From the Archives: Some UFO Sightings Solved (?)

No live show tonight, but here is a show that has been waiting in the wings for a couple of years for rebroadcast.

On May 6th of 2010, my friend, author John Shirley presented a contact of his who claimed that he had worked on a hybrid airship that could duplicate many of the the reported movements of classic UFOs (i.e. stopping in midair, abrupt changes of direction, etc.) The man, known only as “Matthew,” said that he believed that this explained the famous “Belgian Triangle” sightings of 1990.

I thought that “Matthew” presented a compelling case that would benefit from further research. A quick open source search did not turn up any such craft as our guest described, but advanced technologies in development seldom receive any publicity. Walter was in the studio to provide his perspective on the history of possible anti-gravity craft.

Image: Alberto Santos-Dumont’s combined aircraft/dirigible experiments of 1906.

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  1. JT says:

    Great show, Greg. Always enjoy hearing Shirley — been an off & on fan since early 90s when I got my hands on the Eclipse Trilogy. Silicon Embrace was great, though it’s been some 15 years since I read it.

    Makes me think that you could have Rudy Rucker on sometime, too, and talk UFOs with him. He published Tonnies in his online webzine (where I came across his work originally, I think, or was it thru Bruce Sterling? I forget). I never approached Mac, but when I was running a small publishing house I kept thinking I should try and get a short story collection from him and publish it. I digress. Rucker has had a longstanding interest in UFOs, consciousness and psychedelics. He has a VERY elastic but scientific mind capable of tackling some off-the-wall concepts. His book SAUCER WISDOM is wonderful, as is much of the rest of his stuff. He’s buddies with Shirley from back in the early days of cyberpunk.

    Anyway, back to the show: I really enjoyed Matthew’s perspective, correct or not, and it throws another wrench into the already permanently stuck gears. Maybe one more will actually loosen them up. Thanks Greg.

  2. Andy Banham says:

    Wow! Floating platforms! It reminds me of the Hawkmen and Sky City from the movie Flash Gordon!

  3. These hybrid platforms might have better capabilities than an ordinary airship, but capabilities better than those of a fighter jet so that it could beat one in a dog fight?

    The same way the Belgian triangles were able to avert the NATO jets sent to intercept them by performing maneuvers that would have killed a human pilot?

    • Greg says:

      It could probably win in a air battle, since jets cannot stop and hover (at least in the case of the Harrier, not as quickly.)

      I never assumed that these supposed hybrid airships had pilots on board. They could not withstand the g-forces, as you point out. I was told many years ago about an experimental cockpit in which the pilot was enclosed in a liquid, which would move with the craft and protected them from inertial forces. The pilots supposedly breathed the liquid. I’ve never been able to confirm this.


        I remain unconvinced. The report prepared by NATO and the radar readings showed that when the pilots were ready to ‘lock in’, the object either ascended or descended at an incredible acceleration. They did not beat the jets by slowing to a halt; they would have been sitting ducks to the jets missiles.

        So, even if we’re talking about huge drone platforms that remain afloat for long periods and use solar cells on their fuselage as a source of power, if it’s lighter than air it wouldn’t be able to climb or descend so quickly.

        These hybrid platforms that are being considered by the military to work as cargo systems or ‘lower atmosphere satellites’ protect themselves by staying to high anti-aircraft weaponry can’t reach them. It’s when they are close to the ground that they would make lovely targets 😉

        It would be more plausible to think of a holographic projection instead. But a hologram powerful enough to be shown as a solid target brings us with other problems.

        What you say about keeping the pilots in some type of breathable liquid is very interesting. It reminds me of the infamous UMMO letters, and how the ‘Ummites’ explained that during their travels aboard their saucers the crew would be kept protected in a tube filled with liquid because of the accelerations.

        Or maybe your informant was a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion 😛

        • drew hempel says:

          Wow — RPG — I really appreciate your comment confirming the amazing capabilities of these big black triangles because I saw one up so close I could have hit it with a slingshot. haha. Even when this issue was covered on UFO Hunters the witnesses had only seen the lights. I saw the actual craft as it slowly hummed over the trees on our property. Even still it didn’t look like any dirigible to me and I didn’t dare take my eyes off the craft. No fuselage whatsoever. Very eery and very wild. First I saw lights on the horizon – three different colors doing inexplicable manuevers. Then I saw the craft coming towards our land from the horizon — flying slowly just over the trees. We have a hill so it was close to that and so I could easily see the size and distance of the craft. Then it moved over our trees and off across the valley towards the river. So the sighting of the actual craft lasted a few minutes but was super spooky. Equilateral triangle with no fuselage.

      • Walter Bosley says:

        Makes more sense that the pilot is encased in a bubble cockpit of sorts which itself is encased in a liquid chamber, not the pilot immersed in liquid and breathing the stuff. Though the suit in The Abyss was based on real technology…

  4. vogon poet says:

    Followed that hybrid link; had to drill down a bit, but…
    OMG here’s your triangle – the Dynairship!

    Also see; they are working on multiple saucer shaped hybrid craft.
    Saucer #1
    Saucer #2
    Putin approves (actually he’s poker faced as usual)

    This stuff reminds me of that Canadian saucer-like hovercraft – the Avrocar – from the 60’s. Question: are humans feeling compelled to re-create the “real” UFOs, in the manner of a cargo cult? Or maybe in the same way as some human crop circle creators are feeling compelled to create their designs (as described by Colin Andrews?)

    • Greg says:

      Good links!
      Here’s a post I did on the subject almost exactly three years ago.

      Perhaps the flying saucer shape is a message from our future or collective unconscious about where we should be heading. I think we must be aware that the message may be garbled!

  5. Sorcha Da'ath says:

    Right on the coat-tails of the Phoenix Lights. Well played, sir, well played.
    On the breathable liquid, it’s science fact, not science fantasy. GEO or Discover even ran it back in the early 80s, a mouse immersed in the breathable liquid, a solution, excuse the pun, seeking an application. I think OMNI later picked it up as well.
    The idea presented in the rebroadcast makes good sense to me. Approach aerospace from the submariner perspective. Don’t limit yourself to one method of propulsion, mix and match. I remember leafing through an old Popular Science or maybe it was Popular Mechanics from just after World War II and there was one of those little items about a charged wire mesh, actually two meshes, which created a wind when the juice flowed, and the wire mesh floated in the air. Something about the ions and so on. They had to keep it tethered to the ground-based electric line, but the reporting said big things were coming and the power supplies would be mounted on the mesh-work itself in the near future. Gosh, it seems like that was even in the thermite issue. But memory plays tricks, so many years later.
    What I’m saying is bouyancy, electromagnetism, charged ion flows, conventional propulsion and whatever else can be used on the same aircraft, and why wouldn’t there be research and development in that direction?

    • Greg says:

      Advances in technology are often 10-20 years ahead of what we are led to believe. One example is adaptive optics, which was perfected in the early 1980s, but only came into general use in astronomy in the late 1990s. It was being used in the 1980s to track enemy satellites.

      I tend to come at the problem of UFO sightings first from the angle of “Is it more likely that this object was an example of advanced tech?” There are many reports that can be reasonably treated in this way, and there are also many that cannot. One that was likely earthly tech was the Cash-Landrum UFO. One that was probably not would be the object that landed during Herbert Schirmer’s abduction. Most sightings before WWII are probably not due to human technology.

  6. drew hempel says:

    RGP — on the no fuselage of the big black triangle — I mean no increased diameter section in the middle of the craft. It was “flat” — I’m not sure how tall the craft was in height. The craft was flying above the tree line — just right above it — of big oak trees. So probably 75 feet high. I didn’t feel any heat from it. I heard a humming sound. It was flying slowly. So at first impressions I agree the best choice would seem to be a dirigible of some sort but all I can say is my impression was the craft was not based on being filled with lighter-than-air buoyancy. I had not heard of the big black triangle but I did learn it had been shown on the X-Files show. Strangely I was watching the X-Files with my sister and the show ended and then suddenly I saw the strange lights on the horizon. I had my sister watch them but she got bored and she went inside. There were three different colors on the horizon — red, green, white — but the maneuvers were not explained by any normal means that I could think of. So as I watched those lights then I saw it show up as the craft flying towards our land — slowly just over the trees of the forest. When I saw the craft it looked metal like any other aircraft so that’s why I never thought it was a dirigible. There was no propeller also but there was a humming noise of an engine.

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