Miles Lewis and Tim Brigham: Astral Tickle Torture By Electric Kachina

I asked Tim on the show in the wake of the Jim Moseley interview from last week. Tim’s original plan involved our friend Miles Lewis along for Jim’s interview, but he turned out to be busy. Both are little-known treasure troves of paranormal info: Miles, through his massive Anomaly News Network, and Tim through his long association with Moseley and many mutual friends, as well as his new blog, Mojo Machine.

We began by of course talking about Jim and his huge influence on the field and us three in particular. We went on to question Miles about his work with UFO abductee groups. He did not notice any pattern of conforming to a set story, but did think that the participants were in need of acceptance within the group. We discussed what effect a bad reputation has on paranormal researchers (specifically the new head of MUFON – see Moseley interview.) I also harped on the value of subjective experience of strange events.

The conversation was simply a few people getting together to talk shop on the paranormal, which is one of my favorite ways of doing the show. Enjoy.

(The title is a reference to a dream by our friend Robert Larson. I promised Tim and Miles that I would make it the title of the show. Make of it what you will!)

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11 Responses to Miles Lewis and Tim Brigham: Astral Tickle Torture By Electric Kachina

  1. You guys mentioned the Bullshit TV program, and how they apparently tried to test how reliable hypnosis is.

    Mike Clelland’s latest audio interview was with researcher Preston Dennett, who considers hypnosis to be a reliable tool. He mentioned the Mythbusters episode in which they tried to test if hypnosis would be helpful to remember details that would not be present on your conscious memory. I found this on Youtube:

    I think it was interesting, although obviously trying to remember the nametags of some dudes is a bit different from trying to recollect things from an episode that involved a great deal of trauma for the witness. Furthermore, I think Vallee’s ideas that there might even be some level of ‘telepathic’ contamination given the hypnotizer’s expectations (even without leading questions) is something to consider.

    PS: The ‘old hag’ syndrome has nothing to do with the legend of La Llorona. In Mexico the sleep paralysis phenomenon is interpreted as having a dead person on top of you (“se me subió el muerto”).

    • Greg says:


      For my feelings on hypnosis, see my reply to John Randall for the last Peter Robbins interview. In my opinion, “Bullshit” was a very biased and mostly useless exercise in smugness. Right now, I believe that the abduction phenomenon is probably mostly what we have made it to be.

      I don’t know why I mentioned La Llorona in connection with Old Hag stories. I knew it was wrong when I said it. What a dufus I can be sometimes.

      • It’s all right. Maybe it was your subconscious trying to tell you something 😉

        BTW I’ve suffered several episodes of sleep paralysis throughout my life, and no matter how much I try to rationalize it and explain it afterwards, it’s still a terrifying experience :-/

        • JT says:

          I’ve also had several instances of sleep paralysis, but for some reason I learned how to enjoy and explore it. It always starts with a suffocating dark presence, but when it happens these days I become lucid during it and always attempt to turn it into an out-of-body experience. I’ve been unsuccessful, but I do get to the ‘jet engine’ sound stage and then to the vibratory stage, which usually wakes me up.

          I’ve also attempted to talk to the dark presence, and when I directly asked for its name I got back a horribly mangled and distorted evil-sounding vocalization of “Roberts.”

          I can also sometimes tap into a ‘stream’ of voices. Lower in sound than the ‘jet engine’ noise, it’s more like a cascading river sound, and I often hear voices discussing fairly rationally random subjects in it. I do assume it’s my unconscious mind projecting in it, rather than tapping into the Akashic library or whatever, but it’s always an invigorating experience.

          But having had these (very limited) experiences, I can certainly see how it could account for many abduction experiences.

        • Sorcha Da'ath says:

          I’ve had some strange sleep paralysis and hypnagogic experiences myself. The above line about rushing cascading voices discussing fairly rational things should have reminded me of one specific experience I had, but it didn’t. Instead, I flashed back to scanning the VHF frequencies on a digital television a few years back, and finding both audible cell-phone conversations (they usually switched frequencies after a few seconds and were lost) and what were clearly digital data streams forming standing waves and grids if tuned in just right. That was years ago now, before wifi was prolific. Remember the old anecdote about the guy who received radio stations in his fillings in his teeth? It isn’t a great stretch to think any of a number of resonant cavities in your sleeping body could pick up fairly rational sounding conversations constantly, nowadays. Just a thought.

          • JT says:

            I like the thought, though given the variables at play it’s impossible to prove or disprove (even to myself).

            The conversation I remember most vividly tapping into was two men discussing Da Vinci’s inventions. I had seen a story about the subject (local museum had an exhibition) earlier that day, which featured one of his sketches. It both occurred to me that I had confabulated the discussion from that glimpse of the story (which I had not read), or, that I had actually tapped into somebody else discussing it (the topic WAS in the local gestalt that day).

            A second instance of a similar ‘tap’ featured a friend of my dad’s who I had not seen in about 9 years. I remember thinking that this didn’t sound like him (voice was wrong as was the speech pattern). I’m not sure what language he spoke afterward (I sometimes wonder about what language do I dream in, being bilingual), but I took him to be dead, and he was telling me that he was doing fine. There were several sentences he spoke, but I can remember only the gist of one, which implied that ‘we are all god once we get there.’

            I later confirmed this person was not (and is not) dead, but this doesn’t rule out that I was receiving information from somewhere besides my unconscious mind, fed through an impression of someone I knew fairly well.

            These are fascinating glimpses into the unknown, and they reaffirm my sense of the mysterious, which I expect never to know a whole lot more about than I do know. But I’m fine with that: answers tend to be much more boring than the questions.

  2. Paul Kimball says:

    I won’t wade back into the cesspool of abduction “research” or the use of hypnosis for memory recovery, but I did want to pop by and say I enjoyed the conversation, Greg. Keep up the good work!


  3. Cee says:

    I am a healer. I place people in trance state similar to hypnosis wherein they access things hidden in the subconscious. While conducting sessions several clients were told that the root cause of their anxiety, addictions and other problems was alien abduction experiences. At the time I nor the client had information on the topic. The clients were not even into ufos. We were both surprised by what was revealed. I feel that the memories of abductions are accessed in an altered state because it allows us to use parts of our consciousness that our normal waking state is not privy to. It is this part of our consciousness that re-experiences/ remembers easier because this is where the event was recorded. The altered state also can help to separate the emotions from the event so the individaul can view the event in a neutral emotional state (devoid of fear.)


    • Sorcha Da'ath says:

      I had one classical UFO experience in my life which I did not recognize at the time as such. Many years later I played it back in my mind: the sighting, the missing time, and went, ahah! THAT’s what that was. There is a sort of dream experience associated with it, I mean, there is a memory that doesn’t make sense and I think didn’t happen. A woman came to the door several days later with a clipboard. There was a man standing behind here. I couldn’t see their car and didn’t know if they were on foot or not. The woman wanted to come in. She asked me if I had seen anything unusual lately. She mentioned UFOs. I said no, you cannot come in, and offered no more information, and locked the door. This did not happen in real life, but the memory is there.

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