Adam Gorightly: High Weirdness and Strange Music

Gorightly was on a whirlwind mega 2-city tour promoting his upcoming book release Happy Trails to High Weirdness. It’s sort of an autobiography of all the strangeness he’s encountered in a couple decades of writing about UFOs, conspiracies, psychedelics and the counter-culture. In the second hour we played some strange music I’ve picked up since the last time he appeared on the show.

Subjects that came up in the free-form conversation included: the Tim Biscardi Bigfoot Hoax, the most-likely-not-hoaxed Bigfoot DNA case from last year, and quite a bit about the heavy influence on both of our lives of philosopher Robert Anton Wilson. We also  played a few fun tracks from Adam’s CD release Transmissions From A Dying Planet and listened to a recording of a British dude from the 1960s jabbering in what he says was Venusian and Plutonian.

A good talk with longtime friend. Enjoy and thanks again for your continued support!

Illustration by the very talented caricaturist Dennis Rano.

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13 Responses to Adam Gorightly: High Weirdness and Strange Music

  1. Frank Glaza says:

    Nice to hear you two talk about other subjects than Manson. To bad I fell asleep for the second hour (its late here in MI) Look forward to the download.

    Greg, your pods are my favorite. I believe being live has a lot to do with it. Spontaneity!

  2. In a match between Adam’s mustache vs Tsoukalo’s hair, I wonder who’d be the winner 😛

    Parafornia, eh? How about CaliFORTnia? We need to spread the name of our patron saint more, don’t you think? 😉

  3. Bob Desnos says:

    Hey dudes,

    Was just out back with the celestron telescope trying to get fucking mars into focus and listening to you on the headphones.

    Wonderful, wonderful stuff.


    Bob Desnos

  4. gheron says:

    A big yes please to a Robert Anton Wilson show. It all started with Prometheus Rising for me – it’s anyone’s guess where it’s all going to end:).

    I also enjoy the strange music. You are rat Pfink is one of my favourites (I am sure you have seen it). Finally thanks for introducing me to Come on-a My House.

  5. James says:

    That song by Gorightly he referred to as his take on Metal Machine Music is awesome

    • Bob Desnos says:

      I second that. That song that you played was beautiful. I didn’t really think it was Metal Machine Music type music at all. MMM was straight noise and feedback but Adam’s stuff reminded me of maybe second or third gen Velvet Underground stuff or something. Like yo ta tengo’s “big day coming” or anything else off the painful record.

  6. Sagacious says:

    Are you an artist, Greg? Did you just whip up that picture of the spaceman with the mustache?

    On a more serious note, I seemed to catch the impression that you’re of Japanese descent on your mother’s side. Or is that an erroneous inference?

    • Dennis Rano was the artist.

      And yes, I picked that about Greg’s ascendancy too. Might explain why he always acts like a Fortean Ronin 😉

      Don’t worry, Greg. If aliens do end up coming from Zeta Reticuli, we won’t force you to perform seppuku 😛

    • Greg says:

      You are correct. My impression of my mom and her comment about the WWII “Slap The Jap” song was an easy giveaway.

      I gave Dennis Rano credit (and a link) for the caricature at the bottom of the post.

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