semitism against people who are critical of their policies. One can be a critic of Israeli foreign-policy without being anti-Semitic. The vast majority of people who do so are people of good conscience, with whom one might agree or disagree in a reasonable discourse. But there are indeed those for whom the criticism is based solely on bigotry, and not a rational disagreement over policy. Many of these bigots are attracted to conspiracism and its affiliated subjects, like UFOs… which does not, of course, mean that all people interested in those subjects are bigots by any means. But I have no doubt that the percentage is higher than amongst those who have no interest in these types of subjects.

      Meanwhile, on the Imbrogno question, the Paracast is a fine example of a radio program that continues to gloss over the shady past of some of the key figures in ufology. Just this week, they showcased Donald Schmitt. When the hosts were asked by forum members why they weren’t going after Schmitt like they did Imbrogno, they simply replied that those questions were asked and answered years ago. So you can expect that someday Imbrogno will return, probably to The Paracast. There is no shame in ufology.


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