Walter And Listener Call-Ins

Just before I left on my trip, Walter arrived in the studio and we opened with a few random subjects. We mentioned William Corliss’ Sourcebook project. Recent writing projects and difficulty with getting them going took up a few minutes. We made a bit of fun of one of the disclosure movements’ newer wrinkles. The premiere of Walter’s first theatrical film happened on November 25th, and we talked up the event.

Phil Harris’ great novelty song “The Thing” provided a break before listener Ward called in to talk about the Alternative Universe Conferences, Walter’s AFOSI career, the recent Bob Emenegger interview, and weird phenomena at Whitley Strieber’s cabin. Carlos was next and we discussed the extra-normal abilities of pets, stealth aircraft and possible technology that remains secret, and aspects of the Gaia hypothesis.

At the end of the show, we played a recording of a seance or channeling of a dead WWII pilot that is actually quite creepy.

See you next week as we welcome parapsychological scientist and researcher Dean Radin to the program.

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14 Responses to Walter And Listener Call-Ins

  1. gheron says:

    Love The Thing reminds me of The Marvelous Toy. You can listen to it here, along with a wonderfully trippy animation.

    The Exopolitics Conference sounds “interesting”. I think that one of the aspects that come into play when you start doing something for money is that it becomes very difficult to not start grasping after results. From my limited experience of Ceremonial Magick, and more extensive experience of meditation, once you start grasping after results it all starts to fall away right before your eyes.

    More on the Obama Mars jump room Very funny.

  2. That funny song about ‘pairs’ reminded me of how you have all these wacky names for animal groups in the English language: A congregation of alligators, a battery of barracudas, and even a murder of crows!

    So that’s why I’m proposing that a group of Bigfoots be called a STOMPede 😉

    …Unless Ketchum proves them to be an offshoot of humans, in which case they will become another minority, and the GoP will court them for the 2016 election 😛

  3. Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

    I don’t know, the preliminary Bigfoot DNA leaks say the patriliny is non-human and I bet it’s part Denisovan and/or Neanderthal, while the mitochondrial is human female. In other words, pretty much the same as most of the GOP 🙂 I propose “a band of bigfeet” and I think we should stop capitalizing the bigfeet if they turn out to be real. Neanderthal can stay capitalized since it’s a place-name, but humans and bigfeet should be lowercase.

    Welcome back, Greg, please post all shows in the queue if there are any more. I need my excluded middle fix in a big way.

  4. Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

    I guess there are two papers, still competing to get out first, from what I heard on Don Ecker’s show.

    Seems awful quiet in here. Let’s play trivia.

    Q. What did Jim Moseley, L. Ron Hubbard and Joseph Smith all have in common, besides being Americans?

    I should put some filler text in here.

    A. They all engaged in looking for burier treasure using paranormal means. Jim was the most successful at it, depending on how you define “treasure,” and used paranormal means the least. And he only barely broke even.

    RELEASE THE RM BACKLOG!!! DISCLOSURE NOW!!! Srs, I can never tune in, so I only get the podcasts.

  5. Kandinsky says:

    I enjoyed the show and especially some of Carlos’ comments. Sentience, empathy and morality are concepts I’ve been exploring since my Uni psychology days way back when. I guess we all do in one way or another?

    Sentience has been pushed further afield into the animal kingdom in recent years to the point it seems like more a grey-scale or spectrum than the ‘us and them’ it was usually taken to be. We sorta added a few apes and hemmed and hawed over elephants and pondered over captive monkeys. Now the scale is extended into the bird kingdom with crows.

    As concepts go, it’s easy to visualise an inverted pyramid with decreasing sentience from us downwards. At some point, we’d have to guess that sentience runs out and beneath that point are the automatons of the natural world; critters with raw ganglia.

    On that supposition we might wonder if there are any levels that continue above our own plataeu? Yeah it’s speculative and I realise we have actual physical life-forms from us all the way down. Still, if we wade out from the shores of some of the NDE research, could it be that sentience resides, in some aspect, elsewhere?

    I’m not riffing on any demon-type notions, just wondering if (in some abstract Elsewhere) human sentience isn’t quite the apex?

    • And what if the opposite is the answer, and consciousness permeates everything in the Universe?

      • Hi RPJ!
        “… consciousness permeates everything in the Universe”

        interestingly (to me), this was the whole point of my NDE 30 years ago. However, i must add that the experience took place in a (not)space/time of infinity – so that the whole point of the NDE was also that we are all interconnected/entangled. The whole point was also that we are not our physical bodies, we only choose to ‘inhabit’ them briefly. The whole point was also…..

        i hope you get my drift. re: Kandinsky: “… just wondering if (in some abstract Elsewhere) human sentience isn’t quite the apex?” i was only able to hold any neutral/attentive consciousness during my NDE because of the help of non-human beings. They offered help and i took it. They were very very big, and much wiser and with a more expansive, stable consciousness than humans. Kind of like if 1,000 or so very together humans incandesced into the ‘best’ of all of them. Tibetan Buddhism calls them the Tatagathas. Dan Mitchell has been interacting with the same being – he came up with a fantastic name for them, but i’ve forgotten what it was. steph

        • Fascinating. I really need to get back to Dan’s blog.

          • Kandinsky says:

            @ – Steph & RPJ:
            I thought Dan closed his site down a few months back? He handed it over to a friend and cleared out all the posts.

            I think he wrote about it all getting too much and a little darker than he expected. It’s a coincidence that you mentioned him Steph because I stumbled on some of the replies in my email inbox just a couple of days ago.

            At the time I was deep into the ‘hungry ghost’ topic and feeling pretty dark myself. Like Dan at the time, I’ve steered clear of the subject ever since.

  6. GW says:

    Carlos mentioning the way dog’s behave when encountering bigfoot reminds me of something my dad told me. As a child he had an encounter with something while hunting raccoon hunting. The dogs were making a mighty racket and then went quiet. Everyone was confused and they spread out to find them. He came upon them and they were in a circle around a tree, laying with their paws in front of them, completely still. Normally they would be going crazy, trying to jump up the tree. One of the old guys called out, “Did you find them”. My dad said “Yeah, but something not’s right.” An old guy came over and shined a light up in the tree and all my dad says he personally saw were some big red eyes. The old guy was frightened and said, “These guns aren’t gonna do no good with whatever’s up in that tree, let’s get outta here!” and they roused the dogs and took off. Not long afterwards they were discussing it in the general store and this guy overheard them and said he saw what he at first took to be a giant bear running on two legs through his backyard. My dad said the eeriest part of the whole thing was the way the dogs behaved- almost like they were in a trance or something.

  7. Indridi I. Kaldtsen says:

    Bigfoot/feet report update: The lady behind the paper was on Coast to Coast and told George Knapp the paper is still being peer-reviewed prior to possible publication in a “big-name” (Knapp’s words I think) science journal (Science or Nature I guess). She said rumors of THREE yes THREE papers were overblown: their Russian correspondent leaked something a little extensive and didn’t mean to actually publish a paper, so that one doesn’t count, but Oxford U is supposedly in the game now with a paper by someone there. Big things afoot or much doo-doo about not much? She repeated the DNA had human mDNA and patrilineal non-human DNA. There was no talk of Neanderthals, Denisovans, Flores Isle “hobbits” or chimpanzees. She basically said it IS NOT the Gigantopithecus so many have hoped for. Just FYI, I don’t have a foot in this race, but it would be interesting if we shared the planet with a more-closely related hominid/half-human.

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