Polish Sci-Fi Film From 1964

Radio Misterioso friend Jerry Modjeski, who is poised to release a new album of UFO- and contactee- themed music by an outsider musician sent along a link to this amazing film, which features a flying saucer, alien voices coming from a glowing dome, cheap but wonderful special effects and other profundities. (Turn on English captions with “cc” button.)

More archived shows coming soon. Sorry about the delay.

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6 comments on “Polish Sci-Fi Film From 1964

  1. Indridi I. Kaldtsen on said:

    I was surprised to find both an East German and a Soviet SF film near the top of This Just In in the Sci-Fi/Horror section of Feature Films under video at archive.org… Both films were dubbed over in English, one even credited Alec Guiness at the beginning, and both were released in American markets during the cold war. You can see the Cyrillic lettering on one of the rockets. There are different versions, too, so footage from one anglicized Sovfilm shows up in a different anglicized Sovfilm. Needless to say, Criswell is also available there in his film debut.

  2. Hey Greg, The University of Chicago Press is giving away a free ebook of Stephen E. Braude’s The Gold Leaf Lady and other Parapsychological Investigations.

  3. Coppertop on said:

    Sooooo, going to upload more shows soon?

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