Richard Sarradet: The Falcon, The UFO, and Harry Rositzke

After my recent announcement of the possible identity of the famous “Falcon” of MJ-12 and “Aviary” lore, a few commenters, researchers, and websites began speculating on the legitimacy of OSS and CIA veteran Harry August Rositzke as that formerly mysterious figure. Attitudes ranged from the stupidly skeptical to the stupidly outlandish, with a few thoughtful theories thrown into the mix. I will leave the listeners to figure out which is which.

My longtime friend Richard Sarradet (who also co-hosts Don Ecker’s Dark Matters Radio on Friday nights) joined me in a discussion of some of the issues surrounding this announcement and to talk about how it fits into the history of the Government/ UFO equation. We also veered into further history of our interactions with a man who claimed to represent a faction of U.S. Naval Intelligence.

As always with Richard, we delved into some areas which I have long kept to myself. It may be time to reveal some of these memories, thoughts, and theories so that others can perhaps build upon them.

Our good friend Kenn Thomas called in with his perspective as well. Strangely enough, he was cut off for some reason, and he later informed me that his phone was inoperative for about 24 hours after the show.

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23 Responses to Richard Sarradet: The Falcon, The UFO, and Harry Rositzke

  1. Ward says:

    This way one of my favorite Richard appearances. Every time you guys are together the shear non conformity brain power on this topic, i always feel like some sort of new idea is going to be revealed, and it usually is. Heard this live and every time Richard on your show its a (yes i say this to often) “Keeper”. Just towards the end you start getting into the truly disturbing stuff like Danny Casolaro and what sorts of things were (are) being tested on native American soil. Great show Greg thanks again.

    Hope you get Kenn back on so we can get a full two hours with him, really pissed me off he got cut off during his presentation on the Alt Conference #3.

  2. drew hempel says:

    So when Richard mentions in passing that he thinks the black triangles are “extraterrestrial” (i.e. alien) — having seen a big black triangle craft up close (not just overhead) — but I saw it approach slowly from the horizon — I had no reason to think it was “extraterrestrial.”

    So I have to disagree with Richard.

    Now just as a matter of balance — I was reading an interview with Nick Redfern on his NASA conspiracies book wherein Nick states he doesn’t really believe in ghosts as spirits returning from the dead — but rather more likely believes people think they see ghosts…. so actually I did qigong training with a qigong full lotus master who regularly heals dead spirits. I actually saw ghosts or dead spirits and I did this after I did the intensive qigong training (going a week on just half a glass of water). I mean certainly at the face of it that would be the perfect scenario to “believe” I saw ghosts (but didn’t really)… I’m not even going to try to explain why this wasn’t the case.

    My point is that certainly the possibility of real “e.t. aliens” exist but I’m my inclined to think of this as a realm of real spirits and also a realm of people’s perceived beliefs — like NDES are based also on cultural beliefs but are still real nonetheless if you really investigate them (just check out the t.v. show “I Survived: Beyond and Back.”).

    O.K. anyway I think it was Kenn who mentioned this excellent Grant Cameron article. Richard Helms does get mention also. I have always emphasized the CIA promoting e.t. aliens as disinformation based on the Stargate Conspiracy book and also the similar work of Project Beta and some of Nick Redfern’s work. But this latest “revelation” by you Greg and the related research by others based on your tip — it is truly fascinating. I mean it feels like it really comes “full circle.”

    O.K. Richard is even mentiong the channeling of the nine — which is the focus of the Stargate Conspiracy book by Prince and Picknett. Remember Greg how I’ve always recommended you read that book but you’ve said you have too many other books to read first? haha. Glad to hear Richard getting into this. Awesome.

  3. I remember once stumbling upon a letter allegedly written by Myrna Hansen, where she was very resentful toward Leo Sprinkle and Linda Moulton Howe. Apparently Moulton Howe was planning to make a documentary about Hansen and her experience, but she was acting in a very possessive manner and didn’t allow any other researcher to go near her. In the end Hansen felt totally exploited, and I can understand why even though I know many people speak the word of Leo Sprinkle, including Mike Clelland —and I think highly of Mike himself.

    • Greg says:

      Where did you see this letter?! I’d like to get a copy.

      • I could swear I saw it posted at the blog Phantoms & Monsters, but after a little search I wasn’t successful –though I seem to recall the letter never used the name Myrna Hansen, yet it specifically mentioned Sprinkle, Bennewitz and Howe, so it’s gotta be the same woman.

        Ben & Aaron from Mysterious Universe mentioned the letter in one of their shows. I need to make a more thorough search.

      • OK Greg, I finally found that statement I mentioned, but I screwed up. It wasn’t the Myrna Hansen case, it was the 1973 Judy Doraty case.

        And the text never mentioned Bennewitz once, though it did mention Kirtland A F.

        Apologies for that 🙁

  4. Re. Chase Brandon, Grant Cameron has the suspicion that he’s spreading his Roswell story following Obama’s orders. At the moment I feel that’s going too far into the speculation area, yet it seems obvious this guy would not be speaking about this without the seal of approval of the CIA.

    Then again, what do I know? If someone close to Obama is behind this, maybe it’s not to prepare the people for Disclosure, as many would hope for. Maybe they just want to improve the prez’s polling numbers, in light of how a vast majority of the population feels he would be more suited to deal with an alien invasion than his Mormon adversary 😉

    • Greg says:

      I don’t agree with Cameron on a few things, the Brandon issue being one of them.

      I do, however think his new essay about Falcon and Moore, etc. is very good, despite some factual errors, which are minor. I would like to get him on the show again to talk about it.

      • Get Robbie Graham too! His Silver Saucers blog rocks hard

        [Full disclosure: I’ve collaborated for him on a number of occasions. When I have the time, I want to write for him an article about UFOs and Lucha Libre cinema :)]

    • Bob Bobson says:

      The most interesting thing Brandon had to say during the latest C2C interview was when he was cornered about JFK, 9/11, etc. — and remarkably, his answer was ‘sometimes the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing’.

      He came back later and backtracked a little, declaring his loyalty to his organization. But the cat was out of the bag, so to speak.

      The Roswell file box story could easily be total B.S. And in any case, his novel, judging from the reviews, is second- or third-rate.

      • His response about the Robertson panel was also very misleading. He alluded at the usefulness of UFOs for propagandastic and disinformation operations, but he NEVER mentioned how one of the conclusions of the panel was to ridicule the UFO phenomenon in the eyes of the public via the mainstream media.

        And there’s something rather important that should be underlined: Brandon claims that whatever he saw in this ‘Roswell box’ only served to confirm his previous beliefs in UFOs and Extraterrestrial visitation —he seems to support the AAT— so this isn’t the case of a skeptic-turned-believer in light of a startling revelation, but a believer reaffirming his preconceptions.

        • Bob Bobson says:

          I didn’t get the impression that he was pushing the AAT in connection with the file box. Simply that what crashed wasn’t manmade — thus his repeated ‘what came out in the first news reports was right’.

          • He repeatedly mentioned Machu Picchu, Teotihuacan and other Mesoamerican sites as ‘proof’ of a great deal of technological development in the ancient past. The also mentioned how we keep discovering a lot of incredible ruins underwater, which made me remember Nick’s latest book The Pyramid and The Pentagon.

          • Bob Bobson says:

            @RPJ – So what? He repeatedly mentioned many things. He didn’t suggest that the file box confirmed what he already thought about the ‘AAT’.

  5. @ Bob: Actually, he did. I listened to the whole interview, and made some notes 🙂

    He mentioned for instance, the precision in the cutting of the stones in places like Sacsahuamin, which —in his opinion— was evidence that something happened in our ancient past, and that we were visited, and have been visited, in numerous occasions.

    And remember, this guys visited a lot of places in Latin America as part of his job when he was still part of the clandestine branch of the CIA —before he took the job as media liaison.

  6. Bob Bobson says:

    Gag. I listened the whole interview, and didn’t feel it was complex enough to require notes.

    To my ear, his mention of ancient sites, etc., was made in the context of his describing his fascination with the topic. He stated that he’d had a lifelong interest in it. He mentioned the ancient sites business to support the idea that there was more to the world than we think.

    He never made any strong correlation between the contents of the box and the AAT as you call it. But you say you took notes. If you can produce that strong correlation from the transcribed conversation, I’d be interested to read it.

    • Ok, let’s agree on this, because we might be arguing about different things:

      Brandon stated that even before he saw the contents of the box, that he was already a firm believer of UFOs. He mentioned Machu Picchu and other sites, and seemed to suggest —though he never flat out said it— that he agrees with the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

      Whatever he saw on the box confirmed his belief of extraterrestrial visitation —either contemporary or on the ancient past— But you’re right: the contents of the box were not linked SPECIFICALLY to the AAT (and if what I wrote suggested that, then I apologize for it).

      See? I struggle not to be a total pendejo 😉

  7. GW says:

    That’s very interesting about the noises coming from your bookcase- that’s poltergeist like activity.

  8. Sorcha Da'ath says:

    I listened to both interviews keenly as well. What I took from the first one on C2C conducted by Wells was that Wells was capable of interpreting Brandon’s ‘cant’ as he intended but had the poor manners to explain what was being said to the audience at large semi-simultaneously. To wit: JFK and Roswell.

    George Noory found it too big a story not to revisit, but Brandon was already in semi-damage control mode because of Wells’ synchronous translation, so the other 2 things were reiterated but 9/11 was denied ipso facto, that being the issue Wells in which really seemed most interested.

    I thought Brandon wasn’t really pulling out ancient marvels to adduce any AAT, but merely to show “there are more things in the world, Horatio.” I also interpreted his statements on Roswell as plausibly deniable statements by a man with clearances who saw something somewhere once that didn’t confirm what he already knew, but confirmed his suspicions that Roswell really was a saucer crash with bodies and the origins were not human, and probably ET.

    If there is a slow roll toward Disclosure going on, it probably doesn’t emanate from Obama, but from “above,” since CIA has been running Obama since Indonesia and Pakistan, and almost from birth. Brandon’s most important statement, which I haven’t completely parsed yet, was his use of a simile about high-altitude perspectives vs. ground perspective, imho. I didn’t take copious notes but I have the audio files.

    Looking fwd to the RM file. Kenn has some very interesting thoughts on MJ12 and Vannevar. Jay Weidner has been getting cut off lately as well on Brand X and Brand Y paranormal internet radio, talking about Agartha or what have you, not by name.

  9. Kev says:

    Hi Greg ,
    Great show Greg thanks for answering questions for interview on the Paracast Show and wonder if Mr William Moore would come back for general interview on anything ? Just watched Mr William Moore on Mr George Knapp’s interesting TV Series found the Russian section very interesting discussion. USO show would be interesting and have you done a interview with Mr Timothy Good or Mr Nick Cook in past? Greg have you done any filming while flying with remote cameras?

    All The Best

    • Greg says:

      Hey Kev,

      No, I have not interviewed Tim Good or Nick Cook. Both would be interesting. I’ll try and make inroads to getting them on .

      Moore will not do any interviews at all. He is out of the UFO subject for good and I have stopped bothering him about it. It’s his choice and I respect it.

  10. JT says:

    Finally had time to listen to this, and it was expectedly enjoyable. Only comment besides what has been discussed already is that I always enjoy when you guys bring up Trevor James Constable and/or Wilhelm Reich.

    I was listening to a long interview with Pat Mills, a huge presence in revitalizing British comics industry back in the 70’s and 80’s through his work at 2000AD where he guided the early development of Judge Dredd as well as many other less famous characters (Nemesis the Warlock, Slaine, etc). But at the 2 hour 24 minute mark in this 3+ hour interview he’s asked to elaborate on his experience with organic UFOs. Mills then spends the next 10-15 minutes discussing his experience, wherein he describes this as something very close to Constable’s photographs (he mentions Cosmic Pulse of Life specifically). He takes this at face value, looks a bit into it, and then accepts it as something he cannot explain and isn’t particularly interested in explaining.

    For those interested, it’s podcast #78 of Everything Comes Back to 2000AD.

  11. Ricky says:

    Mike Younger said in one of the shows that he and Richard did with Don Ecker, that the whole Bob Lazar business had to do with the Russian satellite photo on the back of the Testor Area 51 UFO kit. This is said and then the subject isn’t explored any further as he gets interrupted by a break or something. If true, then maybe the whole thing, the whole Lazar set and setting, was an elaborate scheme to trace how information such as the photograph of a “secret base” moved through channels and where it wound up.

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