Walter’s Back: Listener Call-Ins, Individuality, and Bill Moore’s FBI File

Over the last two weeks, my friend and long-lost co-host Walter Bosley returned to sit in for a couple of sessions. Although he professed his exasperation with the UFO subject, we talked about that and more with a few listeners. Ward, our friend from Southern California, called for almost the entire first show (from 2/26) and we wandered around subjects like “zones of fear,” the “psy-op” angle on the Bentwaters military UFO encounter, an independent verification (by Bill Moore of all people) of an obscure player in the Roswell drama that Walter’s father knew, possible air and space travel in the 19th century, and the last revelations of the late cattle mutilation researcher and New Mexico State Policeman Gabe Valdez.

We continued the conversation on March 4th with a short wrap-up of the Alternative Universe Conference, which was apparently the first-ever completely online paranormal convention, and occurred the day before. Walter and I were two of the featured speakers. We had a longish discussion about the individual vs. the collective or universal consciousness. We then talked about UFO researcher Bill Moore’s FBI files, which Walter (a former FBI employee himself) had a chance to examine earlier in the day. We had a first-time caller (Vicki from Hawaii) and Ward again for the last 1/3d of the program.

A fun couple of shows which you will enjoy I am sure. I inserted a tone between the two shows as a marker for listeners. I will be back next week with a new show and perhaps a guest.

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25 Responses to Walter’s Back: Listener Call-Ins, Individuality, and Bill Moore’s FBI File

  1. vicki says:
    This is the link to my sighting that I mentioned, since I did not give many details….also, I had missed the whole first part of the show when I called in, and I want to say what a killer show it was! Wow! Fascinating.

  2. I always love it when Walter tells the story his dad told him about Roswell, but I think the description given –that they were “as human as you or I”– is too imprecise for me.

    I mean, let’s be a little un-PC here and talk about phenotypes: were they Caucasian? Amerindian? Mongoloid? Negroid? Australasian?

  3. Michael says:

    Another fine episode, thanks to all involved.

    I have to say that I find Walters testimonial about what his father saw beginning around the 50min mark highly intriguing. Between the speculation about cryptoterrestrials and Walters fathers insistence that “They are as human as we are”, I can’t help but thinnk about Homo floresiensis. Hmm…

    Also I’d love to hear Robert Emmengger on the show again, I recently found one of his early 80’s scifi films on VHS in a local Goodwill and greatly enjoyed it.

  4. sorcha da'at says:

    I’m not sure why the caller(s) and co-host(s) kept screaming “Keeper! Keeper!” but anyway it was free and I enjoyed hearing the voices of others thinking seriously about arcane subjects, and didn’t tune in live.

    On Walter’s father’s statements, I think he and maybe Greg might be interested in this little book I picked up at a New Age bookstore in Albuquerque in 1986, called Lord of the World, by one Rene Guenon. I saw a digital copy under that title on scribd recently, so it’s floating around. It’s about a secret ruler of the world who lives underground. The “Gypsies” [the translation was done in the 1940s] sojourned for a time in his kingdom, Agartha. Or at least some group did, from somewhere in Central Asia. Notice how the MIBs are always swarthy and almost “Oriental”? The bit about the Templars of Agartha is interesting.

    On Homo floranesianensis I’m not sure anyone’s decided anything definite about those little people. There was, however, a finger bone discovered in a cave near the Altai Moutains down Siberia way that led to a DNA sequencing drama that produced neither Homo sapiens nor neanderthalis, but showed gene affiliation with some people in Papua of all places (where Flores Islands lie, more or less, and near the center of human diversity, Borneo). They call this new species Danisova, after the cave where the finger bone was found, or maybe after the person who found it, I forget.

    • Re. Agarthi, you should check out Ossendowski’s book Beasts, Men and Gods. During his travels through Easter Asia after escaping from Russia, Ossendowski became acquainted with the legends of Agarthi and the ‘Lord of the World’.

      It is said that this being appeared once in a Lama monastery and offered this prophecy:

      “More and more the people will forget their souls and care about their bodies. The
      greatest sin and corruption will reign on the earth. People will become as
      ferocious animals, thirsting for the blood and death of their brothers. The
      ‘Crescent’ will grow dim and its followers will descend into beggary and ceaseless
      war. Its conquerors will be stricken by the sun but will not progress upward and
      twice they will be visited with the heaviest misfortune, which will end in insult
      before the eye of the other peoples. The crowns of kings, great and small, will
      fall . . . one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. . . . There will be a terrible
      battle among all the peoples. The seas will become red . . . the earth and the
      bottom of the seas will be strewn with bones . . . kingdoms will be scattered . . .
      whole peoples will die . . . hunger, disease, crimes unknown to the law, never
      before seen in the world. The enemies of God and of the Divine Spirit in man will
      come. Those who take the hand of another shall also perish. The forgotten and
      pursued shall rise and hold the attention of the whole world. There will be fogs
      and storms. Bare mountains shall suddenly be covered with forests. Earthquakes
      will come. . . . Millions will change the fetters of slavery and humiliation for hunger,
      disease and death. The ancient roads will be covered with crowds wandering from
      one place to another. The greatest and most beautiful cities shall perish in fire . . .
      one, two, three. . . . Father shall rise against son, brother against brother and
      mother against daughter. . . . Vice, crime and the destruction of body and soul
      shall follow. . . . Families shall be scattered. . . . Truth and love shall
      disappear. . . . From ten thousand men one shall remain; he shall be nude and
      mad and without force and the knowledge to build him a house and find his
      food. . . . He will howl as the raging wolf, devour dead bodies, bite his own flesh
      and challenge God to fight. . . . All the earth will be emptied. God will turn away
      from it and over it there will be only night and death. Then I shall send a people,
      now unknown, which shall tear out the weeds of madness and vice with a strong
      hand and will lead those who still remain faithful to the spirit of man in the fight
      against Evil. They will found a new life on the earth purified by the death of
      nations. In the fiftieth year only three great kingdoms will appear, which will exist
      happily seventy-one years. Afterwards there will be eighteen years of war and
      destruction. Then the peoples of Agharti will come up from their subterranean
      caverns to the surface of the earth.”

      Re. what you said about the Gypsies, it is said that in Agarthi is where they learned the art of reading the Tarot cards.

      And if you’re interested by H. Floresiensis and Denisova, then you should learn more about my #1 candidate for Walter’s dad’s underground dwellers: Boskop Man 😉

      PS: Dammit! where can we learn more about these conferences you guys are planning?

  5. Bob Bobbery says:

    First half of the show was great!

  6. James says:

    The movie referenced regarding the “sky noises” is definitely Kevin Smith’s Red State. Excellent film by the way, very unique and the ending with the sky noises is incredibly creepy. The few videos I watched on youtube of the sky noises were most definitely the exact same sounds from the film. This kind of turned me off to the whole thing, although I do not assume this is what is happening with the entire phenomenon…

  7. Laurence Zankowski says:

    It has been awhile since listened to Radio M., however tonight icame back and am just blown away by all you and Walter just rattle off. Ward seems to be a huge fount of knowledge too. So, yes this is on my ipad and will go back to it trying to glean names and do some research.

    To Walter, have you ever been to eastern Arizona? I have ridden and hiked in the south east part of the state many times. Clifton , Az. Is a big draw for me. More info on your take on the region would be nice.

    Greg, as you might know i lived in New Mexico till nov. 2011. So many rides from Taos to Chama, looking over the Brzzo cliffs. The ride from Socorro past the VLA to Datil then down to Silver City. Talk about an isolated and. Mysterious area. Ride from Datil to Mule Creek and then Mule creek to Clifton, AZ.Wow!

    I am glad you are still doing this, and grateful for Walter being as honest and open even after the tragedy of his father’s death.

    Be well


    p.s. i am truly sorry i can not add anything to your discussions, i just come by to learn and / or keep my curiosity to explore fired up.

  8. Laurence Zankowski says:


    This link:

    Might be what you are looking for. IBM just had an article in the Atlantic and how well their software( recently purchased) SPSS has done in data mining.


  9. Ethel says:

    Fantastic stuff Greg & Walter – it’s always a treat to hear the two of you prattle on (in the nicest possible way, of course).

    Having recently re-read Project Beta (“Beet-ah” as it’s pronounced over here in Merrie Old England) and hearing him referenced on a number of occasions on these two eps of the show I still regret the fact that Bill Moore is no longer active in the UFO/esoteric field.
    I do believe, nay am certain that what that man still knows or even indeed was led to believe about what is going on re UFOs/UAVs/Little Green or Gre(a)y men would make for some of the most fascinating reading of recent times.
    I can surely appreciate his self-imposed exile from the scene but I just find tantalising the possibility of what he might still be able to add to the mix.
    Ah well..
    Also, just wanted to add that I found listening to Walter’s re-telling of his father’s Roswell experiences moving & chilling in equal measure – the whole ‘Hollow(ish) Earth’ theory is one which has always fascinated me.
    Anyway – maybe one day I’ll be able to factor in the time difference between California & the UK & catch the show live in order to enjoy the full, unexpurgated RM experience, but until then it’ll always be a regular part of my iPhone playlist.

    Apologies that my comments don’t move forward any debates as such but I felt I should say thanks for a great edition of the show, cheers.

    • Greg says:

      Hello Ethel,

      Thanks for listening.

      I can’t get in touch with Bill any more. It seems he just wanted to close that entire chapter of his life. It’s sad, but you have to let people go if that’s what they want. He told me a lot, but certainly not all he knew. He did not give up information easily, especially to people who he thought stupid or who would not benefit.

      Keep listening and commenting!



  10. Bob Desnos says:

    I’m just unclear about one thing. Does Walter believe that an advanced alien race would somehow be a more enlightened, peaceful group than our human race? 🙂

    • fd says:

      I think Walter has explicitly stated that he doesn’t believe that. Maybe it wasn’t on this ‘episode’ of Radio Misterioso, but I believe he has said he doesn’t believe that, if there are “alien races” out there, they are necessarily “more enlightened” or ‘peaceful’ than humans.

  11. fd says:

    Thanks Greg for another good show. I particularly liked the idea of getting Robert Emenegger back on. He had a lot of good information and theories — and experience, apparently — about disinformation, which is a topic of much interest to me.

    Replying to Bob Desnos above made me listen to the show again, and there’s one thing I would like to say about Walter’s position on a specific issue. It’s unfortunate that at a certain point in the show Walter seemed to fall in the same trap of assuming human characteristics when talking about alien civilizations — something he says annoys him when other people do it.

    At around the 1 hour and 3 minute mark Walter strongly disagrees with people who assume aliens “have such advanced technology so they’re peace-loving and they’ve conquered all the bad stuff,” and yet those same people “when they talk about humans advancing technology” consider it evil. To which Greg replied that he thinks some people feel that way “because about 90% of the time [the technology is] used militarily.” Walter responds by saying the following: “[h]ow do they think these off planet civilizations developed it and why? I argue that they developed it primarily for 70% military, just like we did.”

    Greg noticed the fallacy of this and pointed out that that sort of approach is guilty of “putting your idea of how things happen in a human context.” Walter then responds by saying that our experiences and imagination is what we have to go on by, so we’re stuck to human context and experiences when thinking about things.

    So Walter says it’s nonsensical to assume aliens are peaceful just because they might have advanced technology, but then his argument is based on the assumption that aliens developed technology primarily for military uses and reasons “just like we did.”

    Both assumptions — aliens are peaceful because they’ve developed advanced technology; and aliens developed technology primarily for military reasons and purposes — are equally bad.

    • I concur. I appreciate and respect Walter’s POV, but there are things where I wholeheartedly disagree with his stance.

      An example of that would be when he mentioned that the US government has the ‘right’ to detain a person for 90 days without pressing any charges, saying “that’s the way it is” as if there was nothing wrong with that :-/

      I humbly submit that if there are more people out there who disagree with this, then they would have to find a way to let his opinion be known in Washington, for governments will never relent any power without the objection of their citizens.

      • fd says:

        Thanks for the reply RPJ. I believe you are not correct about Walter’s words regarding detention, unless you are talking about something else Walter said that I don’t remember.

        At the 2 hour, 21 minutes and 37 seconds mark Walter says the following: “If the [government] want[s] to watch you they can do it and you’ll never know it, and you know, they gotta jump through hoops to do it — in spite of what some people believe — but I’ll tell you what, even if you are a natural born US citizen, boys and girls, you can be LOOKED AT for up to 90 days, and that’s the law, it’s federal law.”

        Maybe you understood it as “locked up” instead of “looked at”?

        I suspect the federal law Walter was referring to is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). FISA establishes law and procedures for federal-level physical and electronic surveillance and collection of intelligence. FISA is codified in Title 50, Sections 1801 through 1811, of the US Code. 50 USC §1805(d)(1) states that “[a]n order issued under this section may approve an electronic surveillance for the period necessary to achieve its purpose, or for NINETY DAYS, whichever is less (…)” This provision applies to US citizens.

        Another hint that leads me to suspect this is the law in question is that a federal agent needs to ask the FISA Court (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) for a warrant to start monitoring someone. Maybe this is the process Walter was alluding to when he said “they gotta jump through hoops to do it.”

        I don’t think they could make use of this law to do surveillance on someone like you and me or Greg, though — at least in the context most of RM’s listeners were, perhaps, thinking of: just being interested in UFOs, or even requesting FOIAs or writing books about UFOs or other phenomena. And I doubt Walter was even insinuating this. FISA’s application is limited to people who engage in intelligence gathering on behalf of a foreign power, sabotage or international terrorism.

        I’m sure, however, there are other federal laws that agencies can use to gather information about you and even monitor your communications. I know that AFOSI, for example, along with other agencies, issued National Security Letters (NSL). NSLs don’t require any Court approval or even the satisfaction of judicial standards such as probable cause.

        And as we know, from history, a lot of things can be justified by “national security.” Apropos to that, I would be interested in hearing Walter — or Greg, or anyone that might be interested or knowledgeable — on the laws, and which ones, support the things that were, for example, done to Paul Bennewitz.

        • Thanks for clearing this up, fd. I probably jumped to a hasty conclusion and mistook Walter’s comment with the preventive detention of enemy combatants under the Patriot Act. If that’s the case then I recognize my error.

          I still think that tacitly conforming to such intrusions permitted by the FISA should be put into question, even if they wouldn’t be applied to ‘regular’ citizens. It’s because of such a mentality that airline passengers are submitted with ever stricter screening methods prior to boarding an airplane; taken one by one such regulations might not look like much of a worry, but as they keep adding up one wonders what else are citizens will be willing –or not that willing– to relent on account of their protection.

          • fd says:

            Thanks for the reply RPJ.

            Maybe my post(s) gave you the wrong impression. I wasn’t justifying or supporting these or any laws or practices that restrict or infringe on people’s rights, in many cases without foundation, or worse, without oversight or accountability.

            I was just pointing out that you might have misunderstood what Walter said and, as a little exercise, deduct what the law Walter was alluding to could be.

  12. Laurence Zankowski says:


    Have you seen this yet?


    • Greg says:

      Not until now. Good story. I was not interested in the sighting as much as the psychological aftermath, which is criminally overlooked in almost all UFO research.

  13. Walter Bosley says:

    I didn’t say the government has the right to detain people for 90 days. More than once on the show, I have explained that the government has the authority to investigate citizens and maintain a file for up to 90 days. By day 90, if there is no probable cause — termed ‘reason to believe in the counterintelligence world– then the file must be destroyed and investigative activity ceased. And though I might have left some with an impression that it’s only “just the way it is”, I meant whatever I said on that in the spirit of “that’s simply the law” and the reason for it is to allow investigators time to follow up on legitimate concerns that a citizen may indeed be violating the trust of national security agencies, etc, and committing espionage, a crime I personally conclude is heinous.
    Regarding my beliefs on ETs: When you’re egg-stroking in the virtual reality of the dictates of academically eroticized logic, yes my statements would be a ‘fallacy’. I concede, I concede, oh lordy god I concede! The logicians win yet another glorious verbal joust, LOL. You’ll find I’m a practical fellow, or honestly try to be. When I speak about these things, I’m giving you my gut response. My gut tells me (as did someone senior to me…) that there’s a lot more humans like us out there and they developed in much the same way we have. What I find somewhat hilarious is the resistance to this idea. I suppose it’s that altruistic ideal that somewhere, some place, there is a world so much better than ours, a lost horizon where hope changes all and we dastardly humans, we weak ILLOGICAL beasts, can perhaps be saved from our own inevitable self-immolation.
    HA! 🙂 I’m not buying it. Not on the physical plane. All that high falutin’ stuff, I think, is reserved for another level of the game. I think there is a reason this reality is what it is — so that anything high falutin we humans can accomplish is merely within and about ourselves as individuals, i.e. examples to other individuals. Sometimes, a group of individuals get it right and for several years, but to think we will change the very nature of this reality through believing we can is not logical to me. Certainly not practical.
    I stand by my assessment that other ‘human as we are’ civilizations developed somewhat along the lines we have, and yes that means militarily motivated through much of it. No one else’s argument nor debate can prove I’m wrong, nor does semantic swordplay. I’m perfectly OK with a civilization elsewhere having a strong military. I like ours. The evils it protects us from are far worse than the ‘foul taste’ of its existence for some. I simply think that ET has certainly had to deal with hostilities from other ETS and he didn’t do it with ‘superior intellect and logic’. A civilization must sometimes merely kick a foe’s ass. 🙂
    Anyway, please note the smiley faces 🙂 🙂 🙂 Lest anyone think this is a rant, here’s some more.. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Love you guys!

    • “By day 90, if there is no probable cause — termed ‘reason to believe in the counterintelligence world– then the file must be destroyed and investigative activity ceased. “

      The NSA is building the country’s biggest spy center (watch what you say).

      An installation 5 times bigger than the Pentagon, with servers capable of storing and analyzing yottabytes (there’s not even an official name for what comes after yotta , 10×24 bytes) of data from American citizen’s e-mails and phones, using the fastest computers ever created (their immediate goal is to reach exa-flops speeds).

      They are not destroying any data. They are hoarding it all, to be prepared when they finally get to break the encryption codes protecting all that private data, using brute processing.

      “The former NSA official held his thumb and forefinger close together: “We are that far from a turnkey totalitarian state.”

  14. Walter Bosley says:

    Oh wait, somebody already explained what I had said. Oooops!! Sorry LOL 🙂 🙂

  15. Laurence Zankowski says:


    Go and read the last few installments…

    Charles seems on the verge of a breakdown..

    Be well


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