Chris O’Brien: Stalking The Herd

Chris has a new book in the works and it may be his best to date. He is probably one of the best known and respected “cattle mutilation” researchers in the world, and his next book (entitled Stalking The Herd) will be an examination and analysis of his discoveries over two decades in the field of anomalous animal deaths and associated strangeness.

He attended all of the recent UFO Disclosure hearings in the Washington, D.C. and has a report with both praise and critique for what transpired. We also talked brought up the “what’s wrong with UFO study” subject and pointed out some hopeful directions that it could be headed and perhaps already is. We had a lengthy discussion about the sometimes uneasy symbolic and real relationship between humans and cows and the implications in light of the mutilation phenomenon. As many have suspected for years, the mutilations may not be the result of one factor, and the alien/ UFO explanation is probably the least likely. We also talked about Chris’ interest in Ray Stanford’s films and videos and his contention that it is probably the best UFO documentation he has seen.

Lots more in the episode, with a few surprises thrown in. Interview recorded on June 30, 2013.


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  1. mrs. eccentric says:

    hooray! new podcast! i’ve been looking forward to hearing this interview with Mr. O’Brien, and how delightful it’s showing up just now when i’m on day five of migraine/aura and could really really use something to take my mind off my brain. Or my brain off my head. Or –

    hells bells i’m just gonna listen to the show! have fun, steph

  2. Red Pill Junkie says:

    I’m sure gonna enjoy listening to this episode. I’ve also received the pleasant surprise that Chris is going to attend the Paradigm symposium this year, so it’ll be a pleasure to have the chance to meet him in person 🙂

    • christopher o'brien says:

      Hey RPJ:
      I invited myself to speak at the Paradigm Symposium and Scotty & Micah were cool w/ the idea, so I will be presenting there this year. Hopefully, STH will be literally hot off the press as it is slated to be printed the second week of October. Thanx 4 the shoutout.

  3. Phil Fraering says:

    Any news on when “Lonesome Cowpoke’s Lament” is hitting iTunes? I want to send it to some friends of mine.

  4. gheron says:

    I am sure that Chris knows this, but there is an interesting little section on cattle mutilations and in particular a Crowley occult link starting on page 174 of Cosmic Trigger 1.

    Also the must see Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders ( has some local cattle disappearing, as well as multiple other UFO/abduction tropes.

    Greg -please stop mentioning Re-Birth of Pan until it’s put up online somewhere:). I am going to have to see if my local library can some how track a copy down.

    Lonesome Cowpoke’s Lament – hilarious.

    Favourite weird UFO story, currently, is space pancakes.

    Thanks for another great show and I tip my hat to Chris for sticking with this, whilst remaining reasonably sane:). Also really good interview by Chris on the Rense show (the only Rense interview I have listened to in years).

  5. Robert Schreib says:

    Well, one explanation for all these cattle and horse mutilations is that they were done by ‘Sky Vampires’, which are ionic life forms that evolved in the Earth’s ionosphere, which are also super predators made of pure energy, that periodically descend to Earth to snatch up cattle or horse and drain them of their blood and also used thermal laser-like extensions or arms to bite off their privates, and select parts. The ‘Black Ops’ helicopter people would investigate such things, because it’s an energy life-form, and empirical science data might be found by analyzing these remains. Also, if this ‘Sky Vampire’ could ‘possess’ a human body, it would make it a real vampire out of popular fiction, who would burn up in sunlight because this life-form metabolizes Ultraviolet rays into electricity as part of its normal life process while hanging out up in the ionosphere, apparently it would also use some kind of quantum teleportation connection from the ionosphere to empower the human bodies it possesses. Anyway, that would explain it.

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