Nick Redfern: Forbidden Places

My friend Nick Redfern was on the show again on February 19th. The talk ranged all over the map as usual, but concentrated on his new book, entitled Keep Out!: Top Secret Places Governments Don’t Want You to Know About. One story that intrigued me was that guards in Fort Knox were told that they were keeping watch over the “wings and engine of a flying saucer.” It makes you wonder what other UFO stories were told in the name of “national security” which had nothing whatsoever to do with the subject.

Walter called in to talk about psychological and psychotronic warfare, as well as good old garden-variety disinfo he experienced while in the Air Force.

We ended up with a some complaints and suggestions about UFO and anomalies research.

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9 Responses to Nick Redfern: Forbidden Places

  1. Hey Micah said last night on his radio show that you are also going to participate in that online conference. When are you going to give more details? 10 bucks for having the chance to listen to my favorite Fortean commenters sounds like a great bargain to me 🙂

  2. Andy Banham says:

    Great show as usual. Really enjoyed the debate about Rendlesham. My jaw nearly hit the floor when Nick said that there have been fireballs seen in Suffolk historically, as I remember seeing one in my childhood, along with other unexplained phenomena in my hometown of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.

  3. Matthew McKenzie says:

    Great listening to you and Nick, as usual.

    But the notion that Rendlesham was a psi-ops experiment? It’s good for entertainment value, but not much else. Even the spookiest government spooks would get hung by their toes for compromising nuclear mission capabilities — especially in the early 1980s.

  4. Sorcha Da'at says:

    Interesting show. Since it’s so fashionable right now, how about some more about those Mysterious Sky Sounds in an upcoming? Apologies if I missed it and it already happened, I get that a lot. I think I found some of the tracks they’re using to make the sky cacaphony, a certain Aleister Crowley The Great Beast CD from London, and Bowels of Cthulhu and others by The Starry Wisdom, and Christian Pacaud’s Cthulhu, and maybe White Noise Stasis’s Cthulhu Wakes (R’lyeh Rising). See a pattern here? Perhaps I’m hallucinating those tracks onto the sky noises, as the mind grasps for a mooring, but maybe not. You decide.

  5. I heart Hans Conreid.

  6. Sagacious says:

    Why is there skepticism about Linda Moulton Howe’s drones reports? I don’t think she said they were extraterrestrial. Drones come in all shapes and sizes. I’m inclined to believe the sightings. Certainly drone reports are less exotic than some of the other things talked about during the show. The following report says they can be as small as a few pounds.

  7. drew hempel says:

    Nick’s interactive hologram tulpa UFO technology is brilliant in my opinion — the macro-Heisenberg Effect so to speak. As Nick says plasma balls can change the mind…and lots more.

    This is taking the UFOmystic perspective to the next level. haha. Qigong master Chunyi Lin says reality is holographic and he read Michael Talbot’s Holographic Universe book and he said it is accurate.

    So could have military technology tapped into this occult realm? Most likely — just as t.v. is alpha wave mind control for the corporate-state propaganda and cell phones are a precursor to implants….just check out Nanotechnology and Homeland Security — a fascinating book promoting satellite blood manipulation to protect everyone from terrorists….

    All I’m saying is Mother Nature will win in the end even if it’s just spirulina algae reestablishing oxygen and mushrooms processing all the radiation and peat moss storing the carbon dioxide, etc. haha. Humans have existed for only 2 minutes in the 24 hours of life on Earth. I agree with you Greg that the occult strangeness is like Walter Bosley’s dad’s story — on strangeness from within Earth. Just consider the qigong masters live in caves and then travel out holographically. haha.

    Man have you all seen this “I Survived Beyond and Back” show on cable about NDE trips to heaven and hell — fascinating holographic stuff there. Rainbow vortex DMT heart holography.

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